SB 2.9: Selvadorada Lite

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen2, Benicio Sharebear


Week 4/Saturday

After finishing Bodybuilder yesterday, I switched to Archeology Scholar.
Not that I’ll have much time to spend in Selvadorada.
But I’m thinking I can squeeze in a few days here and there.

Also, I’ll be slimming down some as soon as I can snatch a moment when nobody’s at work.

Yes, ma’am, that’s right. I’d like to book the Selvadorada Villa for two days.
You heard correctly. We’ll initially be a party of two.
I’m fully aware the Hillview Hideaway is smaller and less expensive.
Do you mind? I’d prefer not to share a bed with my mother, okay?

Anyway, we’ll be arriving there in a few hours.

Benicio: You’re probably thinking Mama and I are sneaking off to avoid caring for the nooboos.
Sherilee (whispers): We totally are!
B: But the girls will be fine with Mariko and Tetsu to look after them. Papa’s there, too.
S: And if there’s a problem, we can return home for a few hours.

Benicio: We’re staying at a different place than when Mama first visited here and met Papa.
The closest rental to the marketplace, Selvadorada Villa is convenient for first-timers like me!

I start by excavating dig sites in this general area.
We’re waiting for Alejandro to get off work to invite him to join us.
I’d  read up on Archeology at home before the trip, so I’m already level 5.
And good thing I have this toolbelt, right?

Alejandro earns a promotion then jets up to Selvadorada.
He and Mama fish at a spot behind our rental while they wait on me.
They’ve already cleaned out both vendors at the marketplace of exploration supplies.
We’ve also brought along some meals prepared by Papa, since his cooking never spoils.

Both Mama and Alejandro are master gardeners who can clear vines with their bare hands.
I have a feeling I’ll be coming back here with Alejandro, though.
So he clears the path while I cook and Mama reads the preparation checklist.

Alejandro: Took you long enough to figure out how all three of us could travel through the arch!
Benicio: Hey, this is my first trip to Selvadorada! Only Mama’s been here before.
Sherilee: In my defense, I barely made it past the cantina where I met your father.

Alejandro: So much for that path on our left.
Even max gardening or a machete won’t help with that locked door.

Sherilee: Over this way, boys! We need to cross the bridge and enter that temple.
Benicio: Thought you’d never left the marketplace area?
Sherilee: I hadn’t, but I can’t shake this vague feeling that I’ve been here before…

Benicio: Mama, Alejandro, this is how I’d like to run this, since I only have one more day.
Archeology Scholar is all about the artifacts, so I’ll be focusing on excavation.
I’m counting on you two to clear the paths and traps, unless my Logic or Fitness skills are needed.
Alejandro: Nice. I’m like a sacrificial pawn for your aspiration. *rolls eyes

Benicio: And now we’ve come to a clearing with four brambled arches (one is off to the far right).
I’ve already had to revise my starting strategy. *sighs
Whoever clears the path gets a unique opportunity that often relies on skill mastery.
From now on, I’ll be clearing the paths myself.

Alejandro: So what are Mama and I now? Mascots? Cheerleaders?
Sherilee: Try “fellow explorers,” son. You’ll have a better time!

Benicio:  At first, I’m disappointed that the first path I clear leads to the Omiscan Baths.
But not after I spot a Tree of Emotion in the back corner. These mood-shift berries might come in handy.
Mostly, though, I’m just a huge nerd who loves hoarding collecting stuff.

I receive two opportunities that reward an explorer with a high fitness skill, like this one.
(My personal inventory’s so full, though, it’s hard to tell what the rewards were…)

Week 5/Sunday

It’s past midnight when we finally travel through the arch leading to the temple.
By this time, our needs are tanking, so we head home for bio breaks.
This also lets me do my thing with that clump of dirt I found.

After a nap, we return to the temple with fresh determination.
Some puzzles seem too easy, or is that because I have Logic 10?

There’s not enough time to excavate all the dig sites myself.
But I’m too much of a completionist to just leave the excavation sites there.
I ask Mama and Alejandro to pitch in, which they seem to enjoy.

Around this time, Mama ages up naturally. She chose not to cake up back at the villa earlier.
She lives a wee bit longer that way.


The temple’s last room holds three triggers none of which will unlock the last path.
Finally, I experiment with this statue, which punishes me for each choice I make.
But the way finally clears after my fourth and last choice. Sheesh!

Just as I finish exploring the temple, Papa earns his last Mixologist promotion.
This was not the leisurely vacation I would have preferred, but I’m lucky for even this short trip!
We head back to the villa to pack our things then fly home to Brindleton Bay.

The girls age up as soon as we arrive home!
Here they are, right after leaping out of their bassinets and standing for the first time.

Close-ups of the girls after their makeovers.
Dango and Edamame seem like identical twins, while Chacha doesn’t resemble them much at all.
And though Chacha inherits my red hair, only Dango and Eda inherit my green eyes.

Mariko: While giving the girls makeovers, I realize my mistake in naming them.
Dango usually consists of white sweet-rice dumplings with soysauce-based sauce.
So, Dango is fine in her brown and white attire.
However, both Chasoba and Edamame are green-colored foods.

Benicio: Are you mad at me yet for the toddler spam? They’re just so adorable!
Look at them wobbling over to the animal chairs where Grandpa Jose awaits them.

During the Gen2 heir vote, two voters wanted at least three heir candidates.
Looking at my girls, I can’t see how having three instead of two makes the voting any easier.
Each of the triplets is perfection!

Benicio: My family’d put their own aspirations on hold to indulge my Archeology Explorer aspiration!
Mama needs one more fish to complete Angling Ace.
Alejandro needs to spend 30 more hours on the computer to finish Computer Whiz.
And Papa earns Big Happy Family’s Patriarch trait once he’s good friends with two grandkids.

So, I read a blog on Archeology Scholar by a gorgeous redhead (who looks oddly like Mama) recently.
The blogger had tips on how to finish the last four Archeology Scholar goals at home.
Thanks to her, I think I got this.


Sharebears 2.10: Toddlers No More!

3 thoughts on “SB 2.9: Selvadorada Lite

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  2. The triplets are adorable! And I had to laugh how you cleaned out all the vendors. I have heard that that is the make or break thing to do if you want to succeed or fail in the jungle … buy lots of supplies and succeed.

    Liked by 1 person

    • This was just a quick trip to escape the triplets, lol. Benicio did really well, though, because he had high (maxed) Logic, Fitness, and Charisma plus high Gardening. I traveled there again with an almost completely unskilled sim and it was haaaaard! LOL. Still fun, tho. 😀

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