SB 2.10: Toddlers No More!

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen2, Benicio Sharebear

Week 5/Monday

We all pitch in to support our legacy, some more willingly than others.

Jose: Remember the excellent-quality pufferfish nigiri-zushi I prepared last week?
I’ve discovered the perfect family member to eat it!

Mariko: Ugh, I’m a vegetarian so eating this pufferfish nigiri-zushi makes me feel both guilty and nauseous.

But I’m also a glutton so I can’t resist eating all of it!

Since I’m feeling so uncomfortable and have zero cooking skill, the pufferfish I prepare is of poor quality.

Jose: *quickly stashes the platter in family inventory for future use. Mwahahahaha!

Benicio: Papa teaches, plays, and chats with Dango and Edamame until they’re his good friends.
Alejandro and I will really benefit from Papa’s Patriarch trait!


Sherilee: Alejandro worked today, but Benicio and I spend all day fishing.
I still fail to catch my 20th fish for Angling Ace.

Benicio: Can we continue fishing after the toddlers age up?
I should be spending my time with them instead of fishing with you.

We return home to find three scowling toddlers.
Chacha (left): Why would you leave us at home, Papa?
Dango (center): Yeah, we couldn’t sleep!
Edamame (right): And now we starving and cranky!

Dango: Mama, I’m tired of you reading to me.
Mariko: I know, sweetheart, but you’re the only triplet  without maxed Imagination.
Plus, I need to “Read to a child” for another hour.

Dango (mutters): As if she’ll ever finish Big Happy Family…

Edamame: I know you didn’t just shush me, dawg! *points and does head-bob

Chacha (sings to the radio): So I like what I see when I’m looking at me
When I’m walking past a mirror!
  Sing it, Mary J!


Benicio: Alejandro and I both bring home Level 6 promotions today. Sweet!
I want to pay a few visits tonight, but first I write an Archaeology skill book.

Thanks to Papa’s Patriarch trait, I learn Writing faster sitting nearby.
And Papa’s aiming to earn the Long-Lived trait so he can stick around longer.

Benicio: The book written, I take Mama and my girls to visit one of my co-workers.
My colleague, Ashton, lives with wife and kids in the Sable Square district.

After introducing myself to his wife Mariela, I shamelessly deliver an archaeology lecture to a captive audience.
Don’t judge me! It was my last goal for Archaeology Scholar!

Anyway, that’s Ashton on the sofa and his wife standing in front of him.

Ashton and Mariela have two children around the same age as the triplets.
That’s the inquisitive Elektra in the red jumper.

That’s her brother, Jaxton, who’s wild just like Edamame.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m getting ready to host a toddler play date.
There’s one more house I’d like to visit tonight.

Alejandro’s girlfriend, Yumiko Ishikawa, lives in Oasis Springs with their son Warren.
I’m surprised how much Warren looks like Alejandro and I did as toddlers.
Little Warren even has our rosebud mouth!

Alejandro: Back home, I’m still slogging through “100 hours on the computer.”
Writing novels doesn’t work like it used to, but I discover chatting online counts.

Benicio: You’re surely thinking this is another boring shot of me skilling.
You couldn’t be farther from the truth.
See that Selvadoradan dirt clump, enlarged and floating in the sky?

This image, my friend, is a visual quotation of Magritte’s 1963 surrealistic painting “A Sense of Reality.”
Oh? You’re not amused? Sorry! (Go ahead, google it. Lol)


Benicio: Toddler play date!
Jaxton is one of the first guests to arrive.
We complete the “Play with toddler” goal together.

Warren of the puckered rosebud lips also arrives in his party wear.
You can see Elektra Faust back there, precariously making her way to the playground.
Did I mention that Jaxton is wild?

Benicio: I hear our watcher muttering something about not giving “someone” a Potion of Youth later.
Something about repeatedly picking up a toddler who’s trying to complete a party goal.

How old are you now, Mariko dear?
Mariko: Who me? I’ll be an elder in six more days. Why?
Oh nothing. Just checking. *coughs

Benicio: Look, Ashton! My daughter Edamame is introducing herself to your son!
Ashton: Awww, she’s so shy. It’s adorable!
Benicio: Pulled the wool right over your eyes, did she?

Benicio: Around this time a lot of things happen at once.
We receive the girls’ birthday notices (which we weren’t expecting for another 12 hours).
Our toddler play date reaches the gold-medal zone.
Alejandro finishes work with a promotion and branches to eSport Gamer.

Arriving at our party venue, Alejandro immediately kneels before Yumiko and proposes.
Naturally, she accepts.

Time to end this party!

Benicio: Back home, I phone in a birthday party for the girls right away.
Except for Papa being unable to “Mix drinks for everyone,” the party’s a smash!

Earning the Happy Toddler trait, the girls grow even lovelier than ever!
All three are aspiring Whiz Kids.
Dango’s a Genius like me, while Chacha and Edamame are Gluttons like Mariko. *shakes fist at Mariko


Legacy Score: 50/103 (+3 points)
Athletic (+1)/34 maxed aspirations
Fortune (+1)/Total family worth over $510,000
Deviance (+1)/34 Potions of Youth

SB 2.11: What’s That Spot?

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