TD 4.30: It’s a P Thang

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen4, Jet Lee

Week 20/Friday

Earlier this evening, I thought we were having another vampire break-in.
(I just foiled another vampire break-in Thursday night.)
But it was only Papa Garrison ageing up to an elder.

I’m happy that Iconica’s finally getting to spend time with him.
After her toddler birthday, one of the first whims she rolled was “Babble to Garrison.”

By the way, Papa, how is your skin still looking so youthful? Botox?

Jet: Locked doors keep unlocking, and unlocked doors keep locking.
It’s driving me nuts!
Gent: Silly Jet, trying to lock me out of the toddlers’ bedroom.

Doesn’t he know? *channels Mick Jagger
I’m free to do what I want any old time
I’m free to do what I want any old time
So love me, hold me, love me, hold me
I’m free any old time to get what I want

Saanvi: When Watchette gave me a makeover with makeup recently, I felt so hopeful.
I’d thought it was a sign that I might win Jet’s heart back, but nothing’s changed.

Advaith: Sorry to break it to you, sis, but Aarohi gave birth to Jet’s second son today.
Saanvi: What can I do, Advaith? Jet is married to me, not to Aarohi.

Advaith: Honestly? If I were you, I’d work on being a better mother.
Saanvi: But I’m childish, not family-oriented!

Jet: At this point, each twin has earned the Happy Toddler trait.

I’d like them to max another skill or two toward our next free day, too.
Playing too many of my “Maxed skill” cards this early isn’t a smart move!

Before heading to bed, Iconica maxes Communication (3 points)


Jet: Due to her childish trait, Saanvi can usually be found sitting in this area.
She’s typically playing with the dollhouse or toys from the toybox.

That soiled potty nearby will remain dirty unless I clean it myself.

Jet: Meanwhile, Aarohi has been earning more love from our watcher lately.
Aarohi shares Saanvi’s childish trait, but I’ve only seen her use the toybox to clean up toys.

She paints autonomously, even though I’ve not selected painting as a club activity.
Aarohi’s no Magritte, mind you, but her heart’s in the right place.

Gent: I never realized how underhanded Jet is!
He strings me out on catnip, smothers me in smooches, then asks me not to eat people food.
How can I refuse?
Jet: I “give the love” to Gent, earning another 1,000 satisfaction points (4 points)

I’m so excited about Lone’s promotion to Artist in Residence this afternoon. (5 points)
But when I go out to congratulate him, he passes out in the street. (4 points)

Since our house sits right on the street, I can’t figure out why Lone doesn’t just go to bed.
Checking his bedroom, I find Saanvi is napping there. She is too much!

As soon as I wake Saanvi up and get her out of Lone’s bedroom, he makes a beeline for his bed and crashes.

I’m not sure what to do about Saanvi. It’s bad enough that she never cooks, cleans, or helps with the children.
She’s become an actual detriment to my progress.  *heaves exasperated sigh

I’ve noticed that Scamp and Gent sleep in random spots around the house.
Since the twins and Lone are asleep, I tell Scamp and Gent to lie in their beds.

Do they not realize that these are their beds unless I tell them?

While everyone naps, I make some camping mascots for Advaith’s aspiration.
I stop at Handiness 9, so I can call the shots on exactly when to start the next free day.

Once the girls are rested, I phone in a toddler play date.
Our toddler guest is my son Finn so, naturally, his mother Aarohi comes along, too.

Unru and my son Finn get to know each other over gumbo.
Yes, I realize that it looks like Frank & Beans, but I’m not a slob like Mama Merri, okay?

I help Finn climb up the slide to complete one party goal.
He later climbs up the slide on his own to complete another party goal.
Everyone seems to be having a blast, except loner Lone who’s off playing chess, alone.

Finn is a handsome little boy, if I do say so myself.
I wish I could change his hairstyle, but he’ll be a child before we know it.

My beautiful Iconica. How I’ll miss my toddler girls after their birthdays!

We’ve completed enough party goals for a gold medal, but we’re not ready yet!
Unru has just a little ways to go. There! She’s maxed movement. (6 points)

Soon after, our party times out and we receive a gold medal! (7 points)
The first gold-medal toddler play date for the Lees so far!

Week 21/Sunday

I’m just a sliver from maxing Handiness, but I really want the twins to help with the next free day.
Is my desperation showing yet?

Scamp: Well, whoopee-do. Iconica maxed Movement. (9 points)
Gent: Jealousy doesn’t become you, Scamp. You gotta believe in your own superiority.

Jet: Do y’all still remember Mizuki Hayashi #2?
She’d been Grandpa Cirius’ grade school sweetheart but he later married another Mizuki.

Anyway, Evan Hayashi is Mizuki #2’s son with Grandpa Masaya (the Gen2 pollinator).
Evan’s not only a snobby, gluttonous bookworm but also a Chief of Staff (Level 10 doctor)!!!

Evan is my uncle but I want my girls to meet Evan to learn how they’re related.

Dhruv (glaring): Why’s Jet so interested in Evan, but not me?
Garrison: Um, Dhruv, Evan lives in Ye Olde Salt House in the Spice Market, San Myshuno. Where do you live?

Gent: Bless Jet’s heart for worrying about my safety but I can’t stay cooped up all the time!
I’m a prowler. I gotta roam!  It’s a P thang!

Jet: While I’m busy reading to Unru, I notice Iconica’s feeling blue.
In addition to having a full bladder, Iconica’s really hungry.

But I see she’s talking to Saanvi, so Saanvi will surely tend to her needs.

Iconica (glares at her mother): Papa, why did Mama give me this green thing then get some real food for herself?
Jet (side-eyes Saanvi): Don’t expect anything from her, Iconica. That only leads to disappointment.

Scamp: Well, well. Someone is winning the unpopularity contest without even trying.
Saanvi: Et tu, Scamp?!

Around 7 pm, Unru maxes her Imagination. (11 points)
In the background, dear Evan is mopping up after Iconica’s potty accident.
Iconica’s hunger is now critically low. In fact, she’s Ravenous.

When I spotted her talking with Saanvi about her needs, I placed some food for her in the Baker’s case.
I’m glad to see Iconica go and grab a serving for herself now.

Well, time to let the rest of the household know that Free Day #3 has begun.


Free Day #3 (11 points)
1 point carried over
Promotions (1): Lone/Painter 7
Satisfaction (2): +2,000 points
Social events (1): Gold-medal toddler play date
Maxed skill/job/aspiration (8 ):
Skills (8 ): Iconica/Communication, Movement; Unru: Movement, Imagination
Passed out (-2): Advaith x1, Lone x1

TD 4.31: An Annoying Alien


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