TD 4.32: Doncha?

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen4, Jet Lee

Week 21/Saturday

Jet: As you might recall, Free Day #4 starts this afternoon.
I begin by encouraging Iconica to draw, then start feeling a bit peckish.

When I reach the kitchen, my body chooses that very moment to transform.
Yes, that’s me inside that hideous dark form!

That has to be the ugliest dark form I’ve ever seen, Jet.
Jet: Thanks, Watchette. That makes me feel really happy.

Allow me to backtrack a bit. Do you remember I got abducted Thursday while walking Jet?
After three hours, I got beamed back down to find Scamp hungry, tired, and filthy.

We headed for home right away so I could feed and bathe Scamp.
Gent, of course, chooses that moment to run away. *rolls eyes

After that, I pay a quick visit to my good friend, Caleb.
I explain that I want him to turn me in time for the next free day.

Caleb is happy to help out, considering he finds my blood divinely delish.
Anyway that all happened early Friday morning.

Fast-forward to now: Saturday evening after I’ve transformed.
I need to raise my vampire rank to be able to buy the Vampire Creation power.

My clubmate Dhruv lets me drink from him, boosting me to Minor Vampire rank.
Thanks so much, Dhruv! After this free day, you get that makeover you’ve wanted.

I buy the Vampire Creation power and get straight to work.
Since Evan and Kari are my good friends, they readily accept my offer to turn them.

That’s right, you see me letting Kari Alonzo drink my essence, heedless of my little darlings in front of us.
Anyway, I’m glad to spare Iconica the need to ever transform into a vampire.

Next, I head to the Skyward Palms district of Oasis Springs.
In Mehdi Mandir’s bedroom, I whip out my portable bar to mix us both vampire cures.

The cure will revert Mehdi to a Day 1 adult with 24 days until his elder birthday.
Meanwhile, Iconica Lee will be a young adult in 20 days.
Hopefully, their timing will work out perfectly.

Oh what? Nobody told you that Mehdi Mandir will become the Gen5 spouse?

First, Mehdi and I drink up and cease being vampries.
Then, I make a quick stop to cure Lilith’s daughter, the insane Arielle Vatore.
Arielle is no longer a spouse option; we don’t need to keep her immortal.

Week 22/Sunday

When I get home, it’s past 3 am already. First thing, I give Scamp an Age-Down Treat.
If Iconica wants two children, she’ll only be able to take Unru and one pet with her when she moves out.

Because he’s loyal, Scamp will be moving with Iconica and Gent will have to wait.
Of course, I’ll be giving both Scamp and Gent an Age-Down Treat at the end of my last free day.

Jet: What is an update without a glitch, right?
For the past four sim-hours, I’ve been unable to resume writing a novel.
Absolutely nothing works: replacing the computer, moving upstairs, using a different chair, or using a new desk.

Maybe I should repair the game for the second time today?
Jet: What if I simply start a new novel? Oh, that works!

This is not a good omen for Iconica, our future Bestelling-Author…

Jet: A little before our free day ends, I max Writing for zero points.
Then I send Saanvi off with Scamp for a long walk.

Our free day’s over by the time Lone brings home his Level 9 promotion. (1 point)


Jet: It’s 3:44 am when I notice that Saanvi and Scamp aren’t home yet.
Brother Lone came home from work at 4 pm yesterday, so they’ve been out over 12 hours.
I’m trying to cut Saanvi some slack, I really am.
But who takes a dog out for a 12-hour walk?

Jet: Because Scamp is starving and Saanvi is about to wet herself, I travel with Scamp to Dresden House.
Did I mention that Mama Merri passed away last Friday?
Uncle Nimb must have passed away around the same time.
I gather their urns along with that of Papa Garrison’s sister, Auntie Theresa.

When I check Saanvi again, her bladder is empty but now she’s about to pass out.
If you’re wondering why I’m at the gym at 4:30 am, it’s because I traveled here with her, Scamp, and my club.

I guess Saanvi hadn’t moved from the spot where she’d ended her walk with Scamp.
And, no, that’s not Saanvi you seen here. That’s the younger (and very pretty) sister of Evan Hayashi.

Thanks to Scamp, I correct my fourth of six pet misbehaviors and reach the last tier of Friend to the Animals.
I can safely say that I will never complete this aspiration.

Just when I’m about to say that Gent is incorrigible, he learns not to beg for food.
Don’t worry, Gent! You’ll be living with Iconica as soon as there’s room.

Meanwhile, Saanvi sleeps all day because of her “long walk.”
I’m glad we managed to avoid losing points due to bladder failure or passing out.

Unru earns an A this afternoon (2 points) and completes Whiz Kid. (4 points)
Soon after, Iconica enters a Rebellious phase and Unru, a Bear phase.
There’s only one of me, girls, so good luck with your phases!

Jet: An urgent question for our readers:
Is there any way to make “Talking to plants” a banned club activity?


Jet: My second call to request a repair in eight hours!
The first time, Dhruv repairs the toilet himself before Luigi arrives. (3 points)
The second time, I don’t want my clubmates to risk it. (2 points)
And I don’t want to do it myself because it’s too early to max my handiness yet.

When she fails to repair the dishwasher at all, I worry she’ll croak on our lot.
I fire her but she charges me $108 for doing nothing. Thanks loads, Luigi!
*replaces the dishwasher

Jet: Okay, but just for tonight, Baby Bear!
Unru: Yay!

Jet: Congrats to Iconica for getting an A (3 points) and finishing Whiz Kid (5 points).
Way to go, Advaith, for earning a promotion to Serum Sequencer. (6 points)


Jet: Saanvi enjoys a grilled cheese sammie Dhruv prepared, while watching him clean the stove.

Dhruv: Hey Jet! I bet you wish you’d married me instead, right?
*sings: Doncha wish your girlfriend was hot like me? Doncha?
Jet: Um, no?

Jet: This morning, I write excuse notes for the girls since they’ve been working so hard.
We travel to Desert Bloom Park along with Papa Garrison.

He prepares Franks & Beans–a habit he picked up from Mama Merri (who was a slob).

Since my second son with Aarohi recently became a child, I invite both my sons along, too.
Finn is the oldest.
I think Papa Garrison will be thrilled to meet them.

Fred walks up to Papa Garrison and hugs him.
Next, Iconica stands up and gives Fred a hug.
Then, Finn walks over and Unru gives Finn a hug.
Ain’t gonna lie! Watching them makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Garrison: What a wonderful day this has been!
I’ve spent the afternoon surrounded by my grandchildren.
And now, Lone joins us for dinner!

I’d always regretted that my mother, Morgan Fyres, never got to meet Jet and Lone.
I only wish that Merri could be here with me.

Jet: I go to pay my compliments to the chef but can’t chat with him at all.
What a shame!
I’m dying to know why he has a tree in his kitchen.

Jet: On returning home, I bid my sons farewell and put the girls to bed.
Then, my clubmates and I get down to the real work of running the household.

Dhruv: Hey, check out my new hair!
Amaya: Thanks for escorting my brother Evan home after he transformed into a vampire at the park.


Author’s Notes

*We really tried to end this update on the last free day by stretching it out to Friday.
*The next update will begin the day before Free Day #5 starts on Friday (hopefully), with the twins ageing up to teens on Saturday.
*As you know, the Gen5 heir Iconica takes over as the controlled sim as soon as that last free day ends.
*Jet Lee’s current score: 6/10 points

TD 4.33: Fifty Shades of Spay

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