TD 4.33: Fifty Shades of Spay

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen4, Jet Lee

Week 22/Thursday

Saanvi: Thanks for not teasing me about my swimsuit malfunction, Scamp.
Scamp: No problem. I figure you have enough to worry about these days.
Saanvi: You’re right. Can you believe that Dhruv considering himself my rival?

Scamp: By the way, I see you’ve rolled a whim to take a dog for a walk.
No offense, but I happen to be really busy today. *swims away at the speed of light

Jet: This is last night’s news but I want to share an update on our neighborhood.
We have a new neighbor in the one-bedroom Rustic Residence.
Sadly, that brings our total number of occupied households to nine. *weeps 

New neighbor: Hey, you visit and take a photo of me without even introducing yourself?
You could at least give me some points for symmetry!
Jet: True dat! You look like a pear both from the front and the side…

Ugh, the game hates me! We’ll never get to move any households into Newcrest or Brindleton Bay!
Our sole consolation is that Mr. Pear Number Two is an adult.

Jet: I see you’re quite smitten with Amaya Hayashi, Lone, but don’t get any ideas!
Lone: Not even on the free day? Why not? You want Amaya for yourself?

Jet: Hardly! She lives with two older brothers: Evan the vampire and Theo.
We need to keep the size of that Hayashi household down, you hear?

Scamp: Can’t Amaya be a Lee heir instead of her brother Evan? She plays with me all the time!
Jet: No can do, Scamp. She’s a goofball and goofball sims are bad news!
Do you realize I hadn’t even learned Comedy until Amaya joined my club? And now I have Level 2 Comedy.
Scamp: *mopes

Jet: Why did that handsome chef from La Bovine look so familiar? I’m inviting him over to find out.

Rico: Thanks for the invite. I’m Rico Kidd. I’ve heard about you from my younger brother Ralph.
You remember that kid with red hair? He’s a teen now.
Jet: I knew your father, Masato Ikeda, too. We lived in the same house down the road for a while.

Rico: I’m sure you’re dying to know, Jet. Even though my mom’s a vampire, I’m not.
Jet: Your traits are okay, too: Geek, Music Lover, and Hotheaded.
And you’re unrelated to me and my daughter Iconica. Too bad you don’t live in a house.


Lone: My “Celebrate birthday” notice arrived this morning around 6 am. How old are you?
Jet: With all my vamping around, I still have 19 days until adulthood.

Lone: We’re still going to celebrate our adult birthdays together, right?
Jet: Of course, we are! Let’s wait until later tonight when we’re both free.

Amaya: Jet’s so gorgeous that, wherever he goes, a thousand sighs trail after him!
I’d bet my life that many female hearts will break when Jet ages up to an adult!

Saanvi: Excuse me, but do you mind not discussing my husband as if he were communal property?
Amaya (internally): I guess she hasn’t heard that Aarohi gave birth to twin sons last night.

Jet: After Lone leaves for work, I cave and hire a butler. (5 points)
I can’t be bothered watching my clubmates talk to plants while wishing they would spray for bugs.
Rania Al Habib is a squeamish, vegetarian bookworm. Squeamish isn’t the greatest trait for a butler.
If I fire her, will the butler agency send her back to me or will I get a new butler?

Lone: Even Unru’s terrible mood can’t faze me today!
I earn my final promotion and max the Master of the Real career! (8 points)

Jet: It’s breaking my heart, but I sell my clinic for $31,448.
As much as I enjoyed working at the vet clinic, I just couldn’t make it work with my household responsibilities.
I’m saving this clinic name, though, to try again in a different challenge!

Jet: Just when we’re all getting hungry, we get a notice about the Spice Festival.
I’m not even shocked anymore about not finding a UFO plant. *shrugs

Lone: Jet and I win the Spice Curry Championship this time!
Good thing we’re all getting makeovers tomorrow morning.
I don’t wanna wear this tee-shirt for the rest of my life.

I invite a variety of sims for the twins to meet.
Here’s my sister Pris and Iconica’s toddler crush, the redhaired Ralph Kidd.
He’s a music lover, a cat-lover, and a high school student.

What a surprise to see his mother working the Indian food stall!
She’s one beautiful sim and a Grand Master vampire to boot, though neither of her sons are vampires.

Unru: Hey, Iconica! There’s Mehdi Mandir, you’re future husband.
Iconica (plays with toy): I know.

Unru: Why are you avoiding him? I think he’s pretty handsome!
Iconica: I’m still in grade school and he’s already an adult. Don’t you think that’s creepy?


A little past midnight, Lone and I blow out our birthday candles.
We are  officially adults!
I’ve kept our squeamish butler. I’m pretty sure Iconica will want to keep her around, too. (7 points)

It’s a lucky thing I kept the butler because I unintentionally max Rocket Science this afternoon. (9 points)
But all those Spice Festivals and all my space missions failed to produce a single UFO plant.

We head home quite late and I quickly max Handiness for my 51st point. (11 points)
Time for our fifth and last free day!
I’ve timed it to start 12 hours before the twin’s teen birthdays.

Week 23/Sunday

Jet: While checking to see if the fridge is sufficiently stocked, I discover caterers are back!
There are some really bizarre sims available to hire as our caterer.
I specify Rico Kidd to come cater for us because we know he cooks at La Bovine, right?

Jet: It’s around 1 pm when the girls are ready to blow out their birthday candles.
It seems Top-Notch Toddler Iconica made more progress than Happy Toddler Unru.

But dig this: I finished 3 aspirations as a Happy Toddler child, while Iconica only finished two.
You never see me suffering because I’m not Top Notch, do you!

Jet: My girls are stunners!
Iconica: We’re identical twins. Unru only wears glasses so you can tell us apart.
Unru: I don’t mind. We all know who the brainy one’s going to be!

Jet: Saanvi doesn’t have anything particular to do (as usual), so she takes Scamp for a walk.
A short walk this time.
Scamp: Yeah, yeah. Tempting fate on my time! *mumble, grumble

Iconica: I’m a lazy art lover who aspires to be a Best-Selling Author.
Can you say “Book of Life”?

Iconica: I’m so jealous of Unru. She can choose and complete any aspirations she wants!
Since our birthdays, she’s already done Fabulously Wealthy and Mansion Baron.

Unru: I have over 10,000 satisfaction points and consider buying the new Never Weary trait.
But nah, I go old school with Steel Bladder, Entrepreneurial, Carefree, and Connections.

Iconica: And me? I’ll be lucky to finish Best-Selling Author before my young adult birthday.
But I’ve got Papa to mentor me in writing. I should be okay.

Incidentally, did you notice that I have Papa’s nose? Or should I say “Liberty Lee’s nose”?

Iconica: Papa’s in denial and doesn’t like to talk about it, but Scamp ran away a few days ago.
Do you think he’s protesting against that 12-hour walk with Mama?

We need to send Mama off for training so she can learn the Art of Dog Walking.

Iconica: And speaking of pets, our caterer Rico and his younger brother Ralph are both so attractive!
Not that I want them to be my pets. That’s not what I meant at all!

Instead of owning a second pet, wouldn’t I be better off asking Rico or Ralph to move in with me?
A pet takes a lot of time to care for but, for example, Rico could cook for me “and stuff.”

Iconica: I just don’t know.  Wouldn’t Gent prefer to stay in this house with Papa?
But he’s so handsome and he’s been so very good lately! He hasn’t run away since two Thursdays ago.

Hmmph, I really need to check the ages of Mehdi Mandir’s niece and nephew!
I don’t want to let Scamp or Gent go, but I don’t want to become a lonely spinster, either!

We still have about 8 hours left on our free day, then I become the controlled sim.
I’m both excited and scared! Wish me luck!


Free Day #5 (11 points)

Promotions (5):
Career (3): Lone/Painter 9-10; Advaith/Scientist 4
School (2): Iconica/A; Unru/A
Maxed skill/job/aspiration (10)
Skills (4): Jet/Rocket Science & Handiness
Career (2): Lone/Master of the Real
Aspiration (4): Iconica/Whiz Kid; Unru/Whiz Kid
NPC hires (-4): Repair x2, Butler x2

TD 5.34: I’m Not in Love

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