TD 5.35: Gasping in Granada

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen5, Iconica Lee

Week 23/Saturday

Hey there! Do you want to hear the good news or bad news first?
Iconica: Good news, of course!
Masato Ikeda’s two kids with his favorite lady Aaradhya Anand have moved into a house

Iconica: That’s terrific news! What could be bad about that?
The older brother and his sister moved into the 20×20 Havisham House.
Iconica: That’s not toooo bad, even though it’s the smallest lot in Windenburg’s Old Town.

Did I mention the brother’s jealous and insane, and the sister’s jealous, too?
Iconica: Eh, I didn’t want to live there, anyway! This simverse is cursed!

It’s Triple Boost Week!
I don’t know how focused I’ll be on earning satisfaction, but I invite Jasmine over anyway.
On second thought, I should have probably requested Slower Needs Decay…

Week 24/Sunday

I’m trying to finish up my museum contributions as quickly as possible!
That recently-opened vacation spot offers a huge incentive!
I’m 50% done with my museum collection. It won’t be worth much, but that’s fine.

Unru is so cute! Of course, she is! She’s my twin sister!


Last night, I finished all eight portraits but my collection remains half-finished.
I haven’t had time to write since yesterday, though, thanks to Gent, who has been very fussy.
And I’ve been chasing him around all morning.
I’ve learned Gourmet Cooking just to prepare gourmet fishcake for Gent, but he won’t eat it.

When I’m rushing to finish my homework before school, Ralph surprises me by helping out.
Oh no! He’s already aged up to a young adult?
His third trait is Foodie, though, which isn’t bad at all.

Aarohi, I don’t care that you’re the mother of my half-brothers.
If I catch you looking at Ralph the wrong way, I’ll scratch your eyes out!

Iconica: I had to ban singing as a club activity because Aarohi kept serenading Papa!
While at school, I ban romantic socials for the club, just to be safe.
And chess, too. Chess, definitely!

I haven’t worked on my collection at all since last night.
Before and after school, I’ve been spending all my time on Gent and Scamp.


It’s past midnight and we’ve been waiting for the vet to look at Gent for over an hour.
I’m pretty sure Gent has Squirrel Scratch Fever.

I do need to reach Veterinarian 8 to be able to make the Age-Down Treats.
So we head home so I can treat Gent myself  (with my currently non-existent Vet skill).

Did I mention that pet care if very time-consuming? *sighs
Plus, I entered a Mean phase yesterday. Things aren’t going my way lately.
It’s around 5:30 am when I finally complete Gent’s Extract Excess Cuteness Surgery.
Thank heavens for my clubmates and Rally the Troops!

I’d thought my novels would grow in value in proportion to my writing experience.
On the contrary, their worth seems to be dropping lower and lower today.
So, after this novel, I’ll be turning in my museum portraits and collection.

I only need 2 bestsellers to finish my Best-Selling Author aspiration.
But after this, the only writing I’ll be doing for a while is an excuse note.

My museum contribution is not that great, but not too bad, either.
The 10-novel collection totals $4,374; my eight portraits come to $30,122.

My museum contribution’s value could be higher if I kept writing and painting, but I don’t.
Why? Because we all deserve a vacation.

I call in “sick” with success, then rush home and write an excuse note for Unru.
After I quickly harvest the garden, my little group are all raring to leave on vacation.
Of course, that’s when I notice a very blue Gent sitting on the front porch. Aarrgggh!


Gent and Scamp are just killing my fun, I tell you!
By the time I’ve unblocked Gent’s kibble chutage then call them both to eat, it’s already 10 am.
We need to leave pronto before anything else happens!

I arrive at Selvadorada with Unru, Papa, Mama, Scamp, Ralph, and Finn. I invite my future hubby Mehdi, too.
First thing, I make a beeline for the food stall. What heavenly aromas!

Iconica, go ahead and order the “pastel de camarão.”
Iconica: Wow, they’re like shrimp-filled, deep-fried potstickers!

Exactly. That stall seems to be serving Brazilian food.
But “pastel” is a dish spread globally by the Chinese diaspora.
I’ve tasted a similar dish in Senegal (West Africa), also called “pastel” but with a minced fish stuffing and a spicy-hot tomato sauce.

The vendors in Selvadorada sure are a good-looking bunch.
I wonder if any of them live in houses? Just kidding.

Everyone keeps recommending that we buy Waterfall in a Bottle but I don’t see any being sold.
Oh, I see. We need to click them directly on the vendor’s table.

Check me out using the Local Introduction on the bartender as if, “Oh yeah, I didn’t just arrive here two hours ago.”

Mama received her first notice from Grim this morning.
About four hours later, Unru and I receive our “Almost birthday” notices.
Grandpa Garrison is still going strong.
How very strange that Mama and Grandpa are both elders.

By the way, Scamp also aged up to an elder a few minutes ago and I gave him his second Age-Down Treat.
I wonder how many days each treat lasts?

After relocating to the Belomisia Trailhead, I cook a meal for us all.
When I stand to go chat with Mehdi, Ralph follows and kisses me.
It’s quite disconcerting, to say the least.

Why can young adult Ralph kiss me when I’m still a teenager?
I, on the other hand, have no romantic options with Ralph.
(Incidentally, I haven’t exactly explained to Ralph what happens on Saturday.)

After dinner, Finn jogs off into the distance, heading who knows where.
I pull out that machete I received when we arrived, ready for a little exploring.

In several hours, I reach a clearing where mysterious ruins beckon me onward.
But the hour is too late and I must turn back.
I’m not disappointed. I’ve enjoyed a rewarding day.
While exploring, I found an avocado tree and black bean bush, harvesting them both.


We return home briefly to form a smaller group.
This time, it’s just my parents, Unru, Mehdi, me, and our furry friends.
I finally understand why Gent and Scamp are so doggone spoiled. Papa, you’re to blame!
And I also learn to dance the rumbasim, which looks exactly like the samba to me.

By the time we leave for home at 5 pm, Mehdi and I are good friends.
Just in time for another Spice Festival!

I feel confident that things will go smoothly between Mehdi and I tomorrow.


Iconica: I still need five more Vet levels before I can craft Age-Down Treats.
So I give Gent an Age-Down treat just before Unru and I blow out our birthday candles.
This will give me the time to learn to make them before he’s an elder again.

But because Gent’s still an adult cat, though, he ages down to a kitteh. Awwww, so adorable!
Next, I give him Papa’s Age-Up Treat so Gent’s an adult once again.
A Day 1 adult, I’m hoping.

After my birthday, I invite over Mehdi who arrives right away.
Even though we are good friends, working up to a proposal takes some time.

But eventually, I can propose, he accepts, and we elope immediately.
Scamp and I move into Granada Place then ask sister Unru to move in as well.
The Granada Place house is now home to five sims and one dog.

How do I begin to explain what happens after I move to Granada Place?
Though I’ve arrived at Mehdi’s home, he’s still in my neighborhood.
When I summon him home, he returns feeling Very Playful. He’s a goofball, remember?

Relieved when his plumbob later turns green again, I prepare to plant the new garden.
Suddenly, I’m blocked from entering Build mode to buy more garden planters.
Why? Because “someone on the lot is dying.”  Whaat?!

I’m already a widow after being married only 3 or 4 hours.
Ironically, I snapped that photo of Mehdi during our stay at Selvadorada.
I’d wanted the next heir to be able to paint a portrait of Mehdi as an adult, not an elder.

The moment Grim leaves, I move Gent into the house. Goofball sims are the worst!


Iconica Lee’s Starting Stats
Satisfaction: 285 points
Household funds:  $20,445
Skills: L10 Writing/Painting, L9 Handiness, L6 Cooking/Gardening, L4 Photograhy/Selvadoradan Culture
Designated skill: none currently
Aspiration: Best-Selling Author (Tier IV of IV)
Job: Painter

Author’s Note

In my 2016 legacy houshold, a cadet bride with the goofball trait died of hysteria on her wedding night and I’ve avoided goofball sims ever since.
When Iconica moved in, goofball Mehdi had another 4 days until his elder birthday.
I’d reserved this update’s 25th image to show Iconica’s Eating for Two confetti.
While Iconica and I began placing harvestables in garden planters, I also monitored Mehdi as he shifted from Very Playful to Hysterical then eventually to Very Happy.
I wondered whether to take any screenshots of him but thought he’d be fine since his mood was back in the green.
I repeat, Goofball sims are the worst.
Iconica starts her new life with a -5 point penalty for Mehdi’s unnatural death by hysteria.

It’s not all doom and gloom. Iconica moving out marks the halfway point in this dynasty challenge! Our glass is half full!

TD 5.36: Picking Up the Pieces

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