TD 5.34: I’m Not in Love

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen5, Iconica Lee

Week 23/Sunday

Iconica: Papa’s last free day is over now. Now I’m the controlled sim and active heir.
Thanks to his mentoring, I max writing before I even finish my second book!

Does my profile resemble Papa’s or what?

Naturally, my twin Unru’s profile also resembles Papa’s.
She even does that thing with her mouth that Papa does when he concentrates.

Unru already read the Logic and Handiness skill books that Papa wrote for us.
She’s reading a purchased Logic skill book now. Nerd Brain fits her so well!

Papa told everyone to queue up actions before the free day ends.
That’s why Uncle Advaith is dazed but continues to rebuild the rocket ship.

Since he’s a scientist, we thought he might have better luck getting a UFO plant.
But no, he crashed the rocket ship twice today.
I hope it retains its upgrades after being rebuilt…twice.

Scamp (depressed): Why do I have to be the one teaching her the Art of Dog Walking?
Where’s Joaquin Le Chien when we need him?
Iconica: Don’t worry, Scamp! This is your very last walk with Mama.

Iconica: I’ve had a crush on Ralph Kidd for as long as I can remember.
Why couldn’t he have moved into a house instead of those two consecutive Mr. Pear’s?
Life is so unfair! *sighs tragically


Early this morning, I have to rescue Scamp from his “short walk” with Mama.
After traveling to Desert Bloom Park with my clubmates and me, he immediately crashes.
He looks exhausted, doesn’t he?

Before school, I kick Amaya Hayashi from my club.
That goofball was constantly telling jokes to everyone else. It was too much!

Ralph joined my club last night.
It’s moments like these that I’m glad we have a pool. Ahem.

Right after Unru and I leave for our first day of high school, Gent ages up to an elder.
He looks so distinguished with his silver whiskers!

Papa’s left his vet stash in the crafting machine out back.
Don’t let me forget to give Gent an Age-Down Treat when I get home!

I come home from school Very Tense and need to take a shower and a bath before I feel better.
It’s nightfall by the time I give Gent his Age-Down Treat.
He seems really excited about it.

If you’re wondering why I’ve lured Ralph into a room with Romantic Sandalwood incense, you haven’t been paying attention!
I’m a teenager who is as good as betrothed to a man the same age as my father.

I get it, I do! I’m a dynasty heir and need to make sacrifices for the dynasty.
I’ll bite the bullet on my young adult birthday, okay?
For now, let me enjoy some time with a boy my own age.

Then I remember that he was in grade school during my toddler days.
Won’t he be a young adult soon? Time to pick up the pace!

Well, yes, I asked to see his sleepwear before our first kiss.
He was wearing amethyst studs with bright-pink swim trunks.
You would have asked, too, I’m sure.


So, he’s loves cats. No wonder he’s always chatting with Gent.
And, no, I’m not messing around with my new boyfriend in my parents’ bedroom!
That would be tacky!
In fact, I’ve taken over the master bedroom!

I’ve had the downstairs floor partially renovated.
That’s Uncle Advaith’s bedroom in the upper right corner.
Below the stairs, you can see the shared water closets and showers.

I’ve moved my parents into the former butler suite to the left of the staircase.
And I’ve added another small bedroom on the far left for the butler.

Scamp: Saanvi may not be that adept in the Art of Dog Walking.
But she’s the resident sage when it comes to pampering on the couch!
Saanvi: Finally! Something I do better than everyone else!

Iconica: Scamp looks so happy!

Unru and I bring home A’s from high school today. Go us!
The first thing I do after arriving home is take a photo of Mama.

Her elder birthday’s tomorrow and I want to paint a portrait of Mama as an adult.

Iconica: I have a gazillion things to do but I accept Ralph’s invitation for a date anyway.
And we end up at the Shrieking Llama Bar, a five-minute walk from my house. *rolls eyes
I order my favorite drink to find out what it is.
Imagine my disappointment to learn that it’s Water. Yes, you heard right.

Redheaded guy behind her: Nothing beats a cheap date, eh?


I’m finally done taking everyone’s photo so I can start painting portraits.
It’s great that household members will pose for photos on their own.

And though I can’t “Take photo of…” my pets, I can “Simstagram” them.
Gent and Scamp don’t pose, but at least I can get an eye-level shot.

Papa aged up to an adult four days ago, and Mama ages up to an elder this morning.
Wow, she looks so much older than Papa now and they’re just one life stage apart.

Also, it occurs to me that I need to be mindful of publishing income.
So I defer portrait painting until later and return to writing.
My birthday isn’t for another 10 days but I take today off anyway.


After school, I take most everyone with me to the park to do homework.
My half-brother Finn is a teen now so I invite him along, too.
He’s a vegetarian and a music-lover. Nice traits!

I add him to my club and kick the adult Dhruv Nair, who’s been acting quite odd lately.
Dhruv’s become very possessive about Papa for no reason at all.
(I checked but he and Papa don’t have pink bars.)

When Aarohi kissed Papa a few days ago, Dhruv threw a feet-stomping fit then walked over to Aarohi and slapped her around.
So much drama, right? Watchette was so shocked, she didn’t snap a single screenshot!


My first two portraits are worth less than $600 each, even with max painting.
What a mystery!

Do you remember my saying that that my sis Unru had earned over 10,000 satisfaction points?
After she bought all those reward traits, I’d somehow assumed that I’d bought one or two traits, too.
Nope! So I spend half the day farming points, then buy Marketable and Creative Visionary. Durrr.


It’s been so hard to write, paint, and look after Gent and Scamp, too.

Why do they complain about being hungry when I make sure their bowls are always filled?
I wish the rest of the family would help out with Gent and Scamp.

Iconica: Earlier this week, I cooked homestyle pet food for them both.
But right after eating, they both ran away. Can you believe that?

Scamp: I’m rather worried about leaving Jet behind to live with Iconica.
She hasn’t walked me even once yet! We’re not even friends!

Just when I’m starting to feel overwhelmed, Ralph walks over and kisses me.
Yes, please!
Gent and Scamp aren’t the only ones who need pampering!

Next Saturday, exactly a week from now, Unru and I become young adults.
I don’t feel ready to leave home. Honestly, I am dreading my new life.

If only I could hold on to these fleeting moments with Ralph and make them last forever.

5.35: Gasping in Granada

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