TD 5.36: Picking Up the Pieces

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen5, Iconica Lee

Week 25/Sunday

Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined I’d be widowed on my young adult birthday!
How could I have prevented Mehdi’s death by hysteria? (-5 points)
Thinking back, I could have asked him to play chess while burning focusing incense.
Would that have even worked?

Early this morning, I add $60,000 to the household funds. (-1 points)
Then I proceed to remodel Granada Place’s interior and backyard to my needs.

Where are my manners! I’ve yet to introduce you to my new housemates!
Our Gen3 pollinator (Masato Ikeda) begat Brook by pollinating Mehdi’s mother Aya.
Brook will never start his Vampire Family aspiration.

Masato then begat Adelynn by pollinating Aya’s daughter Yasmin (Mehdi’s full sister).
Apparently, Masato believed that Aya and Yasmin were sisters.
Well, Adelynn won’t be completing her Angling Ace aspiration, either.

Adelynn: That Iconica is unbelievable! First, she marries Uncle Mehdi who dies hours later.
Next thing we know, she and her sister have taken over the entire second floor.

Meanwhile, Brook and I are sharing a tiny bedroom in the basement.
The only improvement is that we now sleep in really good beds, twice as comfortable!

Normally, I would ask my clubmates to help me with such a large garden.
Since I’m so behind with points, though, I’m trying to max gardening.

My Grandma Merri and Papa Jet both started their first free day within a day of moving.
I’m going to take so much longer than that! I bet Unru is impatient to start working!

Haha! Scamp wears himself out with all his troublemaking.

How nice that Unru has finally befriended Gent then Scamp today.

That scoundrel Gent ran away this afternoon after getting stuck on the kitchen counters.
It’s not enough that the entire household is already grieving Mehdi’s untimely death.


Since yesterday, I’ve managed to max photography, handiness, and cooking. (+5 points)
Only five points left to go!

I notice that Gent has returned home and is once again stuck on the kitchen counters.
When I move one surface, Gent just jumps onto another.
I help Gent down just like yesterday: by stashing every kitching/dining surface into family inventory.
You know where your bowl is, Gent! *returns the counters, bar stools, fridge, dining table, and chairs to their original places.

It’s 9 am and I’m out back grafting some plants when Mehdi phones.
It’s the third time he’s invited me out since he passed away, so I grudgingly accept.

Grudgingly, because two days have already passed without our first free day.

Of all the places to go for brunch, it has to be La Bovine, the restaurant where Mama dies.

I take a moment to comfort Papa, who is feeling very sad.
Mama was a somewhat clumsy sim, but she was always cheerful and kind-hearted.
Rest in peace, Mama, and know that you will be missed.

Mehdi: Thank you for accepting my invitation, Iconica.
Iconica: I’m sorry for what happened to you, Mehdi. I should have watched you more carefully.

Mehdi: Don’t blame yourself, dear. I was careless and now I’ve made your life harder. Will you forgive me?
Iconica: There’s nothing to forgive. I do have one favor to ask, though.
Mehdi: Anything for you.
Iconica (tries to look upbeat): Would you mind terribly if we became just friends?

Mehdi: So, you’re pregnant! Second trimester, I assume?
Iconica: Yes and yes.

Mehdi: Pregnancy becomes you, Iconica. You are more beautiful than ever!
Iconica: Gee, it must be the cumulation of Sad +11 moodlets!
My sincere apologies but I seem to have lost my appetite. It’s nice seeing you again, Mehdi.

Here’s another shot of me in my formal wear outside the Lee Museum.
This outfit’s been in my wardrobe since my teen birthday, but I’ve never worn it until today.

And yes, I’m feeling better now, thank you. Watchette urged me to drink a moodlet solver.
After placing the gravestones of Medhi and Mama, I head back home.

Back home, I find Gent stuck on the kitchen/dining surfaces for the third time in two days.
Since he can’t get down, he can’t eat or use the litter box, either. I bet that’s why he ran away yesterday!

I’ve already gone through this same thing with Gent this morning,
Probably, Gent didn’t run away then because I left soon after to meet Mehdi at La Bovine.

Author’s note: I’ve received permission to move the glitchy Gent back with Jet Lee.
Neither resetting Gent or repairing my game fixed whatever problem he’s having. 

By evening, I max gardening and really need a break from all this grinding. (7 points)
The masseur giving me a massage is quite striking, don’t you agree?

On my way out, I spot one of our simverse’s two immortal nannies, working out in her undies!
I bet she’d snatched some of our watcher’s custom content which the watcher has since removed.
Serves her right!


I’m back at the Perfect Balance Spa to make a good friend with a certain someone.
Meet Naoki Tanaka, who is neat, a perfectionist, and a dance machine. (8 points)
What a dream boat!

Quick! Someone help me think of a legit reason to add him to my club!

At home, I become good friends with brother Finn, right before he leaves for high school. (9 points)

I’ve joined the Painter career solely to get my hands on the Level 4 easel.
Since I earned an A in high school, I don’t even bother with Connections.
Before visiting the Well, I complete my daily task.
What I want is a point, not so much a promotion boost. (10 points)

The Well seems lonely since we rarely visit him in this challenge.
“He” gives me a full promotion to Level 4, which I don’t mind at all.
But the best news is that our first free day has begun! Hurray!!!

I encourage Adelynn (Genius, Geek, Goofball) to leave her Politician career for Tech Guru.

Adelynn: I take back what I said about Iconica the other day.
I have my own room, locked to everyone but me, with my very own computer!

Iconica: Unru becomes a Level 4 Scientist and Brook, a Level 1 Scientist.
Brook (Loves the Outdoors, Vegetarian, Genius) has no level 2 skills so, yeah, Scientist.
Having him on the same schedule as Unru will simplify our lives, too.

Also, I’ve moved in my high-school sweetheart, Ralph, to fill the sixth slot in our household.
I’m hoping for twins, not triplets, and I’d rather not worry about Brook getting abducted.

Sorry, boys! No time for birth certificates on our first free day!
The twins arrive kicking and screaming into the simverse.
Bull Lee is our firstborn and future heir. Deft Lee will be his wingman.


It’s so wonderful to have Papa Jet around. After Mama passed away, I added him to my club.
During our free day, he mentored Unru in Handiness and Logic.
With his maxed Parenting, he’s been great with our twins.

Ralph maxes Logic and earns our first points for the next free day. (2 points)
That’s right, sweetheart, make yourself useful.
Because you know I’m never letting you work on your Serial Romantic aspiration.
Why couldn’t your aspiration be Soulmate?

Jet: Huh, Saanvi’s aspiration was also Serial Romantic. Are we seeing a pattern here?


I’ve been having Papa and his sons help me with the twins, gardening, and cooking.
It also helps that I’m keeping Ralph home with me.

I’m not being lazy! I’ve been busy preparing for the twins’ toddlerhood.
Also, I need one more Veterinarian level to craft Scamp’s Age-Down Treats.

A banner day for promotions between the scientists in the house! (4 points)
As of today, Unru is a Tech Innovator (L5) and Brook, an Apprentice Inventor (L2).

How sweet of Adelynn and Scamp to run out and congratulate them.

Tonight, my twins age up to toddlers and they simply could not be more handsome!
The heir Bull Lee is inquisitive, while the spare Deft Lee is independent.
They have black hair and dark brown eyes, just like me!

And in case you’re wondering, I roll all four traits for my sims not long before they’re born.

Iconica Lee’s current score: 4/10


Free Day #1 (10 points)
Household funds (4): +$30,000 x2
Good friends (2): Naoki Tanaka, Finn Anand
Maxed skills (8 ): Iconica/Photography, Handiness, Cooking, Gardening
Wish well (1): Wish for promotion
Death by unnatural cause (-5): Mehdi Mandir (hysteria)

Author’s Note

Gent’s not the only cat to get stuck on kitchen counters. There’s a thread on EA Answers HQ here.
It is marked FIXED due to a patch hotfix for the cat tree, which didn’t resolve the problem with kitchen surfaces.

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