TD 5.37: What’s Wrong with Me?

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen5, Iconica Lee

Five days ago, Iconica weds Mehdi Mandir and moves into Granada Place, only to have her new husband die of hysteria that same night;
Three days ago, Iconica accepts ghostly Mehdi’s brunch invitation to La Bovine where she witnesses her mother’s death;
Later that day, she sends the dashing Gent back to her father because of a glitch then moves in Ralph Kidd.

Week 25/Thursday

Iconica: Hello there! Remember me? The tragic Gen5 Lee heroine who our watcher has abandoned for some silly bears?
Here I am, making eyes at my high-school sweetheart Ralph Kidd, who I’ve adored since my toddler days.
I don’t know why but he has such impossibly narrow hips!
May he never get probed–I mean, zapped–by Senior Pollinator Technican #3!

Inquisitive Bull Lee is the next Lee heir!
He’s causing quite the uproar in Heaven with his face that’s causing all the angels to weep.

Why, yes. I moved here five days ago and gave birth to the twins two days ago.
What?! Are you actually counting the days?  Hmmph!

And here’s Deft Lee. One guess what his trait is!
The twins only aged up tonight so I can’t tell you much about them yet.
I’m so happy that they both have my hair color because…oh, never mind.

I’ve never seen such a defiant toddler! Every little thing turns into a battle, lol.


Evil Brook smashes the dollhouse then gains a Happy +1 “Home Wrecker” moodlet.
Not cool, bro!
Happily for the twins, their Grandpa Jet repairs the dollhouse immediately.

When I read to the twins, Bull Lee gets up on the couch and sits right next to me.
Deft Lee takes his sweet time coming over then prefers to listen from afar.
I love both of my boys dearly, but it’s my angel Bull Lee who first becomes my good friend. (5 points)

I read a tip by Glazeylady who discovered that highchairs replenish energy faster than toddler beds.
Of course, we must try it!
It takes me three hours to get both of my sleepy boys in the highchairs.
That’s because you keep autonomously taking them out of the highchairs, you dingus!

There! My angels are both all set and I lock their bedroom door to “Everyone” and “All pets.”

Are you as happy as I am that I can now craft Age-Down Treats?
I’d thought I’d need Veterinarian 8, but I only need Level 7 after all!
I got you covered now, Scamp!

When I go to check on the boys, my plan has been shot to pieces.
Ralph let Bull out of the highchair and put him the bed.
Then he let Deft out after feeding him something sweet so now Deft is sugar-crashing.
And Scamp’s there, too, drooling over the food in the case.

I’m so glad my doors locks aren’t broken… *sells both highchairs

Adelynn: After 4+ weeks in the Politician career, I never earned a single promotion.
But today, after 2 workdays, I get promoted to Level 2 Tech Guru! (6 points)
And for my next promotion, all I need to do is play video games? I’m in geek heaven!
Someone pinch my cheek, cuz I must be dreaming!

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong as a parent.
I even master the parenting skill this afternoon! (8 points)
But no matter how I try, my twins constantly defy me. Every.single.time.

And I got so tired of the adults emptying the baker’s case of meals for the twins.
I’ve stashed the baker’s case in family inventory, just to spite them all!
Why can’t they take food out of the fridge, which is stocked with food?
Never mind that everyone just waltzes through the door I just locked. Arrrggggh.

Ralph: Not again! How much longer do we have to put up with this loser, anyway? *checks Brook’s age
Hmmph! 8 days to elder, so he’ll be around for at least 2-1/2 more weeks.
Iconica: I agree, Ralph, that he’s a bit of a pill. Oddly, he loves the boys but not their toys.

Ralph: Can’t we feed him to the cow…
Iconica: Forget about it, Ralph. This isn’t that kind of challenge!


Ralph: What? You have a problem with my standing in our ensuite for 2 hours?
“Someone” didn’t realize the original bathroom door has never worked.
This is the first time I’ve used this ensuite since I moved in a week ago.

Ralph: After tearing myself away from our ensuite, I chat with Iconica while she writes.
I didn’t mean to distract her but I end up getting serenaded. Not that I mind. At all.
Iconica: Thanks for the inspiration, darling. This screenplay’s turned out to be a best-seller! Only one more to go!

Oh nooo! I go to hug Deft Lee lovingly but he rejects me!
I’ll just have to try harder, won’t I?

No matter what I do, Deft Lee and I don’t become good friends.
When his fun is low, I play with him.

When his hygiene drops just a little, I bathe him.
Every charming smile of his is hard-won.

I do not take any snuggle for granted. Hmmm, still not good friends?

Scamp: Ahem! Remember me?

We get the notice about the Romance Festival and I cast my parental duties to the wind!
The twins will have to fend for themselves because I’ve invited Ralph on a date.
Papa and Aarohi are already there, dressed smartly for the occasion.

I need to get my head examined! We are on a date!
Why would I lead Ralph to sit at a table with two other flirty women?

We’ve moved to a more secluded spot. So much better!

Iconica: Ralph, you know I’ve adored you since the moment I first spotted you from the ball pit.
Ralph: I was having a bad time that day but you ran up and started babbling away.
You looked so happy showing me your toy that I couldn’t help but cheer up.

Iconica: I know it must have been a shock to you when I married Mehdi Mandir.
Papa had decided on our marriage when he was a teenager, before I’d even been born.
But now I’m free. I’ve only been widowed for a week now but I can’t wait any longer.
Ralph, eternal keeper of my heart, will you marry me?

Ralph: I’ve been yours since you were in grade school. It’s high time we make it official!
*mutual squeeing

Iconica: Well, that was lame!
Ralph: Your Heat-of-the-Moment Proposal? It was absolutely NOT lame!
Iconica: No, I mean, I wanted my proposal to be the last required social for our date but it didn’t count.
Ralph: Who cares? Let’s change benches and earn our gold-medal date! (9 points)

After our date ends, I see Papa in his usual clothes selling his paintings.
Oh dear! Why is he selling his favorite portrait of Scamp at the beach?
I rush over there but Papa leaves, preventing me from buying Scamp’s painting.

Before heading home, I stop to satisfy my craving for ramen.
I discover just how gorgeous Ralph’s mother is.
And because she’s a vampire, I’m actually a week older than she is now.

My second discovery is that Ralph has impeccable chopstick manners.
He isn’t chopstick savvy yet he wields his chopsticks with a deft mastery.
Come to think of it, our Deft Lee needs to earn that Chopstick Savvy trait!

Week 26/Sunday

At 8 am, I wake Deft Lee up and start socializing with him.
I read to him, praise him, teach him to talk, give him a second wind, and do every other imaginable positive social.

Even with my Level 7 Charisma, I need to socialize with him for five straight hours.
Finally, little Mr. Hard-to-Get consents to becoming my good friend. (10 points)
Is my life forever jinxed? What am I doing wrong?

Oh right, this starts my second free day. Don’t nobody tell me I didn’t earn it!


Free Day #2 (10 points)

Promotions (3): Unru/Scientist 5, Brook/Scientist 2, Adelynn/Tech Guru 2
Good friends (2): Bull Lee, Deft Lee
Social event (1): Gold-medal date with Ralph
Maxed skills (4): Ralph/Logic, Iconica/Parenting

TD 5.38: Scamp the Divo

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