TD 5.38: Scamp the Divo

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen5, Iconica Lee

Week 26/Sunday

Iconica: I can’t tell you how relieved I am to start another free day!
With the help of MoveObjects On, I’ve squeezed a rocket ship into our front yard.
Papa has maxed Rocket Science already so I’m hoping he can continue helping me upgrade!
(He can’t, it turns out.)

Let’s get that “Read for two hours” goal out of the way for Whiz Kid, shall we?
I’m absolutely stunned to notice that Ralph’s waist is not much wider than the toddlers’.
If only we lived on a lot large enough for a pool!

Cheeky of me, I know! But I’ve hired a butler for the duration of our free day.
He seems to be reading a steamy romance novel involving a butler and his employer.
Hmmmm, I never realized there was a market for that sort of fiction!
Maybe I should step out of my comfort zone for my aspiration’s last bestseller?

Iconica: The girls start out by working a little on their aspirations.

Unru: I only need one Logic level to complete Nerd Brain. Time to catch up on my breakthroughs!
Adelynn: I’ll never finish Angling Ace, but it’d be nice to earn a little more satisfaction!

Iconica: My future mother-in-law, Kailee Kidd, drops by the house.
After a slight hesitation, I invite her in.
Who am I to keep her away from her son Ralph?
However, she merely stands there for 2 hours with that mysterious smile then leaves. *shrugs

I take some photos of the household to give Bull Lee more free time as a teenager.
Check out this sultry shot of my gorgeous Ralph!

No downloading this shot to use as wallpaper on your cellphones, ladies!


What was I thinking when I hired a butler?!
Of course, I get a loser butler! I tell him three times to water the plants.
But he totally ignores me to watch TV, noshing the single serving of frank & beans he prepared.
I’ve even overlooked his pear shape but his attitude is intolerable.

After reprimanding him, I decide to fire his lazy plumbob! Arrrgggghhhh!

I run out to introduce myself to a boy I’ve never seen around before.
My new friend Ferdinando Padron is a goofball, which immediately eliminates him as a future spouse.

Could he be related to our ex-butler with the Selvadoradan headband! *checks contacts
Hallelujah! They have different family names!

Despite all my petty grievances, I do have a little spot of sunshine!
Both twins will age up as Happy Toddlers on their birthday Thursday night!

You’re probably thinking Happy Toddlers aren’t much cause for celebration.
But it’s the very best I can do without any control over my household, except on free days.
I’m earning most of the points myself so it’s hard to make time to teach the twins as well.

It’s so obvious that our free day ended hours ago!
The Mandirs are no longer doing anything even remotely useful!

Sister Unru, however, reads a Parenting skill book after work. Good for her!

Meanwhile, my perfect Ralph practices yoga then watches a cooking show.

Deft has a bladder crisis but Ralph is there to take him to the potty.
I don’t know if Deft asked for help or if Ralph had been checking on him.
All I know is that Ralph is great around the twins!


Very early in the morning, I master Vampire Lore. (2 points)
I’d planned to “defang” Bull’s future bride then realized he needs to do that himself.
If I do it while I’m still the controlled sim, she’ll age 2 weeks during Bull’s teen phase.
*mutters: Why do I need to pretend it was my fault when it was the Watcher’s?

Hey, at least you’re that much closer to your next free day!

Autonomous flash cards!
Again, I don’t know who asked who, but Ralph did boost his Parenting to Level 5 on our last free day.

French playwright, Charles-Guillame Etienne once said: “One is never served so well as by oneself.”
Truer words were never spoken!
There! I’ve mastered Rocket Science as well. (4 points)
I’m determined to have Free Day #3 right before the twins age up to children.

Our salaried workers return from work. They’re all critically exhausted!
Both Unru and Brooks earn promotions! (6 points)

As for Adelynn, remind me never to let her take the day off on a free day.
After the free day ended yesterday at 1 pm, all she did was troll teh forums!

Noticing that my fun is low, Ralph offers a solution that defies the space-time continuum…


Scamp is always passing out all over the lot instead of sleeping in his own little bed.
I buy him an adorable new bed but I guess he dislikes it.
Ten minutes after he lays eyes on it, he runs away.
I’m beginning to wonder why I even bother! Now the entire household is sad. Ugh!

In the early hours, I phone to have a pizza delivered. Not that I really want to eat pizza. (5 points)
Unru has been a sliver away from maxing Logic and her Nerd Brain aspiration since Sunday.
Now that her maxing them would usher in the next free day too early, you know she will!

Papa aged up this morning and he still looks fantastic!
I check my contacts and, may wonders never cease, Grandpa Garrison is still alive and kicking!

I’m ready to lock Brooks away into a cramped, sparsely furnished room in the basement.
It’s not enough that the twins are grieving Scamp’s absence. Now their dollhouse is broken, too!

Brooks was downstairs where there are two showers and two toilets, but does he use a toilet there?
No, he has to walk all the way upstairs to walk in on me while I’m showering.

Later that day, Adelynn brings home a promotion to Tech Guru 3. (6 points)


I’m really delighted by the quality of Ralph’s autonomous interactions with the twins!
And the boys, in turn, love him to pieces. It’s no wonder, really.

Once the boys fall asleep, Ralph and I decide to seize those stolen moments to elope.
Of course, that’s when Scamp returns home, hungry and filthy.
He is such a little divo!

For some reason, each time I ask Ralph to elope, our ceremony stops after a few seconds.
After five or six tries, I look to see if I have a Welcome back social among my friendly interactions with Scamp.
I do!

Giving him a bath doesn’t suffice, it seems.
Ralph and I aren’t “allowed” to elope until I officially perform the Welcome back social on Scamp. *rolls eyes

In the afternoon, I sit down to write and hopefully complete Best-Selling Author.
But wait, I still have three more free days left!
I decide to help the twins earn the remaining points instead.

First, Deft Lee maxes Imagination (8 points)
Next, around 5 pm, Bull Lee maxes Communication. (10 points)

I do believe it’s time for our third free day, folks!
The twins age up into children in 5 more sim-hours, so that’s a treat for next time!


Free Day #3 (10 points)

Promotions (3): Unru/Scientist 6, Brook/Scientist 3, Adelynn/Tech Guru 3
Maxed skills (8 ): Iconica/Vampire Lore, Rocket Science; Deft/Imagination; Bull/Communication
NPC hire (-1): Pizza x1

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m trying hard to move on to the next house as quickly as possible.
No lavishing much attention on little details of this household’s everyday life.
I really adore, however, the relationship between Iconica and Ralph as well as Ralph’s autonomous parenting of the twins.

TD 5.39: His Secret Service

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