SB 2.11: What’s That Spot?

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen2, Benicio Sharebear

Week 5/Thursday

Chacha: I’m a glutton, Mama. Why do I even need to become a Whiz Kid?
Sherilee: Because Gorging isn’t a skill, dear. Anyway, it’s good to be well-rounded!
Don’t you feel lucky? You’re the only one who gets to play with Grandma!
Chacha: Honestly, Grandma? No, I don’t! Dango’s the lucky one!

Dango: Well, I have the Genius trait so naturally Papa mentors me!
Edamame: Whatever! Maybe you’re being mentored, but I still beat you to Mental 3.

Dango: How’d you do that, Eda? You’re just a glutton!
Edamame: So what? Gluttons can’t be intelligent, too?


Mariko: Once the girls are done with homework and off to school, I work on the garden.
We’ve been somewhat lackadaisical about evolving the garden plants, but that’s a mistake!
One point in the Food category requires two perfect-quality food ingredients!

Jose: After working out exclusively on the climbing wall, Sherilee forces me to switch to a treadmill.
Sherilee: Darn straight, I did! You’re only Fitness 6 and you’ve already maxed your body potential!
Hurry and complete Bodybuilder so we can slim you back down! Sheesh!

Sherilee: Today, I spend the entire workday outside of The Lab, digging.
Sadly, I only find one new metal and one new alien. What a waste of time!
Because of me, the girls didn’t bring home B’s and Benicio missed a promotion today.


Alejandro: We spend the morning heavily exploiting Papa’s Patriarch trait.
After I’m done maxing Logic and Handiness, I get started on Wellness.

Benicio: I max DJing then start on Bowling, only to discover that Bowling isn’t effected by the Patriarch trait.
Bowling takes forever to level. I’ll try again another day when I’m very energized.

Week 6/Sunday

Sherilee: I can’t understand why it’s taking me so long to finish Angling Ace!
Alejandro: What are you trying to catch anyway?
Sherilee: I just need my 20th fish, so I’m trying to hook an anglerfish.
Alejandro: Okay, I’ll fish for that red-tailed black shark for our collection.

Jose: I start out exploring Desert Bloom Park’s dig sites then check up on the girls.
How great to see that all three of them are socializing!
Chacha’s made a friend and the Faust twins have shown up, too!

Chacha: What’s your name again?
Boy: My name’s Isaiah Mahoney. So, you’re a glutton? Well, I’m lazy.

Dango: That’s so cool that you’re a geek, Elektra! I’m a genius, you know!

Edamame: Hey, Jaxton! Remember me from the toddler play date? It’s me, Edamame!
Jaxton: Yeah, I remember! Excuse me a sec, I’m grossed out from touching a frog. I need to go wash my hands.
Edamame: Oh, you must be squeamish! Me? I’m a glutton like Mama and Chacha.

Shirelee: Jose joins us fishing at the back of the park.
We fish for so many hours that even Mariko maxes fishing.

Mariko: Huh? What’s with the “even Mariko”? Did I just get dissed?
Shirilee: Not at all. I meant “even Mariko who didn’t need to level fishing.” Are we good?

Benicio: Mama has Papa, Alejandro, and Mariko helping her with the fishing.
So I pop out my archaeology table to see if I can complete the artifacts collection.
Only need three more now!

Chacha: We only need an A at school to finish Whiz Kid.
Dango: Otherwise, we’ve already maxed Mental, Creativity, and Motor.
Edamame: Papa tells us to stay out of trouble because everyone’s busy but all the other kids went home.
Chacha: So…Hello, mirror in the public restroom!

Sherilee: I’m so disappointed in myself! I could only catch 19 out of my required 20 fish!
Thanks for catching the red-tailed black shark, Alejandro!
Jose (mutters): Stupid angler fish!

Benicio: By this time, it’s 9 pm and I suddenly realize we completely forgot about the Flea Market today!
Darn, darn, darn!

Jose: Hey, do you remember that Jungle View Restaurant we visited last time in Newcrest?
Apparently, the wait staff took too long serving the food due to all of the stairs.
So Jungle View closed down, but the new Jungle Restaurant opened in its place!

Benicio: I request the table for eight in the back patio and we all eagerly peruse the menu.
I replaced two of the three four-sim tables with a table seating 8 sims, then added candles because it was too dark at night.
I was looking for a venue that was long rather than wide, and this fits perfectly!

Mariko: I’m the only vegetarian so, if nobody minds, I’ll order for us all.
Jose: Just don’t forget that we’re still collecting Experimental Food Photos!

Dango: Pssst, Uncle Alejandro. May I ask you a question?
Alejandro: Of course, though I don’t know why you’re whispering.
Dango: Why is our waiter dressed exactly like Grandpa Jose?

Mariko: Wow, Chacha and Edamama both inherited my Glutton trait!
Chacha and Edamame (in unison): Gee, thanks!

Benicio: Congrats on maxing Social, girls! Too bad you’re stuck on Whiz Kid.
Dango: Yeah, we’ve maxed all four skills now. Whose brill idea was it for us to start with Whiz Kid?
You’ll thank me later. *coughs


Benicio: Early this morning, Alejandro and I are shocked to receive our birthday notices!
Our young adult stage is over already? It seems like we were teens just a while ago!

Alejandro: Benicio gets home from work at 4 pm and I leave for work at 5 pm.
During that one-hour window, we both drink a Potion of Youth.
We can now enjoy a second 12-day young adulthood!

Edamame: Allow me to let you in on a little secret: my teen aspiration will be Chief of Mischief.
That’s the only reason Papa brings me here to the Humor & Hijinx Festival.

Papa, Grandpa, and I join the Pranksters, naturally.

Edamame: Did you see that shot of me doing the ole “What’s that spot” prank on Elsa Bjergsen?
Grandpa is sitting there, looking all mellow, but he’s working his Patriarch mojo on Papa.
I only reach Mischief 5 but, with Grandpa’s help, Papa maxed the Mischief skill. Pffft!

Dango: Grandma, Chacha, and I joined the Jokesters, but kids can’t learn the Comedy skill.
But Chacha and I have fun chatting with lots of new people, anyway!

Benicio: And, of course, the Pranksters win!


Legacy score = 51 points (+1 point)
Knowledge (+1)/89 skills maxed

Jungle Restaurant by ladyloial (30×20 lot, Gallery)

The Household is Ageing
• Jose/Gen1 (1 day to elder)
• Sherilee/Gen1 (4 days to elder)
• Mariko/Gen2 (2 days to elder)
• Benicio/Gen2 (12 days to adult)
• Alejandro/Gen2 (12 days to adult)
• Chacha/Gen3 (3 days to teen)
• Dango/Gen3 (3 days to teen)
• Edamame/Gen3 (3 days to teen)

SB 2.12: Gen3 Jive

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