TD 5.39: His Secret Service

A Townie Dynasty with Lee/Gen5, Iconica Lee

Week 26/Thursday

Iconica: We last met at the start of our third free day, with 5 hours until the twins’ birthday.
Immediately, I hire a nanny who helps Bull Lee with Shapes.

I also hire a butler to rescue our parched and bug-infested garden.
Our new butler makes a bee-line for the garden without being assigned.
How lucky that he seems to have his priorities straight!

We have the boys blow out their birthday candles after their remaining skills reach Level 4.
They both become Whiz Kids, even though they don’t have school until Monday.
Why? Because we’re delaying the next free day for a week.

Iconica: Sweetheart, do you think it’s time to explain this chapter’s title?
Ralph: That’s an extremely tacky title, by the way.
Iconica: Um, I wasn’t asking you to critique the title. I’m asking you whether it’s time…

Ralph: I don’t know. Why are you asking me, Iconica?

Iconica: The reason for that is… *whisper, whisper, whisper
Ralph: *looks skeptical

Ralph: Don’t you think everybody’s already figured it out? How could they not?
The math isn’t that difficult.

Iconica: Remember the night that Mehdi died?
Ralph: As if it were yesterday.
Iconica: Well, the two images in that last collage might have been out of order.


Bull: I got dibs on Gramps mentoring for our next game of chess.
Deft: Why? Both Papa and Gramps can mentor Mental and Logic.
Bull: Yeah, but Papa doesn’t have the Mentor trait so I’m learning slower than you.

Hey, why am I learning the violin? I thought we were all about Whiz Kids?
It’s for your Creative skill. I don’t remember exactly how Influencing works.
Don’t you need to acquire a skill before you can be influenced to keep learning it?

Bull: You’re asking me?

Iconica: I tried so hard to complete Best-Selling Author during the free day.
Of course, I finish my third bestseller just minutes after our free day is over.

Completing my aspiration also earns me 1,000 satisfaction points. (3 points)
I switch to the Super Parent aspiration and earn another 1,000 points. Oops! (4 points)

Deft: Our free day sure passed quickly, eh?
Bull: Sure did! Hey, did you hear about Great-Great-Grandpa Dominic Fyres?
Deft: Yep, he came back to life and moved next door into the Caliente house.

Sis Unru and Adelynn both earn promotions this evening. (6 points)
We are earning points way too fast today!
Not that I mind having to hire a butler later.


Early in the morning, I decide to rehire the butler but hire the nanny by mistake. (4 points)
It’s just as well, since Deft masters the Mental skill soon after (6 points)

Too bad about the Book of Life getting nerfed. (Or is it a bug? It’s hard to tell these days.)
Oh well, I’ve written Epic Sagas for everyone in the house except Ralph and Brooks.
They’re still useful for filling needs while the twins, Unru, and Adelynn are off to school or work.

Week 27/Sunday

A very late-night meal of vegetarian chili.
We were at South Square Café for several hours before I realized the boys were hungry.
Can children not order for themselves at a café?

Scamp develops magmafied organs while I’m teaching him his last trick.
He ends up requiring surgery and a cone of shame.
It’s as if Scamp waited until I was almost Level 9 Veterinarian to get sick!
And I hire a butler to postpone our next free day. (5 points)

During a family outing to Bathe de Rille…
Bull: Why are you coaching me in swimming, Mama?
Iconica: So you can build your Motor skill, Why do you ask?
Bull: Oh, just wondering cuz your Fitness is only Level 1…

Iconica: Oh good! Bull’s introducing himself to his future step-daughter, Noel!
*checks her out in Bull’s contacts
Huh? Noel is Bull’s aunt? I think we need to go pay Charity a visit, stat.

Mystery solved! The vampire Charity Bjergsen is Sofia Bjergsen’s daughter.
Charity’s daughter Noel and my Ralph are both kids of our Gen 3 pollinator.
That means both Bull and I aren’t directly related to Charity at all.

tl;dr: Bull and Charity Bjergsen aren’t related.
Before leaving the Bjergsens, I give adult Charity a quick makeover.
Grampa Garrison passed away this evening so we stop by to retrieve his urn.


Bull and Deft bring home B’s on their first day of school. Nice work! (7 points)
Brooks also earns a promotion to Scientist 4. (8 points)

We received Brooks and Adelynn’s second birthday notices last night.
Obviously, I caked them both up to elders right away! *coughs

Encouraging Bull for doing his extra credit earns me another 1,000 satisfaction. (9 points)
I’d forgotten I’d switched to the Super Parent aspiration. *hires a butler again. (8 points)


I become good friends with Scamp (finally) but I have a butler. (8 points)
Briefly, I consider hiring a nanny but I’m sick and tired of delaying our next free day.

Bull and Deft bring home A grades today and are ready to finish off Whiz Kid. (10 points)
Y’all know what that means, right? Let’s started our fourth free day, folks!

Deft: I really wanted to draw on the new Jungle Adventures activity table.
Bull: Yeah, but Artistic Prodigy doesn’t recognize them so…. *shrugs
Deft: Only 8 more days until our teen birthday, bro!
Bull: Yep, I’m feeling ready to take over as active heir!
You think people will still like me after they learn my second trait?


Iconica: We still have several hours to go on our free day.
The twins will switch soon to Rambunctious Scamp and simply Practice Typing.

Also, I spot Scamp ageing up without any advance notice at all.
So glad I noticed him throwing off sparkles in the living room.
Here you go, Scamp! One Age-Down Treat for you, my furry buddy!


Free Day #4 (10 points)
Promotions (7):
Careers (3): Unru/Scientist 7, Brook/Scientist 4, Adelynn/Tech Guru 4
School (4): Bull/A & B, Deft/A & B
Satisfaction points (3): +1,000 pts x3
Good friends (1): Scamp Lee
Maxed skill/job/aspiration (4):
Skills (2):  Deft/Mental
Aspirations (2): Iconica/Best-Selling Author
NPC hires (-5): Butler x4, Nanny x1


Dominic Fyres:  Dominic passed on before Gen3 Merri moved in with Garrison Fyres. As soon as I noticed him living next door, I evicted him.
Later, with the Team’s permission, I entered Manage Households to delete him, but he was gone. *scratches head

Books of Life:  Are they bugged or nerfed? Since they only work for sims on another lot, Iconica only reads them for household members at school/work.
Or she travels elsewhere to read them for sims at home. Still somewhat useful.

Chapter format: Taking screenshots of almost every point earned isn’t working for me, so I’m thinking of a different format going forward.
Are readers even interested in exactly how I earn each of my free days? Not useful at all unless you’re playing or planning one yourself…

Internet connection: I lost my internet connection today for about 10 hours. I keenly realize that I have no life without internet:
“Oh, no internet? Okay, I’ll just do…wait, I can’t do that without internet.”
Anyway, I had to wait so long to post this update that I’m halfway done with the next one. LOL

As always, thank you for reading! ❤

TD 5.40: Iconically Free!

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