TD 5.40: Iconically Free!

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen5, Iconica Lee

Week 27/Wednesday

Ralph: Near the end of our free day, I queue up all the missions I can, that would be 7.
With my fifth space mission, I complete the space rocks collection.
Eh, I bet every Lee generation has completed the collection of four space rocks!

Ralph: But I win a space race on my last mission and the prize is a UFO plant! Finally!
You know why a complete garden collection is a big deal, right?
It’s the only collection that can travel with an heir who moves out.
It’s such a prize for dynastic challenges where each heir must move out and start over!

Iconica: Dearest Ralph, allow me to reward you for your non-stop space missions since yesterday afternoon!
Ralph: Gladly, my lady fair.
Iconica: I don’t know. One kiss seems hardly sufficient for your magnificent feat!

Iconica: *breathless
Ralph: *speechless


Jet: Why are we visiting the empty house across the street, my lovely daughter?
Iconica: I’m reading my twins’ Books of Life before we head out to the park.

Bull (left): I’m pretty relieved that this isn’t one of those “Vote for the Heir” challenges!
Deft (right): Yeah, you automatically become the Gen6 Lee heir for being first-born!
If there were a vote, you know everyone would pick me!
Bull: I don’t know, Deft. I’m developing a certain irresistible charm, if you ask me!

Iconica: Look who else I invite along with us to the park! It’s Gent!
He’s looking as devilishly dapper as always!

Ralph: Wow, Gent! I never knew that tom cats went into heat!
Gent: Normally they don’t. But your lovely wife didn’t have any catnip on her so…nuzzlenip.
Doesn’t she know that only female cats in active households can have kittens? Sheesh!
Now what am I supposed to do?

Iconica: I feel small-minded about not wanting to write an Epic Saga about Brooks.
When I start the process, I’m surprised to discover that I can even write one about Scamp.
What does that mean exactly? Can I refill his needs? Can I bring him back from the dead?


Iconica: I’ve been in denial about receiving Ralph’s Celebrate birthday notice yesterday afternoon.
But I can’t stand seeing his age bar bubbling any longer.
Ralph dear, you’re still as gorgeous as ever!
Ralph: Oh please! Don’t treat me like I’m ancient. You’ll be an adult soon, too!

You would never know that Bull and Deft are going through Rebellious and Mean phases, respectively.
When they come home from school, I don’t even need to remind them about their homework.
Should I feel concerned, though, about Bull’s “mad scientist” eyes?

Ralph is right, of course! We are all growing older. Unru and I will soon be adults.
And just imagine. Our little boys become teenagers next Wednesday!

Deft: Between me and Bull, I am the hipper one in my Selvadoradan vest.
I’m all ready to rock n rumbasim!

Bull: Mooooom, why are we on vacation here? Everyone’s going to Selvadorada these days!
Deft: Seriously! Granite Falls is soooooo last year!
Ralph: Well, technically, Outdoor Retreat was released in 2015 so it’s even older than that!

Iconica: Oh hush, all three of you. I’m going to learn herbalism to support your teen adventures in Selvadorada.
Bull: You’re the best, Mama!
Iconica: Don’t I know it!

I immediately rush over to the kiosk and buy a book on Herbalism.
Honestly, I could have bought this book at home but it’s nice to get away for a change.
Papa and Uncle Lone aren’t getting any younger, either.

Jet: You’ll be the next heir soon, Bull. Can you tell me when the last free day is?
Bull: We’re planning to start it 4-5 hours before our teen birthday in 5 days on Wednesday.

Jet: And how are the points coming along?
Bull: Well, we don’t want to earn points too fast, right Grandpa Jet? We have 3 points so far, which is fine.
Mama hired a butler then earned 1,000 satisfaction, and we had 3 career promotions. (3 points)

Jet: A valiant effort, Iconica, but you know as well as I do that our watcher doesn’t collect insects.
Iconica: There’s always a first time, Papa! Why doesn’t she take the time to learn where the spawners are?
Jet: Patience isn’t one of her virtues, I guess.
Iconica: Anyway, three useful remedies are better than none, right?


Yo Scamp! Stop screening your calls and pick up the darn phone!
We’re in the Deep Woods now and I’m calling to invite you here! You’re not going to pick up?
Next time your smartphone breaks, dawg, you’re on your own!

Scamp: Hmmph! Took you long enough to figure out you could click the whistle to summon me!
Iconica: Still doesn’t explain why you weren’t picking up!
Scamp: Eh, you’re not the boss of me much longer!

Bull: You got it right, Scamp. From now on, it’s you and me, buddy!
And I won’t be waiting four weeks for us to become good friends, either!
Scamp: Noice! *side-eyes Iconica

Iconica: Sure, rub it in, why don’t you?
You weren’t born yet, Bull, but my first husband and Mama died within 2 days of each other.
I don’t need to defend my actions to you two! *flings her hair back and stalks away

Week 28/Sunday

After breakfast, I’m playing horseshoes with the twins.
I’m feeling rather proud of myself for having crafted five different herbal remedies.

Suddenly, Uncle Lone lifts his arm to protect his eyes from the sun’s glare and Papa does the same.
I’m whooshed away to fish at the far end of the campgrounds while my family grieves.
I cut this vacation short, while wondering what will become of Gent.


We are moving right along with our pointage, mostly through my efforts obviously.
On Monday, I hire a butler (2) but max herbalism (4 points).

Today, I also hire a butler (3), but become good friends with my half-brother Nikolai Anand (4).
Then, I proceed to max Pet Training with Scamp. (6 points)
After school lets out, I go into Full Parent Mode and earn 1,000 satisfaction. *sparkles (7 points)

In the evening, Adelynn brings home a promotion. (8 points)

Methinks it’s time to order pizza delivery… (7 points)
Don’t worry, folks! I still have two Level 9 skills waiting in the wings. *winks
And an hour later, Deft maxes his Motor skill. See what I’m saying? (9 points)

You probably find all this delaying of free days needlessly confusing.
Believe me, the more time Deft can control as a teen, the better for Bull when they move out!


Of course, I’ve kept the butler since I’m sure Bull wants to keep one around. (8 points)
It’s around 6 pm when I max Veterinarian while doing lab work. (10 points)
(For some reason, my level stopped rising while crafting Age-Down Treats.)

Four hours after our fifth and final free day starts, the twins age up!
Vegetarian Bull Lee is now insane and an aspiring Archeology Scholar.
Geeky Deft Lee is now self-assured and already close to finishing Fabulously Wealthy.

Dear Bull, hurry and don the heir’s mantle! I’m so very weary of the task!


Free Day #5 (10 points)
Promotions (4):
Career (4): Unru/Scientist 8, Brook/Scientist 5-6, Adelynn/Tech Guru 5
Satisfaction points (2): +1,000 pts x2
Good friends (1): Nikolai Anand
Maxed skill/job/aspiration (8 ):
Skills (8 ):  Iconica/Herbalism, Pet Training, Veterinarian; Deft/Mental
NPC hire (-5): Butler x4, Pizza x1

Iconica Lee’s Total (50 points)
Promotions (17):
Career (13): Unru/Scientist (4), Adelynn/TechGuru (5), Brooks/Scientist (4)
School (4): Bull (2), Deft (2)
Household funds (4): +$30,000 x2
Satisfaction points (5): +1,000 sp x5
Good friends (6)
Social event (1): Gold-medal date
Maxed skill/aspiration/job (32):
Skills (30): Iconica (20), Ralph (2), Deft (6), Bull (2)
Aspiration (2): Iconica/Best-Selling Author
Career: None
Wishing well (1): Promotion wish
NPC hires (-11): Butler x8, Pizza x2, Nanny x1
Unnatural death (-5): Mehdi Mandir/hysteria

Dog walking: I’ve cruelly misjudged Saanvi Joyson, spouse of the Gen4 heir Jet!
I read a thread on the official Sims forum that the short/medium/long walks are designed for Brindleton Bay. That seems like an odd design but also explains why Saanvi would leave for a “short walk” in Windenburg Countryside then not return after 10 sim-hours.

Baker’s Cousin Display Case: Since Gen5 of this dynasty, my beloved case has re-emerged from family inventory even after the toddlers years. Whenever a non-household sim cooks, my heir can “put away” that meal in the fridge but I can’t move it anywhere but to family inventory OR to the Baker’s Case. When dynasty life gets too hectic, I’ll have my heir’s clubmates cook then stash some of the meals in family inventory, leaving a few in the Baker’s Case.

Gent: The Tudor Bungalow where Gent lived with Jet and Lone Lee is now vacant.
I can’t check pet adoptions because the household is full until sim-tomorrow….dun dun dun.

Stay tuned until next time! Thanks for reading!

TD 6.41: Jungle Dawg

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