SB 2.12: Gen3 Jive

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen2, Benicio Sharebear

Week 6/Monday

Chacha: We earned B’s today but we need A’s tomorrow to finish Whiz Kid.
Dango: That’s why we’re working on our school projects tonight! Hey, stop slacking, Grandma!

Benicio: I’m working on my Charisma nearby to help with my career promotions.
Since I don’t work everyday like Alejandro does, I’m a Level 7 Astronaut to his Level 8 eSport Gamer.

Alejandro: And I’ve started Nerd Brain since we’re still missing collectibles that require the rocket ship.


Edamame: Those school projects last night were dumb!
Dango: But totally worth it! We got our A’s today and finished Whiz Kid!
Chacha: Yep, yep! Now we can forge ahead with Rambunctious Scamp!

Chacha: Speaking of scamps, the weirdest thing happened to me last night!
You wanna hear about it, don’t you?
Have you both had “the talk” with an adult lately about learning a character value trait?

Chacha: Our watcher, Grandma says, usually only goes after Responsible and Good Manners.
But, see, Grandma notices my Conflict Resolution is in the red.
So she orders me to try and max negative Conflict Resolution.

But we live in the middle of nowhere, so the only one I can argue with is our butler Tetsu!

Chacha: I diss and argue with Tetsu all night long!
And then, two hours before school starts, Tetsu declares he’s quitting!!!
Oh no! I love Tetsu! I thought he’d understood that I was only doing this because Grandma said.

I apologize, I wheedle, I beg, I cajole…I pull out every childish wile I can muster.
Gah, I don’t even want to think about what our watcher would do to me if Tetsu leaves us.
For starters, she’d give me the tragic clown hair and the goofy walk, that’s for sure!

At last, all my shameless pleading is rewarded! Tetsu forgives me! He returns to our employ.
It’s 8 am, just in time for me to leave for school!
And that’s when my alarm clock goes off and I discover that was all a dream! Pfffft!

Dango: You must have been sweating up a storm in that dream, Chacha!
Chacha: Oh puhleeze! Haven’t you heard that old saying: Horses sweat, gentlemen perspire, and ladies glow?
Edamame: Hehe, you must have been glowing like a pig at a BBQ, Chacha!

Dango: Listen up, my sisters, cuz I have a story for you, too!

Dango: Because of my genius trait, Mama has decided I’ll be the one to earn the Compassionate trait.
Since Mama recently quit her job, I’m sure she just wants to snap cutesy shots of me with that Doctor’s Kit. *rolls eyes
I mean, the three of us haven’t even maxed Responsibility and Manners yet! Sheesh!

So I’m minding my own business and playing doctor, when I start feeling faint.
When I come to, I’m standing in front of a spooky little house in the middle of nowhere.
What the heck?

Gathering my courage, I step through the front door without knocking.
Lo and behold, there’s a woman who looks suspiciously like a witch, brewing something extremely smelly.

Witchy woman: It’s about time you got here, Dango. And yes, I’m a witch! Toss me that frog behind you!
I’m preparing my special soup in honor of your visit. But what’s with that frumpy dress?

Dango: You did NOT just insult my dress with the butterflies and flowers! Who are you, anyway?
Witch: The wind whispered to me that you want to learn to cure souls. I can teach you!

Dango: Oh no, I don’t! I only want to boost my empathy! Do you have a magic spell for that?

Witch: But I’d heard you were playing doctor at home and thought you’d be interested…
Dango: Interested in?
Witch: In, you know, real magic…spells, curses, potions! Not dumb pills and thermometers!

Dango: Honestly, lady? I’m a genius. I don’t believe in magic.
What really interests me these days is teendom and, well, boys. *blushes
Witch: Be off with you then. No need for me to waste my time with the likes of you!

Dango (to sisters): Then, she snaps her fingers and poof! I’m back home again! What a crackpot she was!

Chacha: That was some weird stuff, Dango! I bet you were so glad to wake up from that!
Dango: The weird thing is, I’m not even sure I was dreaming. Could I be a time trave…
Edamame (interrupts): What a coincidence we all had bizarre experiences last night.

Chacha: Nooooo, don’t tell me! You, too?
Edamame: Just wait till you hear this!

Edamame: After the H&H Festival, Papa notices my red Empathy from all my mischief-making.
He says to me, “You, dear Edamame, shall earn the Insensitive trait!”
I’m not enthusiastic about that, natch! Who’s going to vote for an insensitive heir candidate?
But, whatever! I start spamming the ghosts of Brant H. and Bjorn B. with chain mail, so they’ll hate me. *shrugs

Feeling drowsy, I head to bed. But as soon as my head hits the pillow, I’m wide awake!

Brant: You can confide in me, Edamame. It’s just you and me in here.
Now, why’d you wanna go spam Chief Bjorn and I with chain mail like that, huh?
Edamame: Oh please! Don’t think I haven’t figured out that’s a two-way mirror!

Zoe Patel: Um, Chief. Would it be inappropriate to ask why you have an online relationship with a grade school girl?
Bjorn: Oh, uh, I was undercover. Yeah, that’s what I was doing!

Stranger: So, little girl, what are you in here for? Robbing someone’s piggy bank?
Edamame: It’s none of your business, lady. But if you must know, Chief Bjorn arrested me for spamming him and Sr. Detective Brant with chain mail.
Stranger: You’ve got nerve. I’ll grant you that, kid!

Edamame: And what about you?
Stranger: Eh, I’m a vigilante who fights against white-collar crime.
After I helped uncover Victor Feng’s involvement in an insider trading scheme, he took a plea bargain.
Then, to mislead the police, he fingered me as the shadow boss.
I’m not worried, though. Victor’s lying so they have no hard evidence! *shrugs

Edamame: A vigilante? Wow, that’s so brave of you!
Stranger: *turns around to sit alongside Edamame

Edamame: Um, do you happen to be related to Sherilee Sharebear? You look a lot like her!
Stranger: And no wonder we look alike! My name’s Sherilee Darebear!
Those Sharebears live in a different universe than us, uh…what’s your name?
Edamame: My name’s Edamame, pronounced Eh-da-ma-meh with an accent on “Eh.”

Sherilee: Anyway, the Sharebears are all about their legacy families!
They’re always busy having babies, raising children, learning skills and aspirations, advancing their careers, and so forth.
Edamame: What about the Darebears?
Sherilee: We’re all about protecting the universe against the forces of evil, feats of derring-do, adventure, thrills!
No sticking around the house with 9-5 jobs for us!

Edamame: So it’s just the Darebears and the Sharebears?
Sherilee: Oh heavens, no! There are so many different realities!
But, besides we Darebears and the Sharebears, I’m only familiar with the shape-shifting Werebears and the crybaby Carebears.
White-collar crime is a growth industry, you know. I can’t spare the time to be flitting about!
Edamame: I see…

Sherilee: Well, you best be getting back to your world, Edamame Sharebear!
Edamame: Huh? You knew?
Sherilee: Of course, I did! And don’t let anyone talk smack about your Insensitive trait, if you earn it!

Edamame (to her sisters): And then, she bopped me on the head and I woke up in my bed.

Chacha: So she looked just like Grandma but she’s like a high-tech Robin Hood! How cool is that?!
Dango: Whatever’s going on, the three of us have a unique relationship to the cosmos.
Chacha: So are we having prophetic dreams or are we visiting parallel realities?
Edamame: Who knows? But let’s keep all this to ourselves for now. The adults will never believe us!


Later that evening at Skye Fitness in San Myshuno…
Jose: I’m glad you’re finally getting started on Bodybuilder, darling.
It will be near impossible to finish it after your elder birthday, you know!

Sherilee (purses lips together): I know that. You don’t need to remind me!
Jose: Honey, I know you’re upset about the two of us becoming elders soon.
That’s out of our control. We’ve done all that we can do for our legacy.
Now, we both need to let go and enjoy the time that’s left to us, darling.

Benicio: Speaking of doing all they can, Mama’s really been on a roll lately!
She’s completed three collections since Monday night: metals, aliens, and plants!
Alejandro: And thanks to Papa’s Patriarch trait, we’ve maxed all but 7 skills now.

Jose: What’s left?
Benicio: Blah blah blah plus Photography and Pet Training.
Alejandro: But Benicio’s Vet 9 and I’m already Wellness 7. We’ve so got this!

Mariko: After we arrive at the gym, the family gives me this Potion of Youth to drink.
I’m zero days away from my elder birthday, so you can surely imagine my relief!

Lately, I’ve tried so very hard to be more useful!
I have only 4 more prints left to complete our collection of 12 microscope prints!
Anyway, here’s to 12 more days as an adult!


Edamame: Wooo, we can take the day off today and tommorow!
Dango: Yep, we’re officially done with grade school since our teen birthday’s tomorrow!

Edamame: After we finish Artistic Prodigy, though, we’ll only have one free day left.
Dango: Right, that’s why we’re not gonna even bother with Social Butterfly, since we’ve maxed Social!
Edamame: True, true!

Chacha: Am I being punished, Papa?
Benicio: Not at all, sweetheart! Your Violin skill is higher than that of your sisters’.
That’s why I chose to read to you for my Big Happy Family aspiration.

Jose: Don’t mind me, Chacha. I’m just testing how fast his Parenting skill increases while he reads to you.

Coming next (around Friday probably): The triplet’s teen birthday and the Gen4 heir vote


Legacy score = 52 points (+1 point)
Nature (+1)/5 collections (+ metals, aliens, plants)

Custom Content
Girls Medieval Dress by Kiara Zurk (blog)
“Sexy Witch” by Paogae (TSR)
“CS Shaman Potion Station as a Grill” by BigUglyHag (Sims 4 Workshop)
“Hagganized Fracmas Gifts” by BigUglyHag (Sims 4 Workshop)

“Little Witch House” by Larifari2009 (Gallery)
“L.A.W. Police Station” by EnvySims (Gallery)


Is this a weird update?:
You might be wondering why some of my legacy updates are so bizarre.
That’s partially attributable to the “dreams/parallel realities” theme running clumsily through my story.
In addition, I hoped to give more story time to my Gen3 triplets without moving the entire household forward in time.
Also, though, bizarre updates are darn fun to plan. *gives lopsided grin

Types of Death:
The game with all available packs installed now offers 14 different death types.
However, @reggikko recently pointed out to me that Pinstar did not increase the Nature category’s death types required during his latest 03/15/2018 update of the legacy challenge rules.
I’d initially thought I’d need 13 death types (prior to rodent fever) to get my single point for achieving all death types.
Thanks to reggikko’s tip, though, I’m scaling back to 10.

SB 2.13: It’s a Sicilian Message (+Heir Vote)

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