TD 6.41: Jungle Dawg

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen6, Bull Lee

*Iconica Lee’s hubby Ralph completes both the Space Rocks and Garden collections;
*The Lees vacation at Granite Falls, inviting Jet and his twin Lone while leaving the Mandirs at home;
*Iconica gathers insects and brews herbal remedies, while everyone else does whatever;
*Jet and Lone pass away on the last day of the vacation;
*Iconica makes a final spurt to trigger the last free day which is now in progress.


Week 28/Wednesday

Remember me? I’m Bull Lee, the Gen6 Lee heir.
My twin Deft Lee and I aged up to teenagers just now!
And as soon as this free day ends tomorrow, I become the controlled sim.
Imagine that!
Well yes, I’m an insane vegetarian but, otherwise, my personality is full of win!

Bull: For now, I’m all about painting the household’s portraits!
I’m going to wait until I’m at least Painting 6, though, so I don’t end up with $200 paintings.
With Mama mentoring, it won’t take long!

We’re not exercising much creativity in our choice of aspirations.
We like the easy ones because we can buy reward traits.
Anyway, brother Deft is already Logic 6, so he might as well switch to Nerd Brain next!

Meanwhile, Papa’s downstairs cloning herbal remedies for my future trip.
Charity Bjergsen doesn’t know it yet, but she’s my future wife, hehe.

Since she lives alone, I can move in with Deft, Scamp, and two others.
I briefly consider Auntie Unru but Mama would be a better choice. Still deciding…


Scamp: I’ve been extremely busy these days!
On occasion, I enjoy sitting and expressing my musical preferences. *sings: We are bulletproof! Hah! Wassuuuuup?
(You’re welcome, FrancescaFiori. Lol!)
But most of the time, I’m running around getting in shape for the upcoming trip.

Check out my little campfire pot and genuine alpaca-wool saddle blanket yo!

Bull: As for Brooks and Adelynn Mandir, they’ve taken today off.
I’ve suggested that they enjoy their vacation day fishing….waaaaaay over there.
In fact, they’re at the very opposite end of our neighborhood, behind the Rio Verde home.

Not to be mean, but…
I can’t check whether Gent is up for adoption without a vacancy in the house.

Speaking of Rio Verde, a new household moved into that house recently.
Nobody in our household is acquainted with the Bello family.
But I’ll certainly be introducing myself to them when I have the time.
I wonder how old that guy is and what his traits are…

That house is certainly huge!
I google its address online to learn that it has five bedrooms and four bathrooms!
A future Lee heir could certainly live comfortably in that house!
And it has easy street access, unlike the Villareal Estate in Windenburg.

When I go to reposition my easel, I find I’m blocked from entering Build mode.
Apparently, someone is dying in our neighborhood.
Using my eagle vision, I scan Skyward Palms to find the Grim Reaper with the Mandirs.

Grim: What is with that Iconica Lee and her double deaths?
I guess I shouldn’t complain. They do save me considerable travel time.

Rest in peace, Brooks and Adelynn Mandir.
Your combined points from career promotions (9) were double that of Unru Lee (4).
And thanks, Brooks, for playing with Scamp.


Bull: Do you think the Deluxe All-Season Easel really makes such a difference?
I’ve painted all but two portraits, no repainting, and they’re averaging $600.
Of course, the value of my collection doesn’t mean I’m a failure as an heir.
Still, it galls me that Mama’s portraits averaged $3,750 apiece!
Eh, I’m not repainting any of the portraits yet. I got things to do!

That photo of me? Mama took it during our last free day.

My first day of high school!
I’m so tempted to take today off, but I’ll save my vacation days until next week.
Then, just as I’m leaving, I remember!
Darn, I forgot to phone the ASPCA last night to check if Gent’s there!

What did I tell you in Granite Falls, Scamp? You and me, buddy! You and me!
Don’t kiss my neck out here, Scamp! The neighbors might be watching.

After I finish my portraits, I phone the ASPCA.
No sign of Gent! I haven’t given up yet!

By the way, I’ve added Mario Bello to my club temporarily.
He’s a young adult who’s good, neat, and yes! Insane like me!
Looks like I’ll need to get my Vampire Lore on, sooner rather than later. We haz plans!

Bull: What now, Scamp? I thought for sure we’d find Gent here at the docks!
Scamp: Let’s go take a quick look over by Pupperstone Park.

Bull: Nope, he’s not around Pupperstone, either. Do you think Gent’s roughing it somewhere?
Or do you think he vanished when Grandpa Jet and Uncle Lone passed away?


Bull: Well, no Gent anywhere. Can we drop by the Lee Museum?
I want to drop off my portraits so I won’t be tempted to redo any of them.

Scamp: Don’t need no mind-reader to know that poor Bull is gutted!
He claimed the Archaeology Scholar aspiration over a week ago.
But our watcher thoughtlessly explored the temple first with another sim.

Deft: What’s wrong, Scamp? Why the whimpering?
I thought you’d be glad to come here to Selvadorada!

Scamp: Why are Bull and Ralph just staring at that statue!
I’m  the Jungle Dawg, bro! Do I look like the Marketplace Dawg to you?

Scamp: We return to our villa to welcome Iconica and Unru to Selvadorada, then we all hit the sack.

The next day, Bull’s hard at work as he digs for, uncovers, and authenticates artifacts.
Meanwhile, Deft and I perfect a new move for our rumbasim routine.

Jungle Dawg on the move!

Week 29/Sunday

Scamp: Poor Bull. His high Painting skill doesn’t really help with jungle survival.
He can tear through those vine-covered arches, though, thanks to his Gardening experience.

Bull tries examining some old egg with his zero Rocket Science skill.
It was hard not laugh while he auto-extinguishes himself using Waterfall in a Bottle.

Hey, Bull! Time to give your brother Deft another Need Fixer!
And I could use another Big Treat, too.

Scamp: Bull’s luck remains dismal as we continue exploring the temple.
He’s attacked by Fire Flies, keeps activating the wrong triggers, and even manages to get poisoned.
He’ll need to buy an antidote at the marketplace later, I guess.


Scamp: Early this morning, Bull takes a vacation day but sends Unru and Deft home.
Iconica and Ralph enjoy a well-deserved vacation at our rental villa, just the two of them.

By this time, I’m pretty tired of being cooped up inside the temple.
After all, I’m no Temple Dawg! I’m the … (sing it with me) Jungle Dawg! Right!

Scamp: Naturally, Bull makes a few wrong choices before opening the final archway.
He just drank a moodlet server but still feels grimy. Must be the poison.
Then, he clears the final arch! Yay!

You’ll notice I’m not in this shot.
There’s no advantage whatsoever in sticking close to Bull while he explores! That boy is bad luck!

And finally, we’ve cleared this entire temple!
Can you spot me waiting loyally waaaaaay back in the other room?

When Bull and I travel back to the marketplace, he’s no longer poisoned!
Has Maria de Cosecha betowed some blessing on him?
Too tired to really care, tbh, the five of us travel back to the comfort and familiarity of home!

Coming next: Bull ages up to a young adult in 8 more days!


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*BTS Logo Dog Tshirt Large by BeccAi (TSR)
*Baggage cc for The Sims 4 (Large Dogs) by TheKalinotr0n (Twitter)

TD 6.42: Fresh Heir of Bel Prince

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  2. Thank you! Buill’s really fun to play!
    I especially like the 13-day teen period when we don’t care about points or what the uncontrolled sims do!
    Haha, I live for this stage of each generation. 😀


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