TD 6.42: Fresh Heir of Bel Prince

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen6, Bull Lee

Week 29/Tuesday

Bull: As Deft and I leave for school, life seems so ordinary once again.
My young adult birthday’s next Wednesday. It can’t come soon enough.
Well, except that I’ve still got a gazillion preparations left before moving out!

It seems like only yesterday that I was frantically trying to cure myself of poison in a forbidden temple deep in a tropical jungle!
Scamp: That WAS yesterday, you dingus!


My museum collection lacks six items now so I’m thinking ahead to moving out.
Specifically, I’m planning for my first free day after moving out.
I’m having Mama mentor me while I write my Archaeology skill book.
Then, once I’ve moved, I can complete my aspiration asap!


I go looking for Mama to ask if she would mentor me in Handiness for a few hours.
When I find her napping on the sofa, I suddenly remember that she’s Lazy!
From all her hustling to bring on our free days, I had completely forgotten!


Unbelievably, I’m still working on my museum collection, which is 70% done now.

You see, in my eagerness to authenticate artifacts, I authenticated a few discovered by Deft (in the back row).
My museum collection needs to consist solely of items I’ve discovered myself!
Surely, I’ll be done in another day or so?

Week 30/Sunday

Bull: Not all butlers are created equal, it seems.
If I weren’t moving out in a few days, I would fire that lazy so-and-so.

Even after downsizing our garden, I have to practically beg our butler to tend it.

Khaled the butler: You rang, young master?
Bull: Yes. Sorry to drag you away from your video game, but would you mind terribly watering the plants?
You are unlucky. Tetsu the Sharebear butler looks after a much bigger garden without ever needing to be asked.


It’s close to 1 am when I finally complete my collection. Off to the museum!
My museum contributions tally $15,148.
$7,303 for nine portraits (because Papa Ralph moved in after Medhi Mandir’s death).
And $7,845 for 10 genuine archaeological artifacts.

And yes, I could have redone some of the portraits and I still have some uncovered artifacts at home.
I’m running out of time. And I have no more vacation days.

Caleb: A little late for a social call, don’t you think?
Bull: You don’t know me but my grandfather, Jet Lee, told me I could trust you.
My name’s Bull Lee and I’m the current heir of the Lee Dynasty.
Caleb: Ah yes, Jet! I hear he passed away recently. I’m sorry for your loss, Bull.
And what can I do for you this fine night?
Bull: *explains the favor he needs from Caleb

We then remembered that their age difference would prevent Caleb from turning him.
But, what do you know? Bull sees the “Ask to turn” social pop up!

Caleb: So you want me to turn you, even though you have no intention of remaining a vampire? Hmmmm?
Bull: Yes, sir. It would really help me help our dynasty, if you would turn me.
Caleb: And you don’t mind that, even if you’re cured, I remain your master?

Bull: I’m all yours. Erm…. *stifles a moan

Caleb: You Lees have always had the most divine blood!
Now be off with you, boi! Come back and see me when you’re older.
Maybe there’s something more that I can teach you…

Scamp aged up to an elder this afternoon while I was at school.
When I return home, I give him one of Mama’s Age-Down Treats right away.
Scamp will be young again in no time! *makes note to self: Learn Veterinarian skill

I’m forced to retreat to the privacy of my room to study Vampire Lore.
Before school this morning, I tried reading in the study nook near the back door.
Whenever I paused between “reads,” however, the worthless butler snatched my book to put it away.
He couldn’t be more annoying if he tried!

Bull: Mama goes out to congratulate Auntie Unru on maxing the Scientist career.
I’ve made up my mind now about my future household.
I’ll be taking Deft, Scamp, Mama, and Auntie Unru with me.

Sadly, I’ll need to leave Papa behind but I’ll add him to my club so he’ll practically live with us.


I max Vampire Lore very early this morning.
No doubt I’ll be transforming roughly 24 hours from now.

During the last few hours at school, I start feeling very uncomfortable.
What a surprise to transform the instant I get back home!
It’s only been about 36 hours since Caleb bit me.

And why am I a redhead wearing guyliner with purple bellbottoms?
Oh well, the sooner I transform, the sooner I can cure myself, right?

Ready to go visit my future bride, I mix myself a Sunlight Reversal Cocktail.
But on my way, I notice that Charity Bjergsen is now the only resident of Windenburg!
I make a U-turn and instead pay a visit to our simverse’s newest resident.

His name is Ramiro Mendez, a young adult who’s active, hotheaded, and unflirty.
My future daughter shall be forever grateful to me for finding Mr. Hot-and-Mysterious first!
In fact… *rubs chin thoughtfully

After welcoming him like the well-mannered, responsible sim that I am, I go to Charity’s.

I have to “make drinks for everyone” twice before Charity comes to the bar for her Vampire Cure.
But she’s cured and should be a Day 1 Adult.
Did I mention that she’s a perfectionist dog-lover who loves the outdoors?


While stargazing with my new friend Charity, I get my birthday notice!
Deft and I always celebrate our birthdays together, so I head home, taking Charity with me.

Besides being an insane vegetarian, I’m now also evil.
What did I tell you? My personality is so full of win!

My neighborly friend Mario readily accepts my offer to turn him, bless his heart!
Just a few more things to do before I can move.

I turn two more sims before finally mixing vampire cures for Evan Hayashi and I.
You may remember Dr. Evan Hayashi who lives in Ye Olde Salt House.
He’s an attractive guy but he’s too closely related to Charity and Kari Alonzo.

Also, I don’t think Scamp would be happy living in the Spice Market.

I’m back home now, selling off inventories and furnishings in preparation to move out.
What else is there to say? Well, we’re married and we’re expecting. Cool, right?
I can’t wait to share my new life and new home with you next time!

Starting Stats
Satisfaction: 385 points
Household funds:  $20,000
Designated skill: none currently
Skills: L10 Painting/Gardening/Archaeology/Vamp Lore, L9 Painting, L8 Writing, L7 Handiness, L6 Cooking
Aspiration: Archaeology Scholar (Tier IV)
Job: Painter (for one day only)

TD 6.43: Whose Yo Daddy?

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