SB 2.13: It’s a Sicilian Message (+Heir Vote)

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen2, Benicio Sharebear

Week 6/Wednesday

Jose: It’s roughly 24 hours before the triplets’ teen birthdays.
Since we last met, I’ve aged up to an elder.

This morning, I’m experimenting with the reach of my Patriarch trait.
As I suspected, it doesn’t boost Benicio’s Parenting as he reads to Chacha.

Jose: Moreover, it boosts Alejandro’s Wellness when he practices yoga but not while he meditates.
Alejandro: Don’t forget that we still need more Experimental Food Photos!

Mariko: I continue still trying hard to be useful!
I’ve sorted out all our crystals and metals. (We’re still missing 2 crystals.)
I’m sending all the duplicates to the Geo Council to fill out our elements collection.

Dango: The three of us start on our fourth and last aspiration, Social Butterfly.
Uncle Alejandro invites over his son and some adults for us to meet.

Chacha: We’ve all maxed Social so I don’t know why becoming friends takes so long!
This is my cousin, Warren Ishikawa, and it takes me hours to befriend him.
Do you think, because he has the mean trait, he’s not being friendly on purpose?

Benicio: When I finish work at 6 pm, I invite the Faust twins over.
Since my girls are busy, I read to Jaxton Faust for an hour.
He’s squeamish so we should try to finish our fish collection sooner rather than later.

Dango: I can’t believe how quickly Edamame befriended Jaxton at Desert Bloom Park last week!
With me, he alternates being bored or embarrassed. What’s his problem?

Chacha: I’m having the same problem, Dango!
This is Isaiah Mahoney who I met last week at Desert Bloom Park.
I have NOT been repeating socials but he still finds our convo tedious!  Ugh!


Edamame: It takes me until 5 am to complete Social Butterfly!
My adult friends are Auntie Filly Sharebear and our nanny.
My child friends are Warren Ishikawa, Isaiah Mahoney, and Elektra Faust.

Sherilee: Dango and Chacha continue with Social Butterfly after we get their birthday notices.
Around 9 am, I finally complete Bodybuilder.
Who needs weightlifting and the protein plate when we’ve got the climbing treadmill?

Benicio: Alejandro and I have stuck close to Papa since last night.
Besides my Level 6 Singing, we have only four more unique skills left.

Chacha still needs a child friend and two adult friends; Dango needs one child friend.
But we’re going to cut our losses now. One birthday party coming up!

Alejandro: Why do I have to be the one who plays a musical instrument for an hour?
Benicio: Because Papa’s cooking, Chacha’s a birthday girl, and the entertainer we hired never showed up.

Chacha: I’m the first to blow out my birthday candles!
To my Glutton trait, I add the Creative trait and Renaissance Sim aspiration.

I’m the only remotely artistic triplet among us and will definite master a ton of skills!
My aspiration can’t be completed until my next birthday, but I can start pre-skilling!
And I may not have the founder’s green eyes, but I’m a redhead!
If you believe that the arts, music, and red hair are essential, vote for me!

Dango: I’m the middle sister, so I cake up next.
To my Genius trait, I add the Vegetarian trait and Super Parent aspiration.
Until my next birthday, though, I can’t do any pre-skilling of my Parenting skill.
Still, I can learn mentor-able-skills to teach the Gen4 children!

If Gen3 tries the “Have had/adopted 10 children in one generation” project, I’ll make the perfect heir or, at least, the perfect cadet!
Furthermore, there are multiple Sharebear legacies; they don’t all need to have redheaded heirs!

Edamame: To my Glutton trait, I add the Kleptomaniac trait and Chief of Mischief aspiration.
If I were a dog, I’d have the Troublemaker trait! But I’m not and I don’t!

I’m way ahead of my sisters with my Level 7 Mischief!
I know you’re looking at me and thinking I’m not the best mother material.
But my aspiration is the best match for the Faust twins’ Public Enemy aspiration.
If Gen3 does “Have had/adopted 10 children in one generation,” I can still ace that with the right cadet!

Benicio: Here are my girls in their party outfits!
In view of their traits and aspiration, I imagine their astrological signs as follows:
Chacha/Sagittarius (Fire): optimistic, loves learning, adventurous, a tad flighty;
Dango/Taurus (Earth): loves security/stability, grounded, patient, stubborn; and
Edamame/Scorpio (Water): charismatic, loyal, intense, vengeful.

Benicio: My gluttonous wife, chowing down with her two gluttonous daughters.
I have three great traits, but Chacha and Edamame end up as gluttons. *sighs

Sherilee: Chacha tells a joke to satisfy a party goal.
Jose has dyed his hair and is looking as handsome as ever.

Sherilee: Dango and Edamame remain two peas in a pod in terms of their looks.
But their personalities are as different as day and night.

Benicio: We earn a gold medal for our party without having to make a single toast!

Mario: How are we supposed to sing karaoke with these bulky gloves?
Luigi: I know, right? It looks like we’re not even holding microphones!

Princess Peach: Excuse me, but could you two explain something to me?
I guessed that Mario and Luigi were Italians, but I never knew they were Sicilians.

Mario: Oh yeah, Luigi and I trace our ancestry back to 14th-century Sicilian nobility.
Luigi: Um, yeah. Waaaaay back! *nods

Sherilee: Stop staring into space, Luigi! And Mario, stop yakking with me.
You two need to get with the program! Look, even Tetsu and Princess Peach joined in!

Luigi: Bbbuuutt, I can’t read the signs! What do they say?
Mario: Oh puhleeze, Luigi! You should be ashamed of yourself! They’re written in Sicilian!

Luigi: Okay, okay, but I still can’t read them! What’s the message?
Mario (looks over his shoulder): Take it away, cousin!

Mysterious Sicilian: It’s a Sicilian Message.
It means that it’s time for you to vote for the Gen3 heir!
Please take your best guess and vote for either Mario, Luigi, or Princess Peach.



Legacy score: 52 points (same as last time)

Custom Content
Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach costumes by Cepzid Creations (Tumbler)


Please Vote for the Gen3 Heir! 

Please help choose the third-generation heir and cadet!
• The selected heir will remain in the legacy house and bring in the fourth generation with her future Faust spouse.
• The cadet will also remain to support the heir whiling striving to complete a new career and new aspiration.
• One of the downsides to having three heir candidates is that the heir candidate with the least votes will move out shortly after the triplets’ young adult birthday.
• The heir will marry a Faust sibling with the Public Enemy aspiration.

Chacha: I won’t be able to finish Renaissance Sim until my young adult birthday, but that’s fine! I’ll just have to start skilling right away!
Dango: I’m even worse off than Chacha since I can’t even do any pre-skilling for Super Parent!
Edamame: I’m already Mischief 7, so I’ll have  way more bonus and reward traits than both of you by our young adult birthday.

Traits: Glutton, Creative, Vegetarian
Teen aspiration: Renaissance Sim (can’t complete until YA)
Teen career: Barista
Possible YA career: Entertainer/Musician
Due to her Creative trait, Chacha would work also work well in the Critic, Patron of the Arts, or Chef career. Since she’s a Renaissance Sim, though, I thought she could learn multiple instruments.
If she’s chosen as heir, she would definitely become an Art Critic.

Traits: Genius, Vegetarian, Art Lover
Teen aspiration: Super Parent (can’t start until YA)
Teen career: Manual Labor
Possible YA career: Astronaut/Space Ranger or Tech Guru/Start-Up Entrepreneur
I’m inclined to exploit her Genius trait by having her complete a Focused-mood career.
But if she’s chosen as heir or cadet, she’s probably better off as a stay-at-home Super Parent or with a City Living career.

Traits: Glutton, Kleptomaniac, Ambitious
Teen aspiration: Chief of Mischief
Teen career: Babysitter
Possible YA career: Criminal/The Oracle
With her traits and aspiration, The Oracle seems the perfect choice.
If she’s chosen as heir, however, she might join Social Media/Internet Celebrity instead.

To vote, please click here to go to the survey on an external site.

(And, yes, the whole “Sicilian Message” thing is absurd, but I’d recently rewatched the Godfather series.)

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