SB 2.14: Hustle & Bustle

This updates features no dream sequences, no crazy costumes, nor other nonsense of that nature.
The household simply gets down to business with only a week to go until the triplets become young adults.


A Sharebear Legacy/Gen 2, Benicio Sharebear

Week 6/Thursday

Edamame: It must feel nice to be likable like my perfect sisters.
Chacha has been excused from earning the Bad Manners or Argumentative trait.
She just does her Renaissance thing.
Dango, future Super Parent, has been doing homework and writing in her journal all day.

Edamame: Meanwhile, I’m still being expected to become Insensitive. Seems pretty unfair to me!
I’ve been spamming mischief and mean socials ever since the Humor & Hijinks Festival.
My Empathy bar has barely budged!
But I do homework only 3-4 times and my Responsibility soars!

There has to be a better way to earn negative Empathy! *puts on thinking cap

Mariko: I’ve been working so hard in the garden and our collections lately!
But Benicio tells me that what I really need to be doing is stuffing myself.
Is this some kind of joke? I’m a glutton! That’s what I do!

Edamame: Sociable creature that I am, I invite the elderly Sofia Bjergsen over to share quality time together.

Though I use all all my best mean and mischievous lines, she doesn’t get enraged.
Is that because of her Cheerful trait?
No matter! I’m making serious progress on Chief of Mischief!

I can’t persuade Sofia to drink more than one Red Hot Serum, so I summon the Big Guns.
Grandma only convinces her to drink a second Red Hot Serum, but not a third. Phooey!

Edamame: Sofia is now officially enraged, but then so am I!
However, I’m banking on the fact that teens can’t die emotional deaths.
*mutters: You better be right about that, Watcher!


It’s well past midnight when I get bored of arguing with Sofia.
For one thing, I still haven’t finished my homework!

I’d asked Grandma to upgrade the SimRay earlier so I mind-control Sofia to eat.
Bet you’ve been wondering what that table and chair are doing there….bwahahahaha!!!

Grim: What kind of sordid scene is this? Can anyone explain what’s going on here?
Sherilee: Actually, I was busy opening VoidCritter booster packs, so I wasn’t an eye-witness.
I do know that Edamame had been trying “liberate” Sofia by anger or pufferfish since yesterday.

Grim: Why’s this woodworking table in the middle of the room?
Sherilee: Oh that! Edamame started an angry sculpture but had to leave for school.
It looks like Sofia wet herself and died in her own puddle, doesn’t it?
Doesn’t that yellow ghost form mean she died of embarrassment?

Grim: I have no idea! You’ll have to hope she appears as a ghost in a few days.
Then you can “Ask what happened.” *rolls eyes

Sherilee: On the plus side, I complete the VoidCritter collection just minutes before work!

Jose: Hey, Mariko, great job with the garden!
That elderberry bush you spliced is now producing perfect-quality basil and tomatos!
Mariko: Yay! *continues eating an entire cake by herself

Jose: Preparing Minestrone with perfect basil and tomatoes earns us another Food point.

Dango: Grandma Sherilee had started collecting Plushies early this morning.
But it’s evening by the time Uncle Alejandro, Edamame, and I complete it.

Dango: You’re probably thinking that we’re incredibly lucky to finish 2 collections in one day.
Chalk it up to our founder’s sheer determination!
Uncle Alejandro, Eda, and I only opened holiday crackers for 3-4 hours.

But the majority of those duplicates? That was all the work of Grandma Sherilee.
And we ran out of room to take them all out of our inventories!
*enters Build mode, selects the foundation, and deletes all the duplicates in a flash

Jose: I’ve started Painter Extraordinaire for the Expressionistic trait.
I want to make some emotional sculptures without needing to be angry or playful.

Benicio: I joined the Interstellar Smuggler branch today and I’m still learning comedy.
First singing and now comedy? Why am I stuck with the skills our watcher hates?
Because you work fewer days a week than your brother Alejandro, that’s why.

Chacha: I’m the only triplet who’s gone to work so far.
But why was I “On vacation” from school today?
Sherilee: Who knows? Your sisters earned A’s in school today, Chacha dear, but you can catch up.
I’ll even help you with your project!
Chacha: Yeah right! I know you’re just working on your Super Parent aspiration, Grandma.

Benicio: On your left is Mariko when she moved into our house.
The right photo was taken tonight.
We’re claiming another Food point for Mariko getting fat from our family’s cooking!

Sherilee: Oh goodie! You can also test my Slimify Serums, Mariko!


After midnight, I max Mischief and earn the Problem Child achievement! Go me!
But have I maxed negative Empathy after so many hours of effort! Not even close!
Bah, I’m still only about 50% done! You’d think becoming Insensitive would be easier, right?

Benicio: And I’ve finally mastered Comedy, people!
I think this calls for a celebration at The Jungle Restaurant!

Benicio: Mama ages up to an elder while we’re waiting for our table.
Until that moment, I hadn’t realized that she’s covered with red splotches. Oh dear!

Sherilee: I keep forgetting to test my serums, but I offer chubby Mariko a Slimify.
And it doesn’t work. Oh well, I’ll try making more when we get home.

Edamame: I slip away while our meals are being prepared to clog my first drain.
Why is there a shower in the diners’ bathroom?

Benicio: Sorry about ordering you the Vanilla Sea Shells and Chocolate Caviar, Dango!
I hadn’t expected any of the desserts to be non-vegetarian!
Dango: No worries, Papa. *gags
I’ll just leave for work feeling Very Uncomfortable… *staggers off

Edamame: We make two more stops on the way home so I can clog drains and finish Chief of Mischief.

Chacha: Um, I’m the creative triplet, Mama. Why am I learning Handiness?
Sherilee: First of all, Handiness is a crucial skill that every sim should know!
Mostly though, Dango and Edamame are busy but I want to level my Parenting by mentoring.
Chacha: Okay, but you owe me for this!

Dango: After work, I visit Sixam for the first time with Eda, Papa, and Uncle Alejandro.
There, I find and polish the missing geode in our collection. Yay!

Watchette asks me to introduce myself to this female alien.
Initially, I believe Watchette wants to promote interplanetary relations.
In truth, Watchette wants us to “eliminate” this alien for custom-content theft…

Jose: Well, dear Sherilee, we are both elders now.
Sherilee: Yes, we can dye our hair but we can’t alter our lifespan.

Jose: Have you been happy, Sherilee? Is this the life you wanted?
Sherilee: Yes, Jose, absolutely.
If I were given another chance, I would go find you and do everything the same.
Well, everything except that botched-up debacle with Sofia Bjergsen!

Jose: All things considered, I think you and I have gotten a lot done in our time!
Sherilee: Agreed. Benicio’s been doing a great job. I’m just a little worried about Gen3…


Legacy score: 56 points (+4 points)
Food (+2)/Mariko gets fat from family’s cooking;
Jose makes Minestrone with perfect-quality Tomato & Basil
Nature (+1)/9 collections (+ Voidcritters, Plushies, Experimental Food Photos, and Geodes)
Deviance (+1)/55 Potions of Youth on lot

If you haven’t already, please cast your vote for the Generation 3 heir! Pretty please?
For more information about each of the three heir candidates, return to the end of the previous update: 2.13: It’s a Sicilian Message (+Heir Vote).
To vote, please click here to go to the survey on an external site.

Sharebears 2.15: Sofia’s Choice

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