TD 6.45: Infalli-Bull

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen6, Bull LeeWeek 31/Thursday

Bull: I can’t tell you how happy I am for this free day!
Look at Paize Lee’s happy face! The kids’ needs stay in the green because they’re not relying on me alone as their caregiver.

Ramiro: I make some strides with Successful Lineage.
Not enough to buy any reward traits.
But spending time with our kids is reward enough.

Bull: I buy Ramiro a basketball court and hoop.
His form looks mighty flawless to me.

Iconica: Paize Lee maxed Imagination with her father just now.
Guacamo just needs a little more. There you go, little man!

Considering Iconica’s many talents, she has not been much help to Bull at all.
However, since she and Unru are younger than Ralph, moving them here will vacate Granada Place a little faster.

Bull: Of course, the new basketball court is like a magnet!
Mama, Auntie Unru, and Deft immediately change to sportswear and try making a beeline to the court.
Oh no, you don’t! You’ve barely helped me since moving in! No basketball for you!
Unru: Yeah, yeah. So I insta-upgrade the observatory then go tend the garden. *sighs

Deft: Bull convinces me that I should first get my breakthroughs done for work.
Next, mastering Logic helps me complete my Nerd Brain aspiration.
After that, I switch to Freelance Botanist just for the heck of it.

Ramiro: And while Guacamo and Paize hone their Motor skills…

I manage to master Fitness just as I sprain my ankle. Go figure.

By the way, I’m assuming that Bull knows what he’s doing.
Deft and I mastering skills on a free day means more work for Bull, doesn’t it?
Where’s Bull been, anyway?


Bull: I have attained enlightenment into the nature of free days.
It isn’t called that because we are free of earning or losing points. Not at all.
It means that the founder/heir is free of the burden of taking care of the entire household.

I’ve remained ensconced in this room, listening to music and writing novels.
Let everyone else handle the childcare, gardening, cleaning, and cooking for a change!

Bull: I notice Scamp whimpering and give him some love.
Scamp: Oh cool! I haven’t had a companion since your grandfather Jet!
Bull: Hang in there, Scamp! Guacamo will be a teen in another two weeks or so.

The free day has been over for several hours now. Dang, I really needed that break!
And, with everyone’s help, the toddlers will become Happy Toddlers in a few days!

By the way, after leveling to Vet 4 during the free day, I reach Vet 5 this afternoon. (1 point)

When I mail back this authenticated artifact, our household funds exceed $140,000.
We started at $20k so that’s the fourth $30k increment. (3 points)

Deft: I return home with a promotion to Scientist 6! (4 points)
Bull tries to “Discuss cognitive focusing exercises” with me, hoping I’ll use the observatory.
But I foil him by not making any breakthroughs at all tonight.

Bull: I’m probably earning points too fast but I go ahead and become good friends with Duran Duran.
Argirimo is a stay-at-home dad who’s a clumsy, gluttonous snob. (5 points)
His teen son Ricardo works as a retail employee; he’s good and childish. (6 points)

Scamp: Are you thinking of moving these two into the Delgato House?
Bull: Yes, if the timing works out. What do you think of them?
Scamp: They seem okay, but I hope Ricardo’s third trait will be Dog-Lover or Active!


Guacamo surprises me today by climbing upstairs to eat his breakfast.
I briefly consider moving the toddlers’ beds back upstairs.
But no, life is easier for me if the their hub of activities remains downstairs.

And speaking of an easier life, I hire a gardener. (5 points)

Unru: Ouch, my back!
If I’d known my body would feel this worn out, I ‘d have quit my job on the last free day!

Bull: By the way, I want to thank you and Mama for repairing the two broken showers.
Unru: Huh?  We never repaired any showers.
Bull: Thanks for the confession! Aren’t you ashamed?. You both have maxed Handiness, too!
What’s the point of that if you don’t, you know, make any repairs?
Unru: Harrrumph, whatev! I’m gonna party like it’s my birthday! *dances the cabbage patch

Ramiro: Thanks for congratulating me on my promotion, Scamp! (6 points)

Scamp: It’s such a great night for a walk, Bull! What are you so worked up about?
Bull: Ugh, it’s Mama and Auntie Unru. They’re driving me crazy!
I’m insane and evil–don’t they realize how hard it’s been for me to keep our household together?
And yet they spend their free time doing nothing but watching romance TV and playing video games.

Scamp: So, the fact that they’re so skilled yet sit around doing nothing bothers you?
Bull: I guess I just didn’t expect them to be so useless. Mama’s maxed so many skills!

Scamp: Well, you, Deft, and Ramiro have mastered most of the mentor-able skills already.
But you should learn one of the musical instruments, Bull! Just my two cents!

Week 32/Sunday

Thank you, brother Deft, for playing with Paize Lee!

Bull: Hmmm, that’s odd! Vlad appears in my contacts list as my offspring but not as a vampire. What’s up?
Of course, the second I step into his house, he transforms.
Alrighty, then.

Bull: Hey, this dark form is better than your original one, don’t you think?
Vlad: Eh, up to now, I like that black-leather YMCA look that your grandfather Jet gave me.
But this one’s got hair at least, so I’ll take it!

Bull: Before returning home, I even make a new good friend! (7 points)

Guacamo Lee masters Communication! (9 points)
I’m going to miss my little mini-Ramiro after his birthday tomorrow!


Deft: Bull, you never cease to amaze me! When you did you get so good at the violin?
Bull: Thanks, Deft! I’m going to stop at Level 9, though, before our free day.

Mama: Yes, you sound amazing, Bull.
Bull: Uh, Mama, I’m going to change your sleepwear when the toddlers age up.
It’s tacky of you to be waltzing around my clubmates in your sleepwear 24/7.
I’ll just be giving you everyday clothes for your sleepwear, okay?

A little past noon, I earn another level in my designated skill. (10 points)
We start our third free day several hours before the toddlers age up to children.

No makeovers for the kids, though, until Auntie Unru and Deft get home from work.
Tune in next time to see how our little rascals age up!

Free Day #3 (10 points)
Designated skill (2): Veterinarian 5-6
Promotions (2): Ramiro/Athlete 4, Deft/Scientist 6
Good friends (3): Argimiro Duran, Ricardo Duran, another sim
Household funds (2) +$30,000
Maxed skill (2): Guacamo/Communication
NPC hires (-1): Gardener x1

TD 6.46: How I’m Da Boss

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