Sharebears 2.15: Sofia’s Choice

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen2, Benicio Sharebear

Week 5/Saturday

Sherilee: Much happens today!
A future generation will be running a vet clinic in Sable Square no doubt, so we buy Tail’s End as our retail lot.
To serve as our museum, we build this large but simple structure right away.

Sherilee: I hastily move most of our completed–and a few in-progress–collections into the museum.
For $60k, you’d think we’d end up with a snazzier museum, right?
But it will do. I quickly snatch up the metals and crystals we’ll need to complete our elements collection!
Then, I return home just in time for Edamame to prepare for her part-time job.

Edamame: Dango and I both have weekend jobs, so it’s today and tomorrow or nothing!
And off I go for the first night of my Babysitter gig!

Jose: I’ve already painted the portraits of all three of my lovely granddaughters!
Life in this household will surely be crazy after their young adult birthdays.
So we’re planning ahead!

Chacha: You sure spend a lot of time with me, Grandma. You must like me the best, huh?
Sherilee: To be honest, you’re the only one not working on a third character value, honey.

Chacha: Oh, so you leave Dango and Eda to do the “real work,” then you use me to boost your Parenting?
Sherilee: It’s not all that bad, Chacha. Look! You’re in range for the Responsible trait now. You’re welcome!

Mariko: After much unappreciated labor at the cloning machines, I buy myself an Insta-Lean potion.
Sherilee: Um, you do realize that’s the only potion you’ve bought so far, right?

Sherilee: I hear word from our watcher about the Faust twins’ role in our legacy.
Since I’d never met either of them before, I invite them over to get to know them.

It’s good to see that you and Elektra are teens, too, Jaxton!
Jaxton: Yes, ma’am. I’m now a squeamish loner who aspires to become a Super Parent.
Sherilee: Super Parent’s great but a loner might have a tough time in a big family like ours.

Sherilee: It’s nice to finally meet you, Elektra. You’ve grown up into an elegant young lady.
Elektra: Why, thank you! I’m a geeky art lover who aspires to become a Mansion Baron.
Sherilee: That’s certainly an interesting pair of traits.

Sherilee: So, how do you like high school, dear?
Elektra: I absolutely hate it! I’m constantly needing to pretend, hiding how I really feel inside!

Sherilee: Uh, pretending to be what and hiding what feelings, exactly?
Elektra: I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but you’re the first one to ask me how I like high school.

Sherilee: Well, you and Jaxton are practically family already. Of course I’m interested in your well-being.
Now, go ahead and tell me what’s going on.
Elektra: Mysteriously, I feel I can trust you with my secret: I’m a boy trapped in a girl’s body!

Sherilee: Hmmm, let’s see what we can do about that…

Sherilee: Well, what do you think?
Elektro: Wow, I like everything about my “change,” except the name. You named me after that 1930’s robot?

Sherilee: Not intentionally, but I wanted to respect your original name, you know?
You’ll be fine! If any school kids tease you, just ignore them. Better yet, smack them across the head.

Jose: Great job on maxing the eSport Gamer career, son!
Where shall we place your new gaming rig?

Sherilee: So now we have two spouse prospects instead of just Jaxton, hehe.
Benicio: Yeah, we’re just waiting to see which one has three unique traits!
I’m still rather partial to Jaxton, but that Loner trait…

Jose: They’re both very handsome and they both aged up with great aspirations!
Sherilee: But whoever moves in, we’ll be switching their aspiration to their original one: Public Enemy.

Benicio: Congrats on maxing Babysitter in one shift, Edamame! *starts secret handshake
Edamame: And folks think making trouble is all I’ve got going for me! *adds a dap

Well, back to trolling teh forums and being disliked by a fourth sim.
If our watcher wants the Insensitive trait, I shall deliver!

Week 6/Sunday

Benicio: We’re only missing three elements now!
Mariko discovers one while practicing analysis on the chemical analyzer.
Meanwhile, I’m trying out the “Extract element” interaction on my archaeology table.
It takes several tries but I finally extract an Plumbobus element from a Plumite crystal!

Edamame is working on The Curator, so let’s hope she gets the last element.

Dango: I may look utterly bored to you but I’m jumping up and down on the inside.
I’ll be a young adult by next weekend, so today was my last day to max this teen career!
Phew! Now I can go rela…uh, I can go volunteer with my mother.

Alejandro: Thanks, Mariko! That’s the last cowplant essence we needed.
Mariko: I mean, I’ve been devoured by the cowplant before, so I don’t mind that part.
But did you have to boot me from the legacy club and walk in on me on the loo?

Alejandro: Sssshhh! Maybe I should have let Benicio handle this?
Anyway, thanks for the Essence of Embarrassed! *slinks away unflirtily

Jose: Since Alejandro maxed his career last night, I hop, skip, and jump to finish Successful Lineage!
By the way, watcher, why are we working so hard to earn points so early on?

Oh, this is just how I played my first legacy. I try to get all the easier points up front.
When we’re done with most of the micro-managing, we’ll have more time to spend all on story later. 

Edamame: My second attempt at a death by cardiac arrest. This time I’ve invited a hotheaded elder.
She’s been enraged for hours now. What am I doing wrong, Watcher?
Um, I don’t know, Edamame. I’ve never tried having a teen instigate a death by cardiac arrest.
You’ve been arguing with her for a while now, eh?

Edamame: No kidding! Another day of this and I’d earn the Argumentative trait!

Sherilee: We’re still uncertain about Sofia Bjergsen’s cause of death.
Did she die from cardiac arrest, embarrassment, or pufferfish poisoning?
I’d read on the official forum that we can ask a ghost “What happened?” to learn how they died.
So I start shedding crocodile tears at Sofia’s gravestone around 11:30 pm.


Sherilees: A little past midnight, Sofia unexpectedly arrives right beside me in front of her gravestone.
Sofia: Gee, thanks for mourning my death! *rolls eyes

Sherilee: Why don’t I have an option to ask you how you died, Sofia?
Sofia: Well, you can always wait until you have an opening and invite me into your lovely home.
A household ghost always displays its cause of death in its Simology panel, you know.

Sherilee: Oh, actually, that won’t be necessary. I can see all the proof I need.

Sofia: You’re sounding pretty sure of yourself there, Sherilee.
Sherilee: Yep, I’d bet my bottom dollar that you died from pufferfish poisoning.
Mystery solved!

Chacha: Work this morning didn’t go well but I bring home an A from my first day of high school.
Thanks, Grandma, for helping me with those two school projects!

I also get the mail, which includes the Geo Council’s package of elements for Edamame.

Alejandro: As for that hotheaded elder, Edamame argues with her for 15 hours in vain.
Benicio: Yeah, I don’t understand how she could be enraged that long without having a heart attack!

Edamame: Just great. So what should I do now? I have better things to do than spending another 15 hours with her!
Alejandro: I suggest we trap her in a room outdoors with all that angry stuff.
Edamame: Eh, she’ll probably die of old age just to spite me!

Chacha: I feel so behind Dango and Edamame now.
They’ve both maxed their part-time jobs already! I’ve worked two shifts but I’m not making any progress.
And I only have two 2-hour shifts left! Someone else will need to complete the barista career, I’m sad to say!

Also, Dango and Eda will earn 3 character value traits each on our birthday in two days.
We’ll all earn Responsible and Good Manners, but Dango’s getting Compassionate and Edamame, Insensitive.
Seems like negative traits take forever!

If only I’d worked on a unique third trait!
Anyway, I’ve got 1-1/2 days to think of how I can make a unique contribution to our legacy!


Legacy score: 57 points (+1 point)
Athletic (+1)/55 maxed aspirations

The vote for the third-generation heir will close on Thursday morning.

SB 2.6: Never Can Say Goodbye

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