SB 2.6: Never Can Say Goodbye

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen2, Benicio Sharebear

Week 7/Tuesday

Benicio: I sent you off to work 30 minutes ago! What were you doing?
Chacha: Um, I just wanted to show Mama a cat video on my phone.
Benicio: It’s only a two-hour shift, Chacha. I bet your performance drops today.

Dango: Meanwhile, I discover the last two missing microscope prints!

Chacha: Eh, Papa was wrong! My performance bar didn’t drop but it didn’t rise much.
I think it’s time to use my once-in-a-lifetime wish at the Wishing Well.

The legacy rules permit each sim a one-time-only use of the Wishing Well.

Chacha: Okay, I receive a guaranteed promotion at the end of my shift tomorrow.
I mean, I would have preferred an instant promotion but I’ll take it.

Alejandro: I’ve switched to the Entertainer career, hoping to complete the Joke Star aspiration.
Since I have the Connections reward, I’m already Level 4 and only need one promotion.
Come on, Wishing Well, give me a guaranteed promotion at least!
Instead, my performance bar plunges to the very bottom. Ugh!
So much for Joke Star! *switches to Best-Selling Author instead

And, yes, I’m very bulky after completing Bodybuilder two nights ago.
But thanks to Edamame’s “guest,” nobody can enter CAS these days.

Sherilee: Watcher, you’ve been whining about how long Bowling takes to level.
Have you even stopped to admire Benicio’s impeccable form?

What level are you now, Benicio? Level 6?
Benicio: Nah, Bowling is a five-level skill. I mastered it several hours ago already. A strike!

Alejandro: How long has Edamame’s guest been here anyway?
Sherilee: Edamame invited her over Sunday night so it’s been two days now.
Benicio: Why doesn’t she get hungry already?

Edamame: Around 10 pm, while I’m checking up on our guest, Dango finds the last Space Print.
Dango: Of course, I do! I’m this family’s only geek! I should go look for Zombie Carl !


Dango: I’ve been looking all over for you, Chacha. We all want to congratulate you on maxing Barista!
Chacha: But I didn’t get a promotion today, Dango. *sobs
Dango: What happened, sis? You left for work on time with a guaranteed promotion!
Chacha: I know, right? But I received that “Brew it or blend it?” chance card and made the wrong choice.
My performance suffered a medium loss,  so I didn’t get promoted.

Dango: Don’t take it so hard, girl. You’ve mastered how many skills already? You’re amazing!

Sherilee: It’s so great sleeping in for a change! I’m going to skip work today!
Jose: Why haven’t you retired yet?
Sherilee: I don’t know. I keep thinking I have things left to do with my science equipment.

Jose: Well, since you’re taking the day off, may I suggest that we spend the day together?
We’ve done enough skilling and we have enough Potions of Youth for now, too.

Chacha: Thanks to Dango’s pep talk, I’m feeling so much better now.
It’s not the end of the world, after all!
I have good news to share, too! I’m close to earning the Emotional Control trait!

Jose: I received my second notice last night, Sherilee. I don’t know how much time’s left.
Sherilee: I’d heard that news from the boys, Jose.

Jose: Since you’re off, would you spend the day with me? I’d like to complete Soulmates.

Sherilee: Look at us, sitting around in our jammies in the afternoon like old folks!
Jose: Seriously, is there anything else you’d rather be doing?
Sherilee: I can’t help feeling a little sad, though.

Sherilee: You doing okay, old man? We’ve been woohooing at the end of a half a dozen dates…
Jose: Trust me. If I get dangerously fatigued, you’ll be the first to know.

Sherilee: Thank you for the best day of my life.
Jose: Hey, that’s my line!

Jose: When I’m gone, this is how I want you to remember me.
Sherilee: Don’t talk like that. I’m just a day and a half behind you!

Meanwhile, somesim else is not having one of their “best days”…
Edamame: How can she still be alive? It’s been 72 hours since she arrived here!
Alejandro: I have no idea! But we really need to try something else!

Benicio: I fully agree! The triplets got their birthday notices already tonight.
And Mama’s second notice from Grim should arrive early tomorrow. We have to end this!


Mariko: But why do I have to move out, Benicio? What did I do wrong? Are you breaking up with me?
Benicio: Nothing like that, Mariko. Just move in with the Delgatos. Don’t worry, others will be joining you soon.

Alejandro: So what’s the plan, Edamame?
Edamame: She’s hotheaded but she’s also a goofball, so I thought… *whispers
Sherilee: Seeing as I have maxed charisma, I’ll go ask Alisha Friend to move in.

Alisha: Bwahahaha, that movie on TV was so funny, I can barely breathe! Ack!

Edamame: What’s taking you so long, Grim? Why you just standing there?
Grim: Eh, legacy sims and their stupid door-less rooms!
Don’t you realize I need some time to summon my teleportation power?

Edamame: I’m gonna post this cool shot of you to Simstagram, Grim! You da boss!
Grim: Hey thanks! Most sims don’t even appreciate how hard it is to look this good!
Edamame: No kidding! Look how only the blade of your scythe is outside the room!

Grim: Tough break with the death by cardiac arrest. So how many death types you got now?
Edamame: This is the seventh. How could she have been Enraged so long without dying? Grrrr!

Chacha: Thanks to Edamame’s friend who wouldn’t die, I get another shot at the Barista career this morning.
Benicio: I’m glad you didn’t quit your job yesterday, Chacha.
Chacha: And risk losing my progress toward the Responsible trait? Not on your life!

Sherilee: Excellent work, Chacha! This legacy’s officially done with teen careers!

Sherilee: Hey, what do you girls think you’re doing?
Edamame: Um, playing Party Frenzy before school? We still have 30 minutes…
Benicio: Stop that! C’mon over to your birthday cakes right now and age up!

Chacha: So the next chapter begins the reign of the third-generation heir?
Benicio: Yes, the next heir will be announced tomorrow. I can’t believe my time as heir ends today!


Legacy score: 59 (+2 points)

Popularity (+1)/74/60 medal points
Deviance (+1)/80/80 Potions of Youth on the lot

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