TD 6.46: How I’m Da Boss

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen6, Bull Lee

Week 32/Monday

Bull: Oh, so our watcher finally remembers us again!
Since we last met, we’d started our third free day 4-5 hours before the kids’ birthdays.
Ramiro: You missed our kids blowing out their candles!
They’re both Happy Toddlers and Artistic Prodigies.

Bull: Our next heir, Guacamo Lee, is a perfectionist.
Ramiro: Paize Lee is the daughter we adopted. She’s active like me.

Bull: Do y’all remember Mario Bello?
He’s the neat, erratic bro who lives across the street from Granada Place.
Well, I invited him over and cured him of vampirism. We’d eyed him as the spouse for the Gen8 heir.
But I’ve since found a better spouse prospect for my future grand-daughter!

Scamp: Another short dog walk in Brindleton Bay, working as intended. Thanks Unru!


I’m upstairs writing a novel when it happens.

My transformation results in one of the ugliest dark forms I’ve ever seen!
It’s like Bon Jovi meets Granite Falls.
That camper hat really spoils everything! It’s not even color-coordinated!

Oh, did I neglect to mention that I’d stopped by Caleb’s home after turning Vlad on Sunday?
Caleb wouldn’t even turn me until we became good friends!
Apparently, he’s upset about not becoming the Gen8 spouse!
As if he hasn’t appeared in enough stories already.

I dunno. It’s a pretty cute look for me, except for the dumb cap.
If I weren’t in such a rush, I’d try losing the cap to see what I’d look like.
By the way, I get Vampire Creation too late to turn Ricardo Duran who’s already left for school.

Argimiro Duran: So my son Ricardo and I will be moving into a lovely home in Brindleton Bay?
Then either I or Ricardo would marry your future grand-daughter?
See me wishing that my childish, good son gets a lousy third trait?
Does that make me a bad father?

Vlad is back!
He contacted me once soon after Caleb turned me Sunday night.
And today, after I turned Argimiro, Vlad contacted me again with more info.
I’m proud of reinstating Vlad! Newborn vampires need some guidance!

Things are as they should be. The Lees won’t be messing with Vlad anymore (probably).

I’ve cured myself well before the end of our free day.
In case I couldn’t cure myself in time, I’d been prepared to take a 10-point loss.
I’m very glad I won’t need to.

Paize Lee completes Artistic Prodigy before the free day ends.
Because Guacamo’s a Perfectionist, Guacamo doesn’t finish until after the free day. (2 points)
I max Violin around the same time. (4 points)

Ramiro leaves for work while Guacamo and I play chess.
Our son continues to resemble Ramiro a lot.

Iconica: The power of custom-content hair that never greys!
I age up to an elder but, except for my slouch, you could hardly tell!
Oh, you’re home already, Ramiro! Congrats on your promotion! (5 points)


Scamp: Life’s best when Scamp is free to hang out with me!
I eat home-cooked gourmet dog food and we explore our neighborhood togther.
How I’m da boss!

In other news, Bull earns another $30K in household funds (7) then hires a butler and a caterer. (5 points)

Bull: Whoooaaaa, that’s your new career uniform? It’s a bit too revealing, don’t you think?
Ramiro: I thought you’d like it, Bull.
Bull: As a stay-at-home dad, I’m not comfortable thinking of you flaunting your body like that at work!

Ramiro: Stop worrying about me, dodo. I’m unflirty, remember?
But I’d be just as happy staying home with you instead of working, Bull.
Bull: Yeah, you could quit during our next free day! But, um, can we keep that outfit?

Bull: Happy birthday, Ramiro! I’d like to invite you out on a romantic date tonight.
But would you mind terribly if I invite everyone to a family outing instead?
Ramiro: Of course not, but I’m taking a raincheck on that date, mister!

Mama is looking elegant with her silvery updo!
That white tuxedo suits Ramiro–we definitely need to go on a formal date next week!
The teen in yellow is Ricardo Duran, possibly my grandson-in-law’s son, haha.

Congrats, Guacamo, on your B grade today! (6 points)
Too bad you didn’t get a B, Paize, but that’s what happens when you’re late for school!


Bull: My brother Deft earns a promotion to Scientist 7 this evening. (7 points)
Soon after, a fire erupts at the garlic plant near the incense burner. (5 points)

I confirm the tragic truth that floor-placed incense burners are no longer fail-safe.
Notice my hero Ramiro extinguishing the fire before I can say “Freeze Ray.”

Bull: You need to finish this project tonight, Guacamo!
Since you have a B and tomorrow’s Friday, you’ve a great chance of finishing Whiz Kid this weekend.

Guacamo: Okay, I’m working very carefully, but I’m just a lowly uncontrolled sim.
If I get distracted and wander away, will you finish this project for me?


Bull: Do you remember Finn Anand? He’s Grandpa Jet’s love child with Aarohi Anand.
Anyway, Finn became an elder last night so I go looking for new clubmates.
I don’t want to hand over to my son a club filled with elders and unskilled youngsters.

I’m shocked to discover that Finn’s mother Aarohi is still a young adult. Why?!

Guacamo: Today, I bring home an A and Paize brings home a B. (7 points)
Paize: Papa, why does Guacamo get a rainbow and a sun, but I get nothing?

Scamp: So how much longer will you be the heir, Bull?
Bull: I plan to step down when Guacamo becomes a teen in nine more days.
Scamp: I’m really going to miss “us,” you know. We’ve had some great times!

Bull: What are you saying? I’m not going anywhere.
Scamp: Well, Jet and you really loved me, but your mother was too busy for me.
Bull: Don’t worry, Bull! Your life’s just gonna get better and better!


Bull: Ricardo ages up while I’m “interviewing” potential club members.
He’s good, childish, and NEAT!
I’m pretty sure my future grand-daughter will prefer Ricardo to his gluttonous, clumsy snob father.
I’ll have to think about whether Ricardo should be turned during the last free day (by me) or after the last free day (by Guacomo).
Guacamo will also need to max Vampire Lore to cure his future bride.

Incidentally, is it just my imagination or is Aarohi making bedroom eyes at me? Dodgy!

Bull: Good things come in three’s!
Ramiro earns another promotion. He’s now a Professional Bodybuilder. (8 points)

Mama crafts one or two Age-Down Treats every free day.
So when Scamp ages up to an elder today, I immediately give him one of her Age-Down Treats.
(If I weren’t so lazy, I’d count how many days go by between Scamp’s Age-Down Treats.)

While I’m rushing to reach Veterinarian 7 for our tenth point, Guacamo beats me to it!
Our son masters his Mental skill while autonomously doing his homework. (10 points)

How time flies!  It’s 11:30 pm and we’re ready to start our fourth free day!


Free Day #4 (10 points)
Promotions (6):
Career (3): Ramiro/Athlete 5-6, Deft/Scientist 7
School (3): Bull/B & A, Paize/B
Household funds (2): +$30,000
Maxed skill/job/aspiration (6):
Skill (4): Bull/Violin, Guacamo/Mental
Aspiration (2): Guacamo/Artistic Prodigy
NPC hires (-2): Butler x1, Caterer x1
Fire (-2): Once

TD 6.47: Ferdinand?

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