TD 6.47: Ferdinand?

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen6, Bull Lee

Week 33/Sunday

Bull: Our fourth free day ends near midnight tonight.
As usual, I’m here writing novels. I plan to give them to Guaca during the last free day.

He can’t take them with him when he moves out, of course.
But at Writing 3, he can publish them right before moving out.
Plus I’ll be mentoring him so he’ll be close to mastering Writing anyway.
When it comes to simoleons, a new household can use all the help it can get!

Do you mind if I brag a little about Ramiro?
He’s not just a smexy beast. He’s also a loving husband and attentive father.
Not only all that, but he cleans autonomously.

Guacamo and his A grade made quick work of Whiz Kid on Friday, so he’ll soon finish Rambunctious Scamp.
Paize will earn her A later this week to finish Whiz Kid.
She’ll finish Rambunctious Scamp in no time during our last free day, we hope.

I’ve asked all the adults in the house to finish mastering any high-level skills during this free day.
That will let me better control when the last free day begins.
They each mastered at least one skill, with Deft also completing Freelance Botanist.

With over 10k satisfaction points, Deft buys the Never Weary reward.
I wonder how useful that will be for us going forward.

Guacamo: When I start Social Butterfly, I’m surprised how many kids my age are around.
I try playing Don’t Wake the Llama to befriend them but the process is too slow for me.
So I end up befriending three of them one at a time.

Ramiro: I quit my job this afternoon. I’m sure I’ll enjoy chilling at home with Bull.
Mama Iconica and I spend the day checking out the two fishing spots in our hood.

Unru: I’ve spent the day pampering Scamp and playing video games.
Before gaming with me, nephew Deft mentored Paize in logic a bit.

Also, I received my first notice from Grim this morning.
If Ramiro can quit working due to his skimpy work outfit, I can certainly retire because I’m old!

Guacamo: I finish my fourth aspiration near the end of our free day.
For my second adult friend, I pick Ricardo Duran.

Did you hear the news about Grandpa Ralph? He passed away at home last Friday.
Papa immediately retrieved Grandpa’s urn then had Ricardo and his dad move into an empty house.


Iconica: I didn’t know we could play a platform game on the video gaming console.
Unru: Well, I’m Video Gaming 7 so I can. But your only Level 4, so you can’t.
Iconica: Oh, so it’s only available from Level 7! The setting looks so familiar….
Unru: Yep, I read somewhere it’s inspired by Sims 3 World Adventures.

Bull: Brother Deft brings home a promotion this evening to Scientist 8. (1 point)
I take everyone who’s not sleepy with me to Desert Bloom Park for a few hours.

Watcher urges me to introduce myself to this teen named Eden Ray.
Apparently, she’s been around since my great-great grandpa Cirius Lee lived at Yuma Heights.
She’s not a vampire and she’s a music-loving insider, so I invite her to the club for now.


Iconica: This morning, Unru and I dye each other’s hair to a salt-and-pepper shade.
It’s like we’re teens again, giggling and fixing each other’s hair, sharing secrets.
She’s been a comforting presence to me since Ralph passed away.

Unru: I received my second notice today, sis. It won’t be long now.

I master Handiness this morning while upgrading the new dishwasher to Unbreakable. (3 points)
This is only the fourth skill I’ve maxed since moving here three weeks ago.
We’re rich enough to replace anything that breaks and my clubmates are pretty adept at repair by now.
Still, before Guacamo takes over, I’d like to upgrade our most-used appliances to reduce breaking.

Paize: Today, I’m the one wearing the rainbow and sun over my head!
That’s because I bring home an A which also completes my Whiz Kid aspiration. (6 points)

Bull: Finally, a night all to ourselves, Ramiro! And this is a special place for the Lees.
Ramiro: Is that so? Why special?
Bull: My great-great-great-grandmother Liberty Lee and her husband Akira Kibo had their first date here.
Since then, I’m the first Lee heir to bring their spouse here for a date!

Bull: I know I get busy and don’t tell you this every day, Ramiro.
But thanks to you, I’ve never been happier.
I’m erratic and evil–I’d never imagined that I’d have one of this dynasty’s happiest marriages.

Ramiro: And I was just an inconsequential sim who you met in passing at Selvadorada.
And now you and I live with our children and your family in a lovely house in Brindleton Bay.
Life couldn’t be more perfect!

Bull: Yup, all that plus a gold-medal date! (7 points)


Iconica: My sister Unru passed away quietly in our bedroom this afternoon.
By the time I discover she’s gone, all that’s left is an urn.

Bull: Assuming Deft would earn a promotion today, I hire a butler. (6 points)
Deft: I was so close, darn it! Definitely tomorrow!


Bull: “Share Vampire Knowledge” is such a powerful social!
I’ve practically maxed out Guaca’s Vampire Lore without him lifting a finger!
Guaca: I’m Level 14 already!

Paize: Three more days! Just three more days and we’ll be teenagers!
I better go remind Papa to write us excuse notes for school tomorrow!

Oh and Uncle Deft gets promoted to Scientist 9 this evening and the butler stays. (6 points)


Ramiro: The kids are at school, Deft’s at work, and your mother is napping.
Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Bull?
Bull: You quitting your job was the best idea, ever!

Incidentally, we love our current butler! (5 points)
Besides usual butler stuff, she occasionally even mentors Guaca when he plays the violin.

Ramiro: Look, Bull! “Someone” switched my sportswear to this outfit? Who would do something like that?
Bull: Um, not me! Why would you think I had anything to do  with that? I’m too busy writing!

Bull: Later, I notice Aarohi gesturing at Ricardo while he plays chess. Hmmmmm….
I try playing chess myself and learn that Aarohi can mentor Logic.

She’s useful but still a bit dodgy…and also our club’s first lifetime member (for now).
Oh! We become good friends while she’s mentoring me! (6 points)
Thanks to Aarohi, I also master Logic. Wooooo! (8 points)


Iconica: I’m sorry I couldn’t spend more time with you in Granada Place, Scamp!
So many things were going wrong there. You and Gent were so unhappy, I know.
I’m glad I have a second chance to show you that I care.
Scamp: Awwww, shucks. You took the time to learn to craft Age-Down Treats for me!
Don’t think I haven’t appreciated that. ❤

Iconica: I’ve had a good life. Thanks for sharing it with me, Scamp!

Scamp: Iconica passes away not long afterward, looking forward to reuniting with her beloved Ralph.
She was a sim beloved by all. Rest in peace, dear friend.

Guaca: I hope you’ve still got those saddle bags, Scamp!
Cuz once I’m the heir, the two of us are going to have a little adventure!
Scamp: As an adventurous dog, I’m always up for more adventure!

Guaca: Of course, we’ll have to wait until I’ve made some progress with my aspiration.
I’ll need to finish my museum stuff, too. Then we’ll be off!
Scamp: Yeeesssss!!!! *pumps paw

Week 34/Sunday

Bull: I’ve kept the butler on because she’s the best of the bunch.
So she’s helped out around the house both yesterday and today. (6 points)

Last night, I earn another point in my designated skill to reach Vet 7. (7 points).
Then I consecutively master Painting and Cooking in time to start out last free day at 5:30 pm. (11 points)
Paize: Perfect! That gives me two hours to finish up Rambunctious Scamp before our birthday!

Bull: So instead of showing you images of me skilling, I leave you with this instead.
It’s my last walk with Scamp as the active heir.
Once this last free day is over, Guacamo becomes the controlled sim.

Scamp: You rocked as the Gen6 heir, Bull!

Free Day #5 (11 points)
Designated skill (1): Veterinarian 7
Promotions (3):
Career (2): Deft/Scientist 8-9
School (1): Paize/A
Good friends (1): Aarohi Anand
Social events (1): Gold-medal date x1
Maxed skill/aspiration (10)
Skill (8 ): Bull/Handiness, Logic, Painting, Cooking
Aspiration (2): Paize/Whiz Kid
NPC hires (-5): Butler x5

Bull Lee’s Total (51 points)
Designated skill (5): Veterinarian 2-3, 5-7
Promotions (14)
Career (10): Ramiro (5), Deft(5)
School (4): Guacamo (2), Paize (2)
Satisfaction points (1): +1,000 sp
Social event (1): 1 gold-medal date with Ramiro
Good friends (9): Scamp, Ramiro, Guaca, Paize, Unru,
Argimiro, Ricardo, Caleb, Aarohi
Household funds (10): +$30,000 x5
Maxed skills/aspirations (24)
Skill (18): Bull/Writing, Parenting, Violin, Handiness, Logic, Painting,
Cooking; Guacamo/Communication, Mental
Aspiration (6): Bull/Arch. Scholar, Guaca/A. Pridigy, Paize/Whiz Kid
NPC hires (-11): Butler x6, Caterer x3, Gardener x2
Fire (-2): Once

Household Ages
Ramiro   : Adult (13 days to elder)
Deft          : Adult (22 days to elder)
Bull          : Young adult (2 days to adult)
Guacamo: Teen (13 days to young adult)
Paize        : Teen (13 days to young adult)

TD 7.48: These Boots Are Made for Guac’ing

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