TD 7.48: These Boots Are Made for Guac’ing

No Selvadorada this update.
This image merely garnishes my silly pun on an ancient song by Nancy Sinatra. Honk if you recognize it.

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen7, Guacamo Lee

Week 34/Sunday

Bull: I hope you don’t mind that I continue narrating until the end of our free day. *smiles shyly
Ramiro and I light up the cakes as soon as Paize gets that Key Commander high score.
The kids are both so excited about becoming teenagers.


Here’s our seventh-generation heir over the years.
Half of me feels sad that the Lee genes seem to have gone by the wayside.
But the other half feels glad that Guaca resembles my handsome Ramiro so closely.

To Guaca’s Perfectionist trait, he adds Ramiro’s Active trait and the Music Genius aspiration.
Guaca starts his teen years at Level 7 Violin and Level 4 Piano.
So we hire that awful nanny to mentor Guaca until both skills are Level 8.
Song-writing takes forever but it gets done predictably.

To Paize’s Active trait, she adds my Erratic trait (poor thing) and the Fab Wealthy aspiration.
Watchette forgot that traits must be rolled but aspirations can be freely chosen.
Because she’d rolled Angling Ace for Paize, we’d all been frantically fishing in our free time.
Can you believe Ramiro and I are already Fishing 8 and Paize reached Fishing 6 as a child?
Sorry! *coughs

All’s well now. Paize insta-completes Fab Wealthy and Mansion Baron then starts Nerd Brain.
No need to make this challenge harder than it already is, right?


I’ve asked Ramiro to learn to cook during the free day.
Left to his own devices, he’ll spend all his time on his treadmill, hehe.
Our kids’ young adult birthday coincides with Ramiro’s elder birthday.
I’ve had a pool built out back and hope he embraces swimming as his new hobby.

Since Deft has almost mastered Handiness, he pulls out our ole trusty camping statue from family inventory.
No time to vacation in Granite Falls on a free day!
Me, I craft a half-dozen Age-Down Treats then work on leveling Wellness.

Bull: We all pitch in to build a rocket ship for Paize (except Guaca who’s at school).
Just in time for Paize to complete her five space missions before our free day ends.
She’s queued up five repairs for after the free day, too.
Paize is literally swimming in satisfaction points now.
And I manage to master Wellness. Free fertility massage, anyone?

Our free day is over. Farewell, folks! It’s been real!
*steps down from the role of active heir

Guaca: This won’t be a thrilling week, since I’ve started the “Compose Four Songs” slog.
But, while writing my first song, I receive a text from that elderly nanny.
Now, why does she think I’d be interested in going with her to a “crazy party”?
No wonder she’s actively disliked by teenage boys! Even Scamp finds her cringe-worthy!

You know, I already bought Marketable and Creative Visionary during the free day!
Maybe I’ll skip the song-writing for now and get started on my museum stuff.


Guaca: Uncle Deft aged up to an elder three days ago on Saturday.
Since Papa was pregnant for 3 days, he waits 72 hours after that to cake up.
Happy adult birthday, Papa! Looking good, Billy Ray!

Scamp: What is with you folks!
You are obscenely rich yet you don’t buy me a pool until this past weekend?!
Guaca: Hey, you’re complaining to the wrong Lee!
I didn’t have any decision-making power until Sunday night!

Guaca: Y’all haven’t seen much of this side of my evil, erratic Papa.
I catch him beating the living daylights out of poor Ruffy Schnugglekins.

That Scamp! He runs away within 24 hours after our free day ended!


Scamp returns while I’m at school.
He looks filthy and flea-infested but not at all sorry for making everyone sad.

Speaking of filthy, Paize is having trouble looking after her own needs.
I’m surprised she still needs an adult to tell her when to shower or sleep!
Why won’t she bathe?
She has access to one shower upstairs, one shower on the ground floor, and two showers downstairs.

Guaca: How could you run off like that! I told you I need to take care of my museum things.
I’ve even stopped working on my aspiration so I’ll be free earlier.
Scamp: I can’t help it. Nobody was paying attention to me. Iconica’s gone. Unru’s gone.
You’re busy. I was just feeling sorry for myself, I guess.

Guaca: Well, snap out of it or I won’t take you traveling with me!
Scamp (gasps): You wouldn’t!

Uncle Deft earns his last promotion and comes home an Extraterrestrial Explorer!
Too late for this household but I’ll be eventually inviting him to live with me after I move out.
Not right away, but eventually.


Bull: How did you do it? Your Deft portrait alone is worth more than all nine of my portraits!
Guaca: Papa, Watchette wasn’t paying attention with everything going on at Granada Place.
You did your museum stuff first, then your aspiration second.
That’s why you couldn’t buy Marketable and Creative Visionary traits.
Bull: Oh…..

Guaca: I really tried to finish all eight portraits before leaving for school this morning.
But I’m almost ready to start “ze collection”! Yay! *runs off to school


Scamp: Now this is what I’m talking about, Guaca!
More hugs! More treats! More walks!

Guaca: Whose idea was it for me to carve pumpkins for my collection?
They take two hours each and are worth hardly anything!
Can you believe that I just lost two hours of my precious life to carve an $84 pumpkin?


I stay holed up with my pumpkin carving station listening to latin music.
Meanwhile, life goes on without me.
Papa turned his clubs over to me during the last free day but I hardly know my clubmates!

Week 35/Sunday

A collection of carved pumpkins is worth much less than, say, space prints or even microscope prints.
And did I say that they take forever to carve?
You can tell that even our watcher grows impatient–she’s bought me a second carving station.

But my collection is complete at last. Finally!
My eight portraits are worth $26,905.
My ten carved pumpkins are worth $2,531.
Oh well, at least my museum contributions are worth more than Papa’s.

Bull: Hey, stop flaming my portraits! I’m the one who brought you here to the museum, remember?

Bull: Let’s sit and chat a while before going home, son. You’ve been holed up for days!
I’ve hardly seen you since Monday evening!

Guaca: I’d like that, Papa. I have some ideas about how I’d like to spend my last week.
My young adult birthday’s in six more days, you know!
Would you let me know if I’m covering all my bases?
Bull: Sure, Guaca. Go ahead and run your plans by me.



*In this rather boring update, not much happened with Guaca, our Gen7 Lee heir.
With his museum submission, however, we’re 70% done with this challenge!
*Guaca has 2-3 more days of errands, then Jungle Dawg is ready to leap back into action
*Guaca has definite plans about who he wants to marry and where he’ll be living.

TD 7.49: My Name Is Not Salsa

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  2. Thanks! I have my sims take photographs of the other household members (Take photo…” or “Take Photo of…”) then use “Paint by Reference…” on the photos. So much easier to get a good portrait than following sims around an the easel. LOL


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