TD 7.49: My Name Is Not Salsa

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen 7, Guacamo Lee

Week 35/Sunday

Caleb: Welcome, my offspring Bull!
Bull: Yo!
Caleb: So you’ve gone and married that blond Selvadoradan but you bring me your son as my bride?
Bull: Um, no?

Caleb: Remind me what your name is, boi. Salsa Lee?
Guaca: Not quite. It’s Guacamo. Guacamo Lee. And I already have a bride in mind.
I need your help to turn my future son-in-law.

Guaca (clears throat): I’m feeling really nervous, Papa. Have you met her?
Bull: Nope. Your great-grandfather Jet Lee turned her. That was before my time.
Guaca: Well, okay. Here goes nothing.

Guaca: I’ve been looking forward to meeting you, Kari. My name’s Guacamo Lee.
I’m an active perfectionist, but I’m gaining the vegetarian trait on Saturday.
Kari: Aaaah, so you’re the reason I’ve lived on all these years! You’re the next heir!
I’m a creative, materialistic vegetarian. I’d say we’re pretty compatible, Salsa!

Guaca: Not Salsa…it’s Guacamo. You can call me Guaca for short.
Anyway, I’m so glad you’re not active nor erratic…

Scamp: Dude, you’re meeting your future bride for the first time.
Why are you asking her to help you with your homework?
Guaca: Sssshhhh, I’m helping her build her parenting skill, okay?

Guaca (internally): Awesome! She’s cute and she has great traits! I can really like her!
Kari: So, Salsa, when are you going to cure me of vampirism?
Guaca (sigh): My name is not Salsa. And I’ll be curing you soon. In two days or so.

Kari: Awwww, we’re good friends already!
Guaca: It’s strange but I feel like I’ve known you for years, even though we just met.
Kari: That’s exactly how I feel, Salsa!

Guaca: Kari, be honest now. Do you have an ex-boyfriend named Salsa?
Kari: What do you mean? I’ve never had a boyfriend in my life…
Guaca: Right answer! Okay, I better go home and check up on my fam. See you soon!


Ricardo: This house is so peaceful when only Bull and Ramiro are home.
The Lees are good people and I’m flattered they’ve chosen me to marry into their family.
I’m sure Guaca’s daughter will be gorgeous. Uh, after he gets married and, erm, has a daughter.

If only they’d come and do something about the house where Father and I live now…


Guaca: I transform into a vampire as soon as I get back from school.
Remind me never to laugh at a vampire’s dark form again! Ugh!

Kari: Wow, Ricardo! You and your father actually live here?!
Guaca: Dude, isn’t this the Chateau Frise home where the Delgatos used to live?
I’d heard their crib was all kitted out!
Ricardo: It used to be. When the last Delgato passed away, all their stuff vanished, too.

Guaca: That’s too bad, man! Don’t you worry!
When the Gen8 heir is old enough, we will get you all set up!

Guaca: Until then, be sure to stay out of the sunlight, okay?
Ricardo: *mumbles incoherently
Kari: Who the heck coordinates these dark forms anyway?

Guaca: Hopefully, Ricardo is the last spouse prospect who requires turning.
After leaving Ricardo safely indoors at his home, Kari and I return to my place.
It feels good to be human again!

Kari: You’re telling me! I’ve been a vampire for the past three generations.
Um, you’re not going to turn me back like your dad did to Charity, right, Salsa?
Guaca: My name is not Salsa. Sheesh!


Look at my wonderful Papa, all sparkly in Full Parent Mode!
He’s been mentoring me in Writing for the past few hours.
Despite how busy I’ve been, I’ve made sure to be within range of three positive character value traits.
I’m hoping Papa can finish Super Parent on my young adult birthday.

Scamp: Jungle Dawg is finally back in Selvadorada with his minion Guaca.
It’s too late for exploring tonight.
My minion and I hang out at our villa and become good friends.


JD: I can’t believe you slept in so late, dawg!
Guaca: It’s my vacation yo! Sleeping in is part of the package!

JD: Let’s try this arch that was locked the last time I visited with your dad.
Guaca: It’s just a crashed plane and a single treasure chest. Nothing special.

JD: Well there are three dig sites around the plane. Don’t forget to excavate those.
Guaca: Duh!
JD (takes a deep breath): Aaaaah, this is the life! *grins

JD: Hey Guaca!
Guaca: Wut?
JD: After you finish Musical Genius, you should start Jungle Explorer! *prances

JD: Hey Salsa!
Guaca: Wut? And my name is not Salsa. That’s not even funny!
JD: After we move to Willow Creek, we should come here every weekend!

JD: Just as Guaca clears the path to the temple, I age up to an elder.
Guaca: Luckily for you, I brought a few Age-Down Treats that Papa crafted.
JD: Thanks!
Guaca: Our path to the temple is cleared. Let’s return to the villa and rest until tomorrow.
Ageing up then ageing back down must be exhausting for you, JD!


JD: In the morning, Guaca phones to invite his father to Selvadorada.
Then, whaddya know, he takes a nap until Bull arrives.

Bull: Why didn’t you just invite me along in the first place?
Guaca: I only learned how to “establish dig sites” late yesterday afternoon.
So now we can excavate together in the temple!
JD: Nom nom nom.

JD: Guaca makes 2-3 mistakes when activating triggers but nothing serious.
In fact, this temple run is way easier than when Bull first came here with Deft!

JD: By late afternoon, Guaca has stopped excavating all together. Slacker!
Guaca: Am not! I reached Archaeology 9 already.
I’m saving that last level for after I move!

JD: And with the help of the Jungle Dawg, Guaca finishes exploring the temple!
Bull: Well, if you won’t be excavating anymore, we might as well go home tonight!


Ramiro: Today, we celebrate three birthdays.
In the afternoon, I age up to an elder. Ouch, my back!

Guaca: And in the evening, Paize and I age up to young adults!
To Perfectionist and Active, I add the Vegetarian trait.
I also earn the Good Manners, Responsible, and Emotional Control traits.
Bull: Hey! I just completed my Super Parent aspiration and became a Role Model!

Paize: To Active and Erratic, I add the Unflirty trait. Gee thanks!
I also earn the Responsible trait. Alas, the tragic fate of an uncontrolled spare!


Stay tuned for next time when Guaca woos, weds, and moves in with Kari Alonzo!

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