SB 3.18: A Chivalrous Champion

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen3, Edamame Sharebear

Week 7/Thursday

Benicio: Is that you, Watcher? I didn’t expect a visit from you today. What’s the occasion?
It’s a bit of a long story, Benicio, which I’ve come to share with you. 
Benicio: What’s with that getup? Sheesh, where are my manners! We’re having a bad day…

Welcome to my home, Watcher. May I get you anything to drink?

Benicio: Too bad you couldn’t have arrived earlier!
The girls have already blown out their birthday candles and aged up!
Thanks to Chacha and Dango, I’m practically a Super Parent now!

Our new heir Edamame moved in Jaxton Faust to live with us.
Our cadet Dango invited Jaxton’s twin Elektro over for a visit as well.
The two couples went off to get to know each other.

Meanwhile, I help my parents, Alejandro, and Chacha clean out their personal inventories.
We’d decided that all four of them would move out this afternoon.
My parents were so looking forward to living the easy life in Chateau Frise.

Just as my parents and Alejandro are ready to move out, everything falls apart!
Alejandro and I suddenly age up to adults while Papa raises an arm to signal his end.

In the garden, my wife Mariko ages up to an elder.
And more tragedy strikes in front of the house.
The curtain falls on the life of my wonderful mother, Sherilee Sharebear.
So, yeah, Watcher, it’s been hectic around here today.

Rest in peace, Sherilee and Jose Alejandro Sharebear.
How fitting that the two of you chose to depart at the same time.

Benicio (looks around): Has anyone seen Chacha?
She needs to get packed so I can help with her move before my work shift starts.
Do you mind, Benicio, if we sit down and chat a bit?
I mean, normally, I wouldn’t just show up at your house like this, right?

Benicio: Of course, please tell me what’s going on! And what’s with your outfit?
Well, it all started about six hours ago with an unexpected phone call from P…

P: Good afternoon, fellow Councillors. Sorry for the emergency call.
O, I arrived at your simverse an hour ago. I have a bad feeling about your world, girl.
Would you and F teleport to where I am? Like, drop everything and port over now?

F: Huh? What’s with these clothes?  Why didn’t you mention you were on a plane, P!
O: Why are we dressed like flight attendants?
P: Can we discuss all that an hour from now?
Apparently, we need to serve lunch to the first-class passengers in 15 minutes.

O: So you were about to explain why you’re snooping around in my simverse?
P: Sssshhh, we are supposed to be incognito.
O: Oh puhleeze! I’m wearing a scarf tied around my neck like a bib.
F: That’s true. My friends and family would never recognize me in these threads!

P: Sheesh, could you two have made a little more effort to look inconspicuous?
F: But, darling, that’d be like asking the sun not to shine!
O: Whatever! Why are we sneaking around in my simverse?
P: I need you two to confirm something. Let’s walk through first class to coach.

P: Now, look very nonchalantly to your left. Hey, not so fast!
Check out that passenger in the window seat, reading. What do you see?
O: Wow, he looks just like you, P, except that he’s totally slumming in coach!

F (excitedly): So what do you think, P? Is he your doppelganger, an evil twin, your alter ego?
O (squees): This is all so exciting!!!

F: I didn’t know you had a pilot’s license, P!
P: Um, I don’t. But you two were talking so loud I had to whisk us away to the cockpit.
O: Good move. This cockpit seems soundproofed.
F: So what shall we do about P’s evil twin, O? This is your simverse.
O: I say we follow him until we figure out his devious plans!

O: Ugh, I thought that flight would never end!
F: You and me both! *switches back to her flight attendant uniform

P: Wow, I never imagined a version of me would exist in O’s simverse.
F: Duh, parallel realities!
P: Well, of course, we three know it happens with the Sharebears, but we are the Watchers!

O: Hey, don’t you think we’re following him too closely?

P: My dude sure has a lot of luggage. What do you think he’s up to?
O: Looks like he’s moving, rather than simply sightseeing.

F: He keeps looking around as if he’s being watched, you know?
P: Well, he’s right about that. We keep tailing him, yes? *hails a cab

F: It sure looks to me like he’s planning to move into that hobbit hutch.
P: Well, gee! If he can afford to stay in a place like that, why doesn’t he fly first-class?!

O: We almost lost his trail coming over here, thanks to that slowpoke cabbie!
I think it’s time we confront your evil twin and make him explain what’s going on.
P: Fine, I’ll handle this. *strides forward

P: Hey, you there, mundane mini-me! What the heck are you up to here?
Perry: It’s you! You’re the same people from the plane and airport! Why are you stalking me?
P: Because we need answers!

Perry: Sorry, folks. I don’t have time to chat. I have an important meeting.
I absolutely cannot be late, so ciaozinho, abayo, leegi leegi, and such! *dashes off

F: You have got to be kidding, P. A stakeout behind a public restroom in Cavalier Cove?
And are we supposed to still be undercover?
O: I know, right? That Perry dude’s already seen us, P! What’s the point in hiding?
Although you gotta admit, F…you’re looking fiiiiine in that coffee T-shirt and floppy hat!

P: Pipe down, you two, or he’ll notice us! Look someone’s approaching him!
F: Thank heavens! The stench behind this public restroom is unbearable!
O: Seriously! And what if the smell sticks to our clothes?
P: For goodness’ sake, just change your outfits later, ladies! Now hush!

Perry: After I got your text message, I flew here as soon as I could.
I had some business to take care of first, Chacha. I hope you’re not angry that I took so long to get here!
F (whispers to O): They’ve been texting?!
P: Ssshhhhh! I can’t hear them talking!

Chacha: I worked so hard to max the Barista career and earn Emotional Control.
Then what do you think happens, Perry?
Edamame gets to have 10 babies and Dango, one baby, but me? I get kicked to the curb!

Perry (sympathetically): I knew that would happen, Chacha.
And that’s why I’ve gone ahead and bought a storybook house in Willow Creek!

Chacha (brightens): A storybook house?
Perry: Yes, dear Chacha. A huge, fantastic, storybook house for hobbits in Willow Creek.
If you’d rather not live with your mother and uncle, you could live there.
Chacha: All alone? But I’ve never lived by myself before.
Perry: No, of course not. I’ll be your roomie! It is a very spacious home.
Here, take a look at these photos.

Chacha: It’s right on the water! Oh, Perry, it’s so lovely!
Perry: Of course, it is. None of that absurd heir/cadet business for you, Chacha!
Consider yourself lucky you won’t be stuck raising 11 babies like your sisters!
You deserve to live like a princess! A queen!
Chacha: You’re right, Perry! I’m not destined for the life of a legacy laborer!

O: You there, what do you think you’re doing? Sowing seeds of mutiny among my Sharebears?
Perry: Oh no, ma’am, nothing of the sort. My name’s Perry Green.
You see, I’m president of Chacha’s fan club.
Chacha: After the heir vote was announced, I knew I’d be told to live with Mama.
That’s when I contacted Perry, who promised to figure out a better solution.

F: Um, P, you really didn’t have anything to do with this?
P: Scout’s honor! Although I can totally understand where Perry is coming from.
Poor lovely Chacha! Her sisters can’t hold a candle to her!

O: So what exactly is this “better solution,” Perry? You bought that huge crib in Willow Creek?
Perry: I sure did! If Chacha moves in, we’ll hire a butler and she can live a life of leisure!
Chacha: May I please live in the storybook house in Willow Creek, Watcher? Pretty please?

O: You have my blessing, Chacha. Your happiness really matters to me!
P: Well, mundane mini-me, we’re counting on you to look after our princess!
F: Exactly! She was a teen just hours ago, so no inappropriate behavior, you hear?
Perry (waves hand dismissively): Oh, perish the thought!

P: My mundane mini-me apparently worships the ground Chacha walks on. Our work is done here! *poofs
F: Agreed. *poofs
O: I need to go share the news with Chacha’s father. *poofs

And here we are, all caught up to the present. Anyway, no need to go looking for Chacha, Benicio.
She lives in Willow Creek now.

Edamame: Papa, Jaxton proposed! We’re married now and I’m eating for two!
Benicio: That’s wonderful news! Please sit and introduce yourself to our watcher, Eda.
Eda: Sorry, but Jaxton and I both have appointments at the adoption agency NOW!
We’re each adopting one child! *rushes off
Looks like the 10-children madness is about to begin!

Dango: Papa, Papa! I proposed to Elektro and we eloped! Um, we’re also expecting!
Congrats, Dango!
Dango: Watcher, I know it’s inconvenient for me to have a child this generation.
But thank you for letting me to work toward my Super Parent aspiration.
You won’t regret the decision!

Benicio: Hey Watcher, that Perry Green really championed Chacha’s candidacy for her.
I’m so glad my girl Chacha will be well taken care of!
Yeah, me too!
Benicio: By the way, is Perry aware that you installed MC Command Center two days ago?
Wut? *adjusts halo then whistles innocently
Benicio: Whatever! My Chacha is too lovely to lead a spinster’s life!

Meanwhile, in Willow Creek…
Perry: Ouch, ouch! Chacha, I think your toenail clippers are broken!
I’ve been trying for the past half hour and they don’t work at all! Grrrr…
Chacha: Huh? I don’t own any toenail clippers. I forgot mine at home when I moved here!
Perry: Oh.

Legacy Score: 62 (+3 points)
Family (+1): 3/9 heirs aged up to YA
Love (+1): 9/27 unique traits (Jaxton: Squeamish, Loner, Lazy)
Creative (+1): Edamame/Jaxton memorialized by Jose’s portraits

Amazing Lots
• “Airport & Airplane” by luci19092006/originally by MoneAmarone (Gallery)
(check-in and flight cabin scenes)
• “Simtercontinental Airport” by Amitaliri (Gallery) (later airport scenes)
(aka XFreezerBunnyX)
• “Bilbo’s Hobbit Village” by findjoo (Gallery)

Chapter Remarks
Wish me luck! I’ve installed MC Command Center and bid farewell to pollinating and #legacyloves.
Please note that, since I’m playing on Short Lifespan, I’ve reduced the duration of pregnancy to 2 days (default length: 3 days).
Coming next: Stay turned for toddler overload!

SB 3.19: Earth to Elektro


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