SB 3.19: Earth to Elektro

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen3, Edamame SharebearWe wind the clock back to earlier the same day, revisiting events leading up to the marriages of Edamame and Dango.
We also witness Benicio’s activities prior to the watcher’s visit.
Week 7/Thursday

Edamame: I don’t regret at all choosing Jaxton over Elektro.
Sure, Elektro’s a geeky music-loving art-lover, while Jaxton is a squeamish, lazy loner.
But Jaxton burns with an inner passion, which he reveals only to me!

Go on! I dare you to tell me that Jaxton isn’t crazy about me!

How exciting to be eating for two!
I walk right back into the bedroom for my confetti shower, just for Jaxton!

Jaxton is thrilled to hear the “Big News.”
In fact, he proposes to me soon after and, natch, I accept.
We decide to elope immediately for the sake of the adoptions to come.

Dango: Alas, my path to wedded bliss was a rocky one! And here I thought Jaxton was the “loser twin.”
You see, Elektro turns out to be an ambulance chaser.
Because of my parents passing away, Elektro keeps leaving me to go “witness death.”
When I call him back, he returns too depressed to appreciate my flirting.
But I finally coax him into a receptive mood.
(By the way, please note briefly the view out of my bedroom window.)

Elektro agrees to be my boyfriend and seems genuinely thrilled over my Big News.
Pushing my luck, I propose but he rejects me, pushing away the engagement ring I offer him.
I blame Elektro’s rejection entirely on my father!

Soon after my parents’ deaths, Papa invites over a woman I’d never seen before.
They’re making quite a ruckus in the rocketship right outside my bedroom.

Just as I’m about to propose to Elektro, we learn Papa’s “friend” is dying in mid-flight, .
Then she dies and gets reaped right outside my bedroom.
Of course, Elektro is chomping at the bit to go look, but I’ve locked the doors.

Earth to Elektro. Do you read me?
No wonder he got distracted! I mean, it must be all Papa’s fault, right?

When I at last get Elektro’s attention, I socialize with him until we’re BFFs.
After all that, he accepts my (second) proposal without a hitch.
We elope right away. I feel the need to put a ring on it without dilly-dallying.

Benicio: It’s great to finally meet you, Grim!
Grim: How have we not met before, Benicio?
Benicio: I prefer to stay in the shadows and pull the strings. *shrugs

Grim: So, how many deaths is that so far?
Benicio: My parents died of old age earlier today, so this death by over-exertion makes our 9th death.

Jaxton: Meanwhile, Edamame and I are off to the adoption agency!
If we weren’t in such a hurry to adopt, I’d have thrown a big wedding for Edamame.

Benicio: Are you sure you can’t stay longer, Watcher? I guess I won’t be seeing you again.
Jaxton:Papa Benicio’s looking after our nooboos today.
He wants to max Parenting to complete the Super Parent aspiration.
As you know, all the Sharebear children are named alphabetically.
However, we’re using a numerical scheme for our adopted children.
On your left (yellow) is our daughter, Uma.
On your right (green) is our son, Twain.

Benicio: I’m not sure about my son-in-law.
When I leave for work this afternoon, he flashes the most inappropriate thought bubble.
I don’t want to discuss our relationship any further…

Edamame: I’d been waiting to work on the Public Enemy aspiration with Jaxton.
But I learn today that I can’t start fights because I’m pregnant! Bah!
Instead, I work on my archaeology, charisma, and cooking skills.

My Jaxton is such a trooper! Look at all his negative moodlets!
Very Uncomfortable, Nauseous, Dazed (from fighting), Stranger Danger, and Socially Awkward.
But he pushes forward, nevertheless, with his Public Enemy aspiration.

On the first day, he gets 4 sims to dislike him, gets into five fights, and declares two enemies.
Excellent work for a squeamish loner, eh?

Edamame: I relocate our angry room and lock one of Jaxton’s “guests” inside.
But Jaxton and I are way too blissed out today to risk getting too emotional.
Maybe if we can leave her there long enough, she’ll starve?

Benicio: Why do you even bother, Edamame?
Jaxton needs to witness a death later on for Public Enemy, anyway.
You might as well wait and try for the 10th death then.

Jaxton (whispers): Sez her father who achieved a death by overexertion this morning…. pffft!

Tonight, Papa earns his Level 10 promotion for Interstellar Smuggler. Yay!
Thanks for finishing this astronaut branch, Papa!
Space Ranger has a much family-friendlier work schedule.


Edamame: Uma and Twain age up this afternoon.
An aspiring Super Parent, Dango has been helping out with the kids. too.
Jaxton and I go to work for the first time today, so we’re grateful for their help.

Uma: It’s a good thing we both reached Potty 2 already, Twain!
Twain: Why?
Uma: Grandpa’s trying to max Parenting. Once he does, I bet he neglects us!
Twain: But we still have Auntie Dango!


Dango: Papa, do you want to feel your grandchild kicking?
Benicio: Yes! You know, I’ll earn the Patriarch trait as soon as you and Edamame give birth!

Dango: Does that mean you’ll be moving out right afterward?
Benicio: Nah, Edamame can’t adopt until your nooboos age up to toddlers.
I’ll stick around until then to help the two of you with skilling.
After I move out, though, be sure to keep me in the Sharebears club!

Dango: I go into labor first. It’s a boy!
I name him Daikon after one of our watcher’s favorite vegetables.
Just remember: the boy with the “D name” is Dango’s kid!

Edamame: My labor starts about an hour after Dango’s.
Since I’m the heir, I give my daughter a name starting with F.
Fugu, which is the Japanese name for pufferfish.
Here’s a polychrome woodblock print from the 1840s by Hiroshige, showing a fugu at the lower right.

Edamame: I’ve only been the heir for two days and so much has happened!
Jaxton is a Level 2 Criminal and I’m a Level 5 Criminal.
Dango has decided to become a stay-at-home caregiver.
Papa earned the Patriarch trait this afternoon.
Once he’s gone into Full Parent Mode, he’ll earn the Role Model trait, too.

And we are 40% done with the “10-children in one generation” goal.
Of course, we can’t move out any “not-heir-candidate” children until they’re teens.
Wish us luck!

From left to right: Uma, Twain, Daikon, and Fugu

Legacy Score: 63 (+1 points)

Fortune (+1): Net worth = $830,000 or more

SB 3.20: Notice Me, Perry Senpai!

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