SB 3.20: Notice Me, Perry Senpai!

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen3, Edamame SharebearWeek 7/Saturday

Jax: Dylan Delgado is a hotheaded acquaintance of Edamame who she could never lure to the house.
After running across him online, I spam him with chain mail until he despises me.
Since I’ll need one more declared enemy eventually, I decide he can do the honors.

There, he’s my third declared enemy. Now he just needs that one last push!

Jax: Hey, Dango, can you help a brother out?
Dango: Well, okay, but why me?
Jax: Dylan despises Eda and me, but you’re compassionate!
If you offer him a Red Hot Serum, I’m sure he’ll accept it.

Dango: Dylan, you seem to be very upset. Maybe this serum will help you calm down?

Jax: I read somewhere that hotheaded sims hate being targeted by Mischief interactions.
So, of course, that’s exactly what I do. Then, suddenly, he stops yelling at me.

Grim: I know you’re glad to have achieved a death by cardiac arrest.
But, sheesh, Jax! Don’t you think clicking your heels is a bit excessive!
Jax: Can’t help it, Grim. I couldn’t stand this guy! (Happy +3)

Grim: Oh, I see you finally earned the coveted Patriarch trait, Benicio!
Gratz on your legacy’s tenth death type! That Jaxton is a quick study!
I hear Edamame tried for days for a death by cardiac arrest, but Jax only needed a few hours.
Edamame: …

Edamame: I already have this career outfit and can’t wait to see Jax in his!
After my next promotion, I’m choosing the Boss branch because I think it’s the harder career.
The Oracle career has more shifts per week, which will make promotions easier for my Jax.

Week 8/Sunday

Edamame: Our watcher’s done this 10-children thing before without a nanny or butler on Normal lifespan before.
So, we should be fine, right?

By the way, our nanny’s such a slacker. I’m constantly turning off the TV so she’ll look after the kids instead.
And I’m trying to figure out how to switch her out for a younger, attractive male nanny (like the one simfulicious got).

Benicio: I keep parenting little Uma until she’s ravenous and ready to wet herself, but I finally do it!
See the little sparkles around me? I go into Full Parent Mode and earn the Role Model trait!

Edamame: It’s the Flea Market today! Jax, we should invite along Chacha and her new roomie!
Jax: Why don’t we stop by their place to introduce ourselves?

Benicio: Wow, why can’t we live in a home like this?
Dango: Ssshhh, building is not Watchette’s forte, okay?
Note: This is “Bilbo’s Hobbit Village” by findjoo.

Edamame: It’s great to finally meet you, Perry!
Perry: The feeling’s mutual.
Edamame: Oh, you’re a good, family-oriented geek! *talks up her sister Chacha to Perry
Perry (looks skeptical): I don’t know. She doesn’t sound that interesting.

Benicio: Are you kidding me? Does he know how many mountains were moved to place him in our simverse?
Edamame: Watcher, if Perry has babies with another sim, would you please delete him?

Edamame: We receive word that Daikon and Fugu are ready to age up, so we make a quick detour.
Dango: Awww, that’s my boy, angelic Daikon! He’s got my green eyes!
Edamame: And that’s my girl, fussy Fugu. Erm, with Jaxton’s brown eyes. Still adorable!

Fugu (in the pufferfish dress): How can you be sad about witnessing a death? You were indoors!
Papa says some guy had a heart attack in our front yard.
Uma: I know, right? Somehow, Twain and I witnessed it through the wall of our bedroom!

Edamame: Jax and I buy up every snow globe that Caleb has for sale.
We’re shocked to realize he was offering a complete collection!
Thanks, Caleb! That’s our 13th!

Edamame: When Daiko and Fugu aged up, Papa moved to Chateau Frise to make room for an adoption.
He even quit his Interstellar Smuggler job, saying he wanted to help me with our kids.
I can’t believe he actually beat us over to the Flea Market!

Dango: I run into Elektro at the Flea Market and invite him home with me.
I enjoy his company so much more, now that I’m not rushing to get pregnant and nobody’s dying outside my window.

Edamame: I don’t understand Perry and Chacha at all.
We invite them back home with us, but they’ve been standing there like that for the past hour.

Hello? What about you try talking to each other?
Oh well, I’m off to an appointment at the adoption agency!

Edamame: Meet Trei! He’s is our third adopted child and our fourth child.
Dango’s son Daikon doesn’t count toward the 10 children, because he’s not my child.

I’m regretting not having tested Super Parent before I had Dango get pregnant.
She completed “Discipline your toddler, child, or teen 5 times” with one of Edamame’s toddlers!

Jax: I check on Perry and Chacha. At least, they’ve both changed positions during the past hour.
But then, I check on them again a half hour later and they’re back to where they were.
Chacha is a creative, vegetarian glutton. Perry is a good, family-oriented geek.
Are they not a match made in Heaven? What’s wrong?

Daikon: When I grow up, I’m gonna go live with Papa!
Elektro: *autonomously hugs his son Daikon

Edamame: I prepare something to eat and call everyone to the dining table.
They are interacting, at last!

Dango and I continue to huddle around our Patriarch for skilling.
I’ve reached Archaeology 9 which means, I hope, that the Relics Association will acknowledge me.

By the way, negotiating a bonus went terribly today! Maybe it’s too much of a risk?


Now that I’m no longer pregnant, I can engage in those five fights for Public Enemy.
Once Jax reaches Criminal 4, we’ll both be at Tier IV of this aspiration.
You know the old conventional wisdom!
A couple who witnesses a death together stays together!

I’d removed Elektro from our legacy club several hours ago because he’d been here since last night.
I’m surprised to discover Elektro and Daikon autonomously doing flash cards.

Trei ages up to an inquisitive toddler later that evening.
Here’s our whole crew of toddlers now!
Again, Uma, Twain, and Trei are adopted; Daikon is Dango’s son; and Fugu’s my girl.

Legacy Score: 65 (+2 points)
Nature (+2): 13/13 collections and 10/10 death types

Chapter Remarks
The ten-children thingy is going too slowly with both Dango and her son in the house.
I will probably be moving Dango out early, but Daikon needs to stay until he’s a teen.

SB 3.21: Slower Than Snails

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