TD 7.50: It’s Only Guac n Roll

…But I like it!

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen 7, Guacamo Lee

Week 35/Saturday

Guacamo: Just now, Papa Ramiro ages up to an elder, then Paize and I age up to young adults.
As you might imagine, my thoughts quickly shift to dreams of love and marriage.

Luckily for me, the Romance Festival is in town. Of course, I invite Kari Alonzo!

Kari is a creative, materialistic vegetarian. I’m also a vegetarian (as well as evil and erratic).
She is very pretty and we get along well, but I worry about her slender appearance.
Perhaps I can help Kari bring her weight within a healthier range.

We stand up so I can give her a first kiss and ask her to be my girlfriend, when…
Surprise! Kari sweeps me off balance with a passionate kiss.
It’s nice knowing that the feeling is autonomously mutual. Or is it the sakura tea?

While scanning the festival grounds for a more private area, I spot the planters.
Of course, now that we already have a UFO plant, one appears out of sheer spite.

Kari and I got chemistry to spare. Meet my new BFF!

Great-Great-Great-Grandpa Cirius’s wife once flirted with a random stranger at a Romance Festival.
Ever since then, we Lees have avoided the Romance Festival like the plague.
(That’s also the reason I left my fathers at home, especially unflirty Papa Ramiro.)
But today, I discover this festival has an exclusive proposal which I eagerly choose.

Kari accepts without any hesitation.
We are the first Lees to get married at the Romance Festival.
In fact, we are the first of our watcher’s sims to marry during this event. We’re so special!

I take Scamp along and move in with Kari Lee, formerly Kari Alonzo.
Here’s a refresher on everyone in my former household:
Papa Bull Lee (Gen7 heir), Papa Ramiro, my sis Paize Lee, and Uncle Deft Lee.

Arriving at Willow Creek, I have my fathers and sis move in, leaving Uncle Deft behind. Sorry!
Next, I sell off enough of my personal inventory to add $90,000 to household funds. (6 points)

Week 36/Sunday

It’s past midnight when I’m done remodeling the house to accommodate our household.
Finally, Kari and I see about ushering in the next generation.

Kari: Guaca and I try for baby once more after Guaca notices I’m feeling nauseous.
It’s as if I had to try for baby to earn a makeover! Totally worth it, though!

The looser clothing makes me look less “gaunt.”
And my new hair color with highlights is a better match for my skin tone.

Guaca:  Rushing down to the basement, I join my clubmates to plant and water the garden.
Then, while waiting for the garden to grow, I authenticate artifacts until I master Archaeology. (8 points)
When I return to the garden, I can graft a few plants to master Gardening. (10 points)
Our first free day starts roughly nine hours after I moved in.

First things first. Kari takes a pregnancy test then quits her Culinary job.
Then we all head for the gym because Kari is an aspiring Bodybuilder.
Papa Ramiro is happy to mentor her while she watches the Kids Network on TV.

I thought pregnant sims couldn’t use the treadmill? Not that I mind, of course.

I also start working out, waiting for a fitness trainer to mentor me.
Naturally, the fitness trainer is a pear.
He doesn’t make a good role model for the ideal male form, does he?

There’s something for everybody in the household at the gym tonight!
Papa Bull has also found a fitness trainer to mentor him.
Even Paize, who joined the Scientist career earlier, gets busy making breakthroughs.


A little past midnight, I decide to take everyone home. Scamp must be getting hungry by now.
Thanks to a vampire break-in, though, we’re stuck here at the gym.
I pick a fight with Vlad, hoping to end the break-in.
Wow, he chooses that as his athletic dark form? *shakes head in disbelief

Since beating up Vlad doesn’t end the break-in, I look around and spot more vampires: Caleb and Ricardo.
I try to deliver an archaeology lecture to all three vamps but can you believe their insolence?
They all walk out of the gym at the same time. Oh well, at least the break-in’s finally over!

Guaca: My pregnant wife  is watching the Kids Network and eating strawberries on our free day.
Dude, you did NOT just switch to the Romance Channel!


Kari: Hey, I was watching a movie!
Guaca: Sorry, Kari, but neither of us have the Fertile trait so you need to watch the Kids Network.
Kari: But what if I don’t have twins?
Guaca: No worries. We’ll adopt. It’s too hard to juggle staggered births with free days.
Hmmmm. I wonder how long I’d need to gain six more Wellness levels…

Paize Lee earns a promotion this evening but comes home exhausted. (1 point)
Instead of going to bed like she should, she stays outdoors yawning.
I worry that she’ll pass out so I go to the foyer and call her inside.
Then I have to go to her room to “chat here.” Sheesh! Crisis averted.

My wife Kari is also completely exhausted but wants to go downstairs to praise Scamp. *rolls eyes
I take the time to lure her upstairs and give her one good reason to fall asleep.
Why can’t the ladies take care of themselves like my fathers do?


Very, very early in the morning, I head out to Perfect Balance Spa with my crew.
I take back-to-back yoga classes without ever getting sore.
Perhaps because I started at Wellness 3?
That yoga teacher ain’t got nothing on me!

Kari and I had tried for baby a little past midnight on Sunday.
Our free day started around 8 pm that same day, so that’s when she took her pregnancy test.
That’s why we assumed she’d go into labor about 8 pm on Wednesday.

When I finally reach Wellness 9, I rush to place a massage table near Kari.
But when I start to give her a fertility massage, she goes into labor and gets off the table.
What the heck? It’s only 4:30 pm!
I offer her another fertility massage to get her back on the table. Will there be enough time?
I’ve read somewhere that labor last approximately two hours. Is that true?

Guaca: All of our efforts with the Kids Network, Wellness skill, and Fertility Massage bear no fruit.
Kari and I were hoping against hope since neither of have the Fertile trait.
She gives birth to a healthy, beautiful girl who will become the eighth-generation heir.
We give her the name Virtua Lee.

Ramiro: Do you mind, Kari? I’m in the middle of online gaming here!

Guaca: Without missing a beat, I immediately adopt a little boy who we name Bubb Lee.

As soon as Kari went into labor, of course, Scamp ran away. His timing is uncanny.
Everyone here is fine, except we’re all sad about our missing Scamp. That doggone dawg!

Current points: 1/10


Starting Stats
Satisfaction: 1,100 points
Household funds:  $21,301
Designated skill: DJing (Level 0)
Highest Skills: L15 Vampire Lore, L10 Painting/Handiness,
L9 Archaeology, Piano, Violin; L8 Gardening/Writing
Aspiration: Musical Genius (Tier III)
Job: Painter: None

Free Day #1 (10 points)
Household funds (6): +$90,000
Maxed skills (4): Guaca/Archaeology, Gardening

TD 7.51: Guaca Wants a Wok

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