TD 7.51: Guaca Wants a Wok

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen7, Guacamo Lee
Week 36/Wednesday

Guaca: I’ve just finished feeding our son Bubb Lee.
I’d like to spend some time socializing with our nooboos.
But this household’s problem child demands my attention.

You’re probably thinking that I refer to Scamp the runaway.
But no, I’m talking about my sister Paize.
For some reason, she doesn’t go to bed when she should.

Why does she do push-ups when she’s so close to passing out?
Oh nice! Paize is finally off to dreamland on her own.
She’s not truly a problem. She’s just not used to holding a job.

Our next heir Virtua and her brother Bubb are my good friends now. (3 points)
Papa Bull coming over to talk with them gives me time to upgrade the fireplace.
How else can I toddler-proof our home?


Our prodigal dawg returns home in the wee hours of the morning.
Welcome home, fleabag!

Is it too early to be worried about my wife Kari?
She hasn’t interacted with our nooboos since she first fed Virtua over 12 hours ago.

After I bathe him, our Resident Attention Hog basks in all the love.
I’m pretty sure Scamp runs away because he loves being welcomed back. Sheesh!

Scamp: Have you noticed the sappy music that plays whenever a sim welcomes me back? *grins

Kari: Welcome back, Scamp! We all missed you so much!

Paize: I never knew you were a chess player, brother dear.
Guacamo: I only played it some for Whiz Kid. You know how it goes.
I only ask you to play in hope you’ll make two breakthroughs toward your next promotion.

I’m so behind on my Musical Genius aspiration, it’s not funny!
Not a single song written yet, so I obviously don’t have any income from licensed songs.
However, I do master Piano while writing my first song! (5 points)


Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without my fathers!
When I’m busy in the garden or writing songs, they autonomously look after the kids.

Although post-makeover Kari is undeniably beautiful, I’m singularly unimpressed by her laziness.
My fathers and I helped her reach Parenting 5 on the last free day.
But she’s only tended to Virtua twice so far and hasn’t interacted with Bubb at all.
She doesn’t lift a finger to clean, so I have my clubmates help out.

After Kari’s done eating, she lets my elderly father take her dish to the dishwasher.
Is she unfamiliar with the virtue of filial piety?

She has Cooking 9, yet it’s Papa Bull who does nearly all the cooking.
I hear that Papa Bull’s household ran so smoothly because he had a good partner.
It seems I have not been so lucky! I’m hoping she’s just taking a break…

While writing a second song on the violin, I master that instrument. (7 points)
Meanwhile, my garden is dying of thirst!
Since I’m earning points too quickly, I hire a gardener, a caterer, and a nanny. (4 points)

Our kids age up in the evening.
Virtua and Bubb are both inquisitive toddlers.
Their very first steps!

Reading with daddy!
I can’t read to them for too long, since I can only potty train them one at a time.
No regrets over having adopted Bubb Lee.
Look at the way they both look at me with such trusting gazes.


Virtua Lee having a blast by herself in the ball pit.

Bubb Lee looking tragic after a potty mishap.
Don’t worry, little guy! You’ll figure it out soon!
While tucking Bubb into bed, I master Parenting. (6 points)

All the adults in our home have some Gardening skill.
Papa Bull and I are Gardening 10, while Papa Ramiro and Kari are both Level 4.
But Papa Ramiro’s the only one who autonomously helps me with the garden.

He’s 90 days old today. We’re hoping his Active trait increases his longevity.

Week 37/Sunday

This area’s a filthy mess by the time we’re through.
But Virtua eventually masters Potty! (8 points)

I can’t help but think that Virtua resembles her Grandpa Ramiro, but with Grandpa Bull’s big eyes.

I am an unabashedly biased father.
The words “cute” and “adorable” fail to describe the miracle that is Virtua Lee.

See what I’m saying? Indescribably charming!

Bubb Lee sits alone on his bed, quietly demolishing a BLT.
Unless Virtua is asleep, she gets every morsel of my attention. She’s the heir!
Poor Bubb must fend for himself while his mother Kari ignores him.
(I did train him to use the potty chair by himself…)

Virtua doing flash cards (again) with my father.
I wish I had seen who initiated this session of flash cards!
Might it have been my Inquisitive daughter or my Super Parent father?

How can anyone expect me to prepare a decent Tofu Stir Fry using this frying pan?
What I, Guaca, really want is a wok!
Preparing stir fry any other way is for noobs!

By the way, I’ve just mastered Homestyle Cooking! (10 points)
Our second free day starts now!

Free Day #2 (10 points)
Promotions (1): Paize/Scientist 5
Good friends (2): Virtua Lee, Bubb Lee
Maxed skills (10): Guacamo/Piano, Violin, Parenting, Cooking; Virtua/Potty
NPC hires (-3): Gardener x1, Caterer x1, Nanny x1

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