SB 3.21: Slower Than Snails

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen3, Edamame Sharebear

Week 8/Monday

Edamame: Really, who wants to spend their entire adulthood looking after kids?
I have a career to max, a husband to smooch, and goals to meet!
That’s why I ask Dango to move out today so I can adopt Cuatro.
Jax and I now have four toddlers and one nooboo–we’re halfway there!

Dango was happy to go live with her hubby Elektro and our in-laws in Sable Square last night.
Do you remember she invited Elektro over after we visited the Flea Market on Sunday?

Check him out this morning with his second-trimester baby bump!
And their son, Daikon, looks like such a Faust!

When we receive Uma and Twain’s birthday notices, I realize that we need a kids-only club.
Oh! Dango forgot to return the leadership of the Good Timers to me before leaving!
It just takes 5 minutes to join the club and ask her to step down. Problem solved.

Jax: Once Uma masters her potty skill, Eda and I help both kids age up.
And, after giving them both makeovers, my lovely wife gives me a makeover, too!
Edamame: Hubba hubba!

Jax: With so many adults and kids milling around the house, I can’t change Cuatro’s diapers!
After two hours of waving my arms, I move him to a different room and lock the door.
Aaaaah, now I can finally change him.

Edamame: I’m still trying to master all the mentor-able skills near Papa.
Just this morning, I reach Violin 10 and Piano 10.
And this is the photo that maxes my Photography skill.

In that photo with Papa, he’s wearing the spider necklace but I’m not.
Grandma Sherilee had wanted all her heirs to wear the spider necklace, so I put one on, too.
I ask Jax to take a photo of me so I can have my portrait repainted with the necklace.
And because Jax looks so hot with his new look, I’m going to paint a new portrait of him, too.

You probably think we’re an unlikely couple to head a legacy.
Gluttonous, ambitious, kleptomaniac me and squeamish, loner, lazy Jaxton!
But our love is rock solid. At first, I worried about being required to marry him.
I even considered choosing Elektro, with his much better traits, instead.

But then Jaxton stole my heart with his lopsided grins, stealing my breath with his passion.
So throw all the shade you want at our lousy traits.
Cuz, folks, Jax and I will be working it! Just you wait and see!

Our son Cuatro ages up.
Sorry, kid! You’ll be running around in your diapers until your pappy gets home from work.

In case you’re wondering, each child will be helped to complete one aspiration.
Only future heir candidates will receive more mentoring beyond that.
Because…10 children.


Trei gets a shot all by himself for maxing his potty skill.
Why? Because this little guy mastered our legacy’s 144th skill!
Go Trei!

Jax: I invite Anaya Vatore into the Partihaus Club (which Alejandro passed onto me).
I call a club gathering and queue up a few chess games.
Edamame: Hey, if you’re gonna play chess, Jax, I might as well mentor you!
Anaya: Starting to feel a little uncomfortable here…

Grim: Quit your fake mourning and run along, you two!
I’m aware that you are both working on the Public Enemy aspiration.
You’ve witnessed your death, now go take a moodlet solver or something and let me reap in peace.

Jax: Edamame and I still haven’t found a solution to our good-for-nothing nanny.
While I’m doing my daily task, the nanny sits there chit-chatting with the other adults.
She should be more pro-active, checking whether any of the six children need her!
Oddly, though, she hasn’t left our home at all since Monday night.

Jax: The nanny thinks she’ll play video games on my computer after I’ve left for work.
But those green lines mean our watcher plans to snatch that puter and store it in family inventory.
What happens if we simply delete that nanny?

Edamame: Nobody in the household has had the option to ask Elektro to leave.
He’s been huffing and puffing all day. Quite alarming, really!
When we finally force him to leave, Dango runs after him and goes into pre-natal panic.
I can’t wait to host some toddler play dates!

By the way, Chacha left on Monday to go to work, I assume.
But Perry’s been here ever since Sunday’s Flea Market.
It’s nice to see him slowly getting to know the family.
And thanks for helping Uma with her project!


Fugu: I’m making real progress toward the Mediator trait!
I’ve been running around fixing bad relationships left and right.
Plus, my parents teach me to say sorry whenever they can.
If I completely ignore my aspirations, could I become the teen to earn five upbringing traits?

Edamame: Trei and Cuatro are still mourning yesterday’s death (which they didn’t actually see).
Sorry, little guys, Papa needed that for his Public Enemy aspiration.

Daikon: Thanks for playing chess with me, Uncle Perry!
Perry: My pleasure. But why have you been watching that nanny like a hawk, kiddo?

Daikon: Well, she gets inappropriately flirty with the male sims in the house, even us boys.
And who does she think she is, chewing out Fugu like that?
Does she not realize what Fugu’s parents do for a living?
Perry: Well, let’s hope the nanny likes fish–she’ll be swimming with some real soon…

Jax: *fires the nanny
Daikon: Ooooh, she got off to easy! I’m so disappointed in Uncle Jax!


Edamame: Trei is ready to age up just in time.
He blows out his candles and gets his makeover before the other kids leave for school.
Thanks for your enthusiastic singing, Tetsu!

Trei is now a loner Whiz Kid and Perry is there to play three games of chess with him.

Perry spends so much time here that I worry about his relationship with Chacha.
By the time our tenth child is born, I bet Perry will have maxed Logic!

And here are our fabulous five plus Dango’s son, Daikon!
Toddler Cuatro celebrates his birthday tomorrow.
Next week, four of the kids will be moving out as teenagers for sure!

Household Ages
Jaxton Sharebear: 4 days to adult (Criminal 5)
Edamame Sharebear: 6 days to adult (Criminal 6)
Uma Sharebear: 3 days to teen
Twain Sharebear: 3 days to teen
Daikon Faust: 5 days to teen
Fugu Sharebear: 5 days to teen
Trei Sharebear: 6 days to teen
Cuatro Sharebear: 1 day to child


Legacy Score: +1 (66 points)
Knowledge (+1): Maxed 144 skills

SB 3.22: My Hammy Vice

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