SB 3.22: My Hammy Vice

Keep spending most our lives  ♪
Livin’ in a hamsta’s paradise♫

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen3, Edamame Sharebear

Week 8/Friday

Jax: Just think, Cuatro, tomorrow’s your birthday! Are you excited?
Cuatro: No! I don’t want to grow up! I want to live here with Papa forever!
Jax: I’m sorry, son. There isn’t enough room in the house for everyone to stay.
Cuatro: But I wanna grow up to be just like you, Papa!

Hey there! I believe we haven’t met yet.
Allow me to introduce myself and, since he doesn’t speak Simlish, my next-door neighbor.

My next-door neighbor and I moved in this morning, right after Trei’s brithday.
That’s my crib on your right.

I live next door to Bubalus, who I’ve nicknamed Blub because his name’s impossible to remember.
Did you know that Bubalus is the scientific name of a bovine genus that includes water buffalo?
Yeah, I learned that from Wikipedia while trying to figure out how to spell Blub’s darn name.

Is it just me, or does Blub look like a furry violet platypus with horns?

And my name’s Hamstarino. You can just call me Hamsta, though some folks call me Hammy.
I don’t have a voidcritter card named after me or anything, though I star in an arcade game or two.
Oh yeah, my name also inspired that popular crime drama from the 80’s!

Huh, you wanna know how I’ve lived so long after that TV show?
Duh, anti-ageing treats!

So, Edamame has asked me to host today’s episode. Hope you don’t mind.
In the adjacent room, birthday-day boy Trei starts Whiz Kid with the help of  Grandpa Benicio.

Benicio’s sparkling but the watcher hasn’t figured out yet how to abuse that Full Parent Mode.

Meanwhile, Cuatro thinks up a possibly sure-fire plot to stay in the house longer.
He bites and yells at the new nanny until she’s livid!
I check his Conflict Resolution after a bit to see how he’s doing with the Argumentative trait.
Nada. Maybe he needs to wait until he’s a kid?

I’m thinking an heir candidate (Fugu isn’t one) should work on Mediator, too? *rubs paws together gleefully

Jaxton comes in to introduce himself. Blub and I are both big fans of Jax!
The watcher’s so clueless about us mini-pets. She has her Sharebears buy us without doing the homework first.
Hey, not true! I spent an hour online last night, reading about hamster bedding and enrichment toys!

Anyway, Jax goes online and buys us permanent anti-ageing treats. We’re safe!

The kids all return from school and begin their homework.
You see Edamame sparkling in the back corner? She’s finally gone into Full Parent Mode!

She had to call all her children to the Focus Room and lock the door but, hey, success!
Now, which kid will age up with three positive Character Value traits first?

Finally, Uma wanders over to check out that rumor circulating around grade school.
Yes, of course, you can insta-complete your homework by studying us rodents, sweetheart!
Too bad being in range for the Responsible trait is meaningless for you!
You and Twain move out two days from now.

You may have noticed Blub sprawled unceremoniously on his bed.
He can be such a boor at times! I mean, he’s a good neighbor and all, but dat pose! Ugh.

On the other hand, yours truly prefers a little privacy when I snooze.
I may be a hamsta, but that don’t mean I don’t understand discretion, y’know what I mean?
If only the Sharebears would buy me softer bedding, my life would be poifek.

Fugu consults Auntie Dango about her Social Butterfly aspiration.
Apparently, the only children Fugu’s age all happen to be Sharebears.
Yep, Fugu is unable to make her three child-age friends.
So, Watcher, you gonna add some kids for Fugu or not?
…Not, because she isn’t an heir candidate.


Edamame gets off work all excited about her promotion, believing she’s completed Public Enemy.
Sorry, hun, you’re only Level 7. Only one more promotion for that!
Edamame: Eh, too bad I only work two days a week now.
Hamsta: On the plus side, you are killing that career outfit!

And then, naturally, Edamame stops by to thank me for the compliment.
What? You’ve noticed a blatant narrative favoritism which tilts toward myself?
Oh puhleeze! There’s only so much material to be squeezed from a name like Bubalus. *rolls eyes

Both Cuatro and our watcher are over the moon about Cuatro ageing up with the Hotheaded trait.
For one thing, he now has an edge for staying on in the house.
And that is…

When Cuatro lights into his favorite nanny again, he makes quick progress toward Argumentative.
This surely makes Fugu’s position precarious, since we now know that Mediator isn’t hard to earn.

Edamame: Does he make faster gains because he’s hotheaded or is that from his toddler days?
Benicio: Remember how long you argued with Alisha Friend and you still never maxed it?
Edamame: Ugh, don’t remind me!

Fugu: Noooo! I’m not going to let Cuatro push me out! I’ll learn Emotional Uncontrolled, too!
Hamsta: But even after you smash Twain’s school project, your Emotional Control stays green.
Aren’t you better off trying to earn all five positive traits, Fugu?
Fugu: Oh, you’re right, Hamsta! I’ll be the first! Thank you! *runs over to the doctor set

Jax: Eda darling, do think it’s good parenting to pit the children against each other?
Edamame: *shrugs


Cuatro: I declare the nanny my enemy and am close to being within range for Argumentative.
Mom, could you dismiss this nanny and hire another one so I can finish up?
Better yet, let’s go to the park so I can argue with random strangers.

Hamsta: Do Cuatro and Fugu realize there’s room for them both to stay until they’re young adults?
Edamame: You hush or I’ll give you an IQ Limiter Treat!

Hamsta: Jax branched to the Oracle career during his last shift.
It’s about time his organization gave him a career uniform! Looking good, Jax!
Jax: Feeling good, Hamsta!

Fugu: At Desert Bloom Park, I run over to introduce myself to two kids new to our world.
By the time we leave for home after nightfall, I’ve finally finished Social Butterfly!
But I’m not even starting another aspiration so I can keep working on character values.
I wanna be our watcher’s first sim with five upbringing traits!

Hamsta: Tsk, tsk. We all know the negative traits are much harder to earn than the positive ones.
I’m declaring Cuatro today’s real winner! He’s even two days younger than Fugu.

Cuatro: You think the readers know that I’m a nice guy deep down inside, Hamsta?
I’m just taking one or two for the team. Do you think I could earn the Irresponsible trait, too?
Hamsta: Well, we can certainly try, though that trait’s new to me.

Edamame: Eh, before this legacy, the watcher only ever got Responsible and Good Manners!
So shoot me. I’m a minimalist!


Hamsta: And then it’s birthday time for Uma and Twain!
Uma is a vegetarian geek with the Friend of the World aspiration.
Twain is a dog lover and cat lover with the Master Chef aspiration.
The kids leave for school soon, so there’s no time for a makeover today.

Uma and Twain both move into Yuma Heights with Filly and Gregorio Sharebear.

Edamame: I’m off to adopt a little girl next but first, are you interested in trying for one of our own?
Jaxton: Am I ever!!!!

Hamsta: We will spare you the details of what follows the image above.
Know that Edamame will bring home their sixth child soon after, with another child on the way.
And that’s all the news worth knowing for now, folks.

Legacy points: Unchanged

SB 3.23. CSI: My Hammy

9 thoughts on “SB 3.22: My Hammy Vice

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      • After your sim researches Rabid Rodent Fever on a computer (Web/Research), they can purchase Rabies Inoculation Serum for lifetime prevention and/or Rabid Rodent Serum for an instant cure.
        As long as the household treats the mini-pet kindly and keeps its cage clean, there’s little chance of getting sick.
        About pets, dogs and cats are rather high maintenance in a challenge with only one controlled sim in the household, lol. And their Age-Down Treats (requiring Level 6 Veterinarian) last for 20 days each. For my rodents, I could order permanent anti-ageing treats on the computer.
        Oooh, I’m excited to read about your first toddlers! I need to catch up!!!


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