SB 3.23. CSI: My Hammy

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen 3, Edamame Sharebear

Week 9/Monday

Wut? Didn’t anybody ever teach you to knock first?
Huh? You want me to host this episode, too? Well, if you insist. *sighs
By the way, observant readers might have realized that I’ve also inspired more recent crime dramas, too.
That Horatio Crane totally stole his trademark sunglasses from me!

Hamsta: *checks script to refresh memory
Oh yeah…just minutes ago, Uma and Twain move out, forcing Jax to leave work early.
Daikon and Fugu leave for school, intent on bringing home an A grade.
Today’s the first day of grade school for Trei. He’s hoping to earn a B.

Meanwhile, Cuatro is a Rambunctious Scamp playing hooky from his first day of school.
Well, that’s not ALL he’s doing.
He’s sharing valuable secret intel with me about what the household’s been up to.
I only seem like an omniscient narrator!

Now that Edamame’s eating for two, she’d rather eat fruit and listen to music.
So Jax goes to the adoption agency instead and brings home a little girl, Cinca.

Hey, thanks for refilling my feed box, kiddo! I was starting to feel a bit peckish.
How was school today, Trei? Did you earn that B?
Trei: Yep!
Hamsta: So, what’s your story, Trei?

Trei: I don’t have one, Hamsta. I’m gonna max two aspirations then move out, that’s all.

Hamsta: That’s not true. You play a very important role in this legacy, Trei!
First, you maxed this legacy’s 144th skill.
Second, your moving out on Thursday makes room for the 10th kid.
I’d say your role is pretty significant, kiddo.


Cinca ages up to a toddler this morning and gets a makeover when the kids return from school.
When Edamame and Cinca emerge from CAS, they find a fire blazing in the Great Room.
Jax runs to help but he and Edamame can’t see any fire to extinguish. Odd!
And this is the second time this has happened!

Edamame take the time to read to Cuatro and Cinca.
Cuatro never had an adult read to him because he’s been so hard at “work”!
Cinca is an adorable little doll!

Every time a sim moves out of the legacy house, we lose parts of our collections.
That’s why Edamame decides to retrieve all our collectibles from our Simsonian Museum.

It breaks her heart to bulldoze the museum and sell the lot.
Now the collectibles are all thrown into a single basement room. Pray they don’t cause more lag!

Unlike we mini-pets, sims can’t take permanent anti-ageing treats.
But Jax gets his birthday notice today and drinks a Potion of Youth in the evening.

Benicio will be an elder come Thursday, can you believe that?
He and his son-in-law both agree that it’s high time for Jax to master Logic.
Oh and Jax earned his Level 7 promotion this morning and caught up with Edamame.

Cuatro’s almost within range to earn the Irresponsible trait as a young adult.
Not so surprising, really. He’s been skipping school and making messes like a boss.
Amazingly, he has time to finish two aspirations as well.

The dear boy is constantly worried that everyone will hate him. He’s just helping out, after all.
Our watcher’s pleased as punch that he might knock out three negative traits.
If he does, he’ll no doubt move out to some beachfront property, courtesy of our watcher.


Edamame gives birth to a second daughter and seventh child, named Gari.
Sushi lovers know that gari (young ginger pickled in sugar and vinegar) is a palate-cleanser.

Cinca is an independent toddler.
No need to fuss over her unless she specifically asks.

Daikon’s thrilled to be moving out today to live with his parents and sister in the Faust home.
Poor Fugu! She’d worked so hard on her character values only to learn she’s moving today, too.
Earning all 5 positive character value traits isn’t as hard as learning 3 negative traits.
That’s why Cuatro is worth his weight in gold (whereas Fugu is replaceable).

I know you’re disappointed, Fugu, but check out this calendar.
If you move out today, the 10th son can be born two days after the 8th and 9th sons.

But what if you wait until your young adult birthday next Wednesday to move out?
In that case, the 10th son will be born one whole week after his brothers.
That age gap is just too wide, Fugu! Capisci?

In no time at all, we receive Daikon’s birthday notice.
He is a striking young lad with his dark hair and green eyes.

Then, before Fugu can blow out her birthday candles, yet another fire breaks out.
This is starting to get old!
At least, I’m able to locate the source of this third fire in the exact same location.
It’s above the first-floor ceiling beneath the roof. No wonder it’s impossible to see!

Happy birthday, Fugu!
Thanks for trying so hard and sorry there isn’t room for you to stay.

Daikon and Fugu age up into the most beautiful teenagers!
You’d think they were siblings rather than cousins, right?

Daikon moves into the new Faust residence on the former Hecking lot.
Fugu moves into the former Delgato residence where Grandpa Benicio and Alejandro live.

The instant they’re out of the house, Edamame and Jax leap into action.
But then our precious butler Tetsu suddenly ups and leaves us.
Distraught, Eda and Jaxton’s first two “tries” prove fruitless.

Jax: No use fretting, darling. I’m going to phone in for a new butler.
Edamame: *sniffle, sniffle

Meanwhile, my trusty informant Cuatro has caught the school principal’s attention.
Cuatro: Gimme a break! I’ve only skipped three days of school so far!
I’m, uh, being home-schooled…

With renewed focus, Eda and Jax hop to it again.
She is now eating for two, at last.
Well, hopefully, she is now eating for three. Cross your fingers for twins!!!

Well, well. Look who the Windenburg Butler Academy sends us!
What a tremendous relief!!!!
I knew you both work tonight, Eda and Jax, but maybe throw a party for Tetsu tomorrow?

Whoopee-do, the life of Hamstarino is a thrill a minute.
Actually, I’m a little miffed to receive Bubalus’s postcard from Whiskerman’s Wharf.
I’m stuck here narrating while the Blub travels the world?

Anyway, the power couple are closing in on their 10 children.
Trei ages up to a teen and moves out tomorrow.
So Eda and Jax only need to have the last three children; they’ll all be heir candidates.

Farewell from Hamstarino

Hosting two updates about children who aren’t the heir candidates has been a tough gig!
Well, except for Cuatro, who’s totally my protégé.
Thankfully, I can wipe my paws of this whole narration business as of this minute.
And yes, that also means the end to the corny My Hammy titles.

SB 3.24: Peaches, Fish Eggs, and Potatoes

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