TD 7.53: Virtually Bubbly

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen7, Guacamo Lee 

Week 37/Friday

Guaca: I started this third free day before the children’s birthdays.
But they were both rather close to earning Top-Notch Toddler, so we help them finish.

Then, our Top-Notchers start Artistic Prodigy, lovingly encouraged by their Grandpas.

Due to reader support, my wife Kari emerges from her garden exile.
She resentfully continues to paint, while dropping queues as often as possible.
I mentor her to Painting 10. She’s on her own now.

Kari (glares): What’s so important about being productive, anyway?
Why can’t I simply watch TV and play video games all day?
That adopted kid, Bubb, isn’t even really mine!


On ageing up, our heir Virtua Lee (left) gains the Creative trait.
And Bubb Lee (right) is so named for his new Outgoing trait.

Bubb’s a bit of a wonder. He aged up about 2.5 hours after Virtua did.
But when Virtua’s done with her 5 types of drawings, he’s played violin for 3 hours already.

Speaking of productive, let me boast a bit about my sister Paize Lee.
After maxing Freelance Botanist last night, she’s explored all the dig sites in our hood.
Since this morning, she’s invented two cloning machines, a satellite dish, and an upgraded SimRay.

I’m already regretting my decision to buy the kids a hedgehog.
Do you think they’ll autonomously study the hedgehog to insta-complete their homework?
Yeah, neither do I. And my free time is better spent with the fam.

That hedgehog has the oddest effect on Scamp, though.
The moment I buy it, Scamp runs outside and lies down on his Barbarian’s Bed.
(That bed comes with the My First Pet stuff pack.)

Papa Bull says the same bed’s been bought for Scamp’s at Granada Place and Tail’s End.
But this is the first time Scamp’s used that bed on his own.

Week 38/Sunday

Have you heard about Eden Ray yet?
She’s been a not-in-the-world teen for the past five generations. That’s crazy!
Very attractive after a make-over, don’t you think?

Scamp: Are you thinking what I think you’re thinking?
Guaca: I’m waaaaay ahead of you! Can you hear the pitter-patter of little paws?

Scamp: Kailee Kidd and Bull’s brother Deft do push-ups in front of the house.
Man, Deft, that must hurt!
Kailee Kidd is the mother of Iconica Lee’s husband Ralph.
But when did Kailee become a daywalker? So many daywalkers around these days!

Scamp: So, what do you think, Virtua?
Virtua: All the hedgehog does is run around in its cage and squeak?
Scamp: Yeah.
Virtua: Boring. I’m not taking care of it!


After midnight, it’s just me and my clubmates.
Looks like Aarohi’s feeling a little jealous about Eden’s makeover.
While playing chess, I ask Aarohi to mentor me and we become good friends. (1 point)

I get caught off-guard by Paize, who sits nearby and starts insulting me.
Distracted by Paize, I accidentally master Logic. (3 points)
Darn it all! I’d planned to stop at Logic 9!

I’ve only been living here for 16 days and I’m already tired of this heir business.
All morning, I chase after Virtua, Bubb, and Paize to “discuss cognitive focusing exercises.”

My Gourmet Cooking leaps 3 levels while cooking a pet food recipe for Scamp!
Three freaking levels, causing me to max that skill. Sheesh! (5 points)

On their first day of school, Virtua (but not Bubb) earns a B! (6 points)
Once again, we’re earning points too quickly so I hire a butler and order a pizza (4 points)

I can just tell this is going to be one of those weeks. *sighs


Scamp: What are you doing out here?
Guaca: Virtua went to bed, so I’m finishing up her school project.
Scamp: Is that legit?
Guaca: Who knows? But Papa Bull did it for me when I was a kid.
And, by the way, I’m keeping that new, awful butler for another day. ( 3 points)

I sold off the big plushies to keep the kids focused on Whiz Kid.
Papa Bull kept smashing the treehouse, so I sold that, too.
After being insulted by Paize, though, I’ve bought back one of the big plushies.
I’d rather Papa Bull slug the plushie than argue with the family.

As soon as Bubb wakes up, I herd him over to where I put his school project.
I’m telling you, as soon as both kids earn As, I’m done with school projects!
He starts too late and “we” don’t have time to finish his project before school.

Thanks to finishing “her” project on time, Virtua earns an A this afternoon. (4 points)
Bubb brings home a B grade at last! (5 points)

There’s a reason why Bubb is Mental 9 while Virtua is  only Mental 6.
Virtua sits down on the sidewalk to do her homework, but not Bubb.
Bubb autonomously goes to “Study rodent,” finishing his homework 50% faster.
Not only that, he masters his Mental skill. (7 points)

In the evening, Scamp ages up so I give him an Age-Down Treat.
Paize earns a promotion (8 ) but I hire a caterer. (7 points)
And, after all that, I help Bubb with a school project for tomorrow.
Can my life get any more hectic, I ask you?


I’ve been thinking lately why being heir gives me so little joy.
Looking back, Papa Bull always seemed so happy and I’ve figured out why.
My fathers loved each other deeply and always supported each other.
Bubb and I never wanted for attention.

Because Kari only lazes around, I’ve come to dislike her. I can’t help it.
Whatever! Paize made me a SimRay last weekend.
I’ll take my frustrations out on our butler.  (6 points)

Today, I’m extremely happy with Bubb!
First of all, he brings home an A grade. (7 points)
Secondly, he brings home a friend whom I read to for two hours, hehe.
Completing that goal for Big Happy Family earns me 1,000 satisfaction. (8 points)
Incidentally, nobody knows why Bubb came home dressed like that. Ugh!

Grandpa Ralph’s mother comes over and I almost invite her in.
But then I check everyone’s contact list and nobody knows her.
Instead, I relock all the doors and she hisses a bit then leaves. *shrugs


Looks like we’re keeping the butler into the next free day. (7 points)

Before school, Virtua masters Mental at the science experiment table. (9 points)
And she speeds through her homework for the first time using Study Rodent.
Good job!

In the evening, I become good friends with my clubmate Nobuya Nakamura.
That’s the 10th point, people. Let’s start our fourth free day!
Thank heavens, I’ll be free of all this on Friday of next week!


Free Day #4 (10 points)
Promotion (5):
Career (1): Paize/Scientist 8
School (4): Virtua/B & A, Bubb/B & A
Satisfaction points (1): +1,000 sp x1
Good friends (2): Aarohi Anand, Nobuya Nakamura
Maxed skill/aspiration (8 ):
Skill (8 ): Guacamo/Logic, Gourmet Cooking; Bubb/Mental; Virtua/Mental
NPC hires (-6): Butler x4, Caterer x1, Pizza x1

Household Ages
Ramiro Lee: Day 18 elder (his age bar’s been bubbling for the past 8 days)
Bull Lee: Day 6 elder
Guacamo Lee: 5 days to adult
Kari Lee: 5 days to adult
Virtua Lee: 7 days to teen
Bubb Lee: 7 days to teen

TD 7.54: Guaca Regains His Mojo

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