TD 7.54: Guaca Regains His Mojo

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen7, Guacamo Lee


Week 38/Thursday

To backtrack several hours, Guaca takes everyone to Chez Llama after school’s out.
Bull: You even brought her!
Guaca: Well, she’s Virtua’s birth mother, though we have broken up.
When Virtua moves out, Kari and I will go our separate ways.
There’s just one week left of my era, so I’m done stressing over her.

I go to look for the kids, who are doing their homework on the kitchen floor.
On my way back, I greet a few other diners nearby.

Guaca: Well, hello there! Is this your first time at Chez Llama?
Prisha: Why, yes! Do you have any recommendations?
Guaca: I would suggest the garlic breasts. They are divine!
Prisha: Garlic breasts?
Guaca: No, no. I mean, garlic bread. Bread!!! *kicks himself internally

Then I meet another diner who captivates me to no end: Artharv.
He starts feeling flirty, standing there with his fists clenched and all.
Before I make a fool  of myself, I return to my table.

Ramiro: Don’t look now, son, but someone’s staring a hole into the back of your head.
Guaca (whispers back): Ssshhh, I know! I can feel it!
But  I can’t do this now. I’ll contact him after the free day…

Back home, the free day starts and Papa Bull struggles with the thought of mortality.
Bull: I want to die first. I can’t imagine life without you, Ramiro.
Ramiro: Don’t say that. Once we die, we can be reborn and find each other again.

Guaca: I’d built them a little corner in the back, thinking they’d want to renew their vows.
I never expected my evil erratic Papa Bull and hotheaded unflirty Papa Ramiro to become such lovebirds.


Here’s a close-up of Virtua Lee.
She and Bubb both take a vacation day from school to make the most of the free day.

I guess it’s never too early to give the hedgehog a permanent anti-ageing treat.
When I take the hedgehog out to play, I’m surprised to find it quite adorable.

Except that it bites my nose then grins, that hateful little demon spawn.
Yeah, yeah, go run on your pointless treadmill.
Thankfully, I’ll be selling you when I move with Virtua. *glares

Some weeks ago, I built this basement room to store columns and violins.
Whenever I think an increase in household funds might earn me more points, I buy a violin.
Now I want to buy a violin then sell harvestables, but I can’t enter Build mode.
Nooooooo, Papa Ramiro!

Ramiro: Thank you for coming, Grim. I’m ready to leave this world.
Grim: I see you’ve lived a long and happy life, Ramiro. Your family adores you.
Ramiro: Yes, I was just living aimlessly until I met Bull.
Grim: Don’t worry, Ramiro. Bull won’t be keeping you waiting for long.

Bull: I can’t believe Ramiro is gone!
Watcher makes me drink a moodlet solver to lift me out of my grief.
Pulling myself together, I share vampire knowledge with Virtual until she’s Level 8.
Virtua: Thanks, Grandpa! That’s enough vampire knowledge for today.


After nightfall, I take Virtua and Scamp with me to Chateau Frise.
I want Virtua to meet Ricardo Duran for later.
Seeing such a big house completely empty is shocking.
Scamp could care less. He loves the beach proximity and pool.

Week 39/Sunday

Virtua is such an angel! I go looking for her to recommend that she play the violin.
I find her cleaning up dishes then she starts playing on her own.
It’s a great opportunity for me to mentor her until her nap time.

Skipping Social Butterfly during the last free day, Bubb played chess instead.
And today, Bubb masters his Logic skill. (2 points)
I didn’t have to tell Bubb to go do that, either! I’m so proud of the kids!


When Paize plays the violin on her own, I mentor her until she hit Violin 10. (4 points)
My last free day is planned for Friday, though, so I hire a butler. (3 points)
Next, I buy myself the Always Welcome and Observant reward traits. (1 point)

Then, I immediately fire the new butler because I learn he’s squeamish.
We need a butler that Virtua can keep throughout her teen years.

Everyone’s been sad and worried ever since Scamp ran away yesterday afternoon.
I can’t tell if he runs off because he’s a troublemaker or because he’s adventurous.
Anyway, he returns with fanfare and prezzies today, the flea-infested scruffbag!


Bull: Shimuzu brings back such memories! Ramiro and I once had a date at this very table.
You knew that, didn’t you?
Guaca (feigns interest in menu): Um, I might have looked through your photo album.
Bull: Did you also know I received my second notice from Grim this morning?
I can’t wait to see Ramiro again!

Guaca: Thanks to you and Ramiro, Paize and I grew up surrounded by so much love.
And you both shared that love with my kids, too!
Bull: Ramiro and I enjoyed every minute of it, son.
My only regret’s that you’ve never experienced the kind of love I’ve had with Ramiro.
Since you and Kari have broken up, I hope you’ll find your special someone, too, Guaca.

After returning home, I help with the kids’ homework.
I send Arvath a happy text and he asks me out, but I’m too busy at the moment.
Next, I increase our household funds to $177,027 (5 pt) and hire a butler. (4 points)
(But the butler has the mean trait, so I fire him. I need a good butler for Virtua!)

Finally free, I invite Arvath out for a date! We become good friends (5 points).
And our date even earns a gold medal without a single kiss! (6 points)
He doesn’t seem that into me, though.


It’s past midnight a the Lost Gardens of Healing and I notice the Well seems happy.
That’s his happy face, right? I toss the Well at $5000 offering.

I wish for happiness but get a 4-hour Angry +2 “Where’s My Happiness?” moodlet. (7 points)
Grrrr? Where’s my happiness? That’s the fifty-million dollar question, ain’t it?

Scamp: When Guaca returns home from who knows where, it’s past 3 a.m. already.
Everybody’s still awake, however, so he invites Bull and the kids to a game of Party Frenzy.

Guaca: Nice job, Papa Bull! We’re stomping the other team!
Bubb: You’re the adults here. You oughta let us kids win!
Virtua: Bubb and I are NOT gonna let you wiiiiiinnnnnn!

Scamp: Suddenly, Bull stands and lifts his arm then crumbles to the floor.
At first, the other three don’t notice when suddenly Grim arrives.

Just before being reaped, Bull briefly appears as a happy green ghost.
After a long life filled with love and joy, he’ll soon be reunited with Ramiro.
Rest in peace, my beloved friend! I’m glad your final days overflowed with happiness. *sniffle, sniffle


Scamp: We who remain miss Bull and Ramiro intensely.
Yesterday, Paize earns a promotion to Scientist 9. (8 points)
Today, Guaca and Paize naturally age up to adults, without cake.
Life goes on.

Guaca: I hire yet another butler, a squeamish one this time. (7 points)
After school’s out, I become good friends with Eden Ray. (8 points)
As you can see, I’m just a sliver away from mastering Charisma.

When Scamp and I return from our walk, I chat with Virtua to max Charisma. (10 points)
The last free day of this seventh generation can now begin.
Scamp: You were a good heir, a fine father, and loving son, Guaca!

• All this time I’ve been referring to the Artifacts Association as the Relics Association. Sorry!
• This past week, Bull’s brother Deft and the good Dr. Evan Hayashi passed away, allowing us to move two more not-in-the-world households into homes. Yay!
• The next update begins with Guaca’s last free day, during which Virtua and Bubb age up to teens.
• Virtua’s run as the Gen8 heir begins the following night!


Free Day #5 (10 points)
Promotion (1):
Career (1): Paize/Scientist 9
Good friends (2): Arvath Venkataram, Eden Ray
Social events (1): Gold-medal date x1
Household funds (4): $30,000 x2
Wishing well (1): Wish for happiness
Maxed skill/aspiration/job (6):
Skill (6): Guacamo/Charisma; Bubb/Logic; Paize/Violin
NPC hires (-3): Butler x3
Satisfaction rewards (-2): Guaca/Always Welcome, Observant

Guacamo Lee’s Total (50/50 points)
Promotions (9):
Career (5): Paize/Scientist 5-9
School (4): Virtua/B & A, Bubb/B & A
Satisfaction points (3): 1,000 sp x3
Good friends (7) Virtua, Bubb, Genji, Aarohi, Nobuya, Arvath, Eden
Social events (1): Gold-medal date x1
Household funds (10): $30,000 x5
Wishing well (1): Wish for happiness x1
Maxed skill/aspiration/job (42):
Skills (38): Guaca (20), Virtua (10), Bubb (6), Paize (2)
Aspiration (4) Guaca/Musical Genius, Ramiro/Successful Lineage
NPC hire (-21): Butler x12, Caterer x4, Pizza x3, Gardener x1, Nanny x1
Satisfaction rewards (-2): Guaca x2

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