SB 3.24: Peaches, Fish Eggs, and Potatoes

Cuatro at his best

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen3, Edamame Sharebear

Week 9/Wednesday

Edamame: Things have been going well so far, don’t you think?
Jaxton: I agree, even considering all the mayhem of raising so many kids!
Edamame: You’ve achieved so much without finishing your first aspiration!
Jaxton: I started my career the very bottom, but I’m close to finishing Public Enemy now.

Edamame: Here’s a quick recap of where we are now, dear readers,
We’ve adopted five children: Uma, Twain, Trei, Cuatro, and Cinca.
We’ve also had two girls: Fugu and Gari.

Uma and Twain moved out two days ago on Monday.
Daikon (Dango’s son) and Fugu moved out this morning.

Gari, our naturally-born daughter, becomes a toddler this morning.
We now have two children and two toddlers at home.

Cuatro is within range of earning three negative upbringing traits.
He’s dedicated today to a fourth negative trait: Bad Manners.
He has so much focus and drive, that Cuatro!

In case you’re wondering about Hamstarino, he’s doing well.
He spends more time with the family since he’s no longer busy narrating.
Hopefully, he’ll start having many adventures soon!


I earn a promotion to Level 8 Boss and complete Public Enemy early this morning.
And I have so many other reasons for feeling happy: Gari’s birth, all the recent birthdays, my pregnancy, to name just a few.

Then Cinca tells me a joke while I’m watching the Kids Network.
I manage to calm down my Hysterical mood  just in time. Whew, that was close!
Edamame has 11 moodlets resulting in a Happy +16 mood. Extremely dangerous!

Cuatro: Mama, I’m within range to earn Bad Manners! What next?
Edamame: You’ve done amazing work, Cuatro!
If you want to earn our legacy a point, earn a 5th trait.
Cuatro: Consider it done, Mama!

Edamame (to Jax): Is Cuatro super gifted or are we great parents?
Jax: A combination of both, no doubt.

Good news! I invited Chacha and Dango over and my sisters are both expecting.
Now go home both of you and let your husbands pamper you!

In the evening, Trei ages up to a teen.
He’s a loner who loves the outdoors with the Mixologist aspiration.
He completed three childhood aspiration and maxed Violin.
Compared to Cuatro, Trei’s lived a pretty relaxing life.
He now lives in Yuma Heights with Gregorio, Uma, and Twain.

I’d initially planned to have Gari earn the Bad Manners trait.
Now that Cuatro has that covered, I might move Gari out as a teen.
Or maybe I’ll keep the last four children to catch up with careers!
Our legacy as a whole seems to be falling behind with careers.

Also, Gari has my green eyes. If she grows up well, I’m definitely keeping her.


Friday afternoon and I’m more than ready to give birth!

Dear Jaxton is panicking enough for the both of us.
Take a deep breath, sweetheart, because…

I’ve given birth to triplets!
For our three sons, we are back to alphabetical naming.

H is for Hakuto (white peach).
Hakuto is our eighth child and the first of three Gen4 heir candidates.
Hakuto also happens to be our watcher’s all-time favorite fruit.

I is for Ikura (salmon roe).
Sushi aficionados have savored ikura, I’m sure.
And yes, we’re naming our sons after the watcher’s favorite foods.
Watcher’s a sushi classicist: no blasphemous California roll for her!

J is for Jaga (short for potato).
Who does not love stewed or braised potatoes?

Edamame: And there you have it!
The last three of our ten children in one fell swoop!
Don’t worry about memorizing their names!
I’ll be color-coding their wardrobes to match their names for our sanity as well as yours!

Will triplets turn out to be a blessing or sheer chaos?
Only time will tell!

Several hours later, Cuatro ages up to a teenager.
My little Cuatro who’s never been to school a day in his life!
He ages up a hotheaded cat lover with the Bodybuilder aspiration.

I feel so guilty about asking Cuatro to earn all the negative traits.
Look at what a handsome young man he’s become!
If it weren’t for my request, Cuatro would be the high school heartthrob!
Don’t you worry, Cuatro! You won’t regret helping the family out!
*starts combing the Gallery for Cuatro’s future beach house

After ensuring that our nooboos are fed and changed, we head for the gym.
The least we can do for Cuatro is help with his aspiration, right?
I plan to mentor Cuatro, but a fitness trainer beats me to it.
Meanwhile, Papa mentors Jaxton.

We run into Chacha at the gym with Perry (who, for some reason, remains outside).
She has that lovely pregnancy glow.
But, girl, sportswear is not the best look for you right now.

We’ve also invited our daughter Fugu along to the gym.
Gari considers her older sis Fugu as her own personal caregiver.
Please reach Level 3 in all your toddler skills by tomorrow, Gari!

With everyone taken care of, I sneak off for some fishing.
I gave birth to triplets today. I deserve to relax a bit!
But, hmmmmm, the triplets will be bassinet burritos until tomorrow…

Instead of quietly fishing, I end up taking the fam all over our world so I can meet new sims.
The result? I complete the Friend of the World aspiration.
(I’d already maxed Charisma weeks ago.)

Papa and Uncle Alejandro also aged up to elders earlier today.
I should remove them from the club but I so love seeing them around!

Well, that’s all for now, folks!
Come back next time to meet our triplets as toddlers!
You know they’re going to be adorable as heck!


Legacy Score: +1
Family (+1): 10th point: Have/adopt 10 children in one gen
Athletic: (Completed Public Enemy, Friend of the World)

SB 3.25: Outdoor Antagonist

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