SB 3.25: Outdoor Antagonist



A Sharebear Legacy/Gen3, Edamame

Week 9/Friday

Edamame: We’ve been crazy busy lately!
Not long after I give birth to the triplets today, Cuatro ages up to a handsome teenager.

We decide to leave the triplets with the nanny and bring the family to Granite Falls.
It would be nice to complete Outdoor Enthusiast, don’t you think?

We are renting Bear Cabin, a lovely rental created by LadyMartita.
Bears of every variety decorate this delightful abode!
That large brown bear and white cub are also décor. (How do they do that?)
At first, I thought we had uninvited visitors.

We know Cinca’s birthday arrives this evening, but not exactly when.
The first thing I do is bake a birthday cake for her.
To keep the household from eating the cake, Jaxton makes spaghetti.

Bear Cabin has been modified to accommodate our household’s needs.
Before we arrived, our watcher made sure to add some (not all) skilling equipment.

One of Bear Cabin’s bedrooms has been made over for toddlers.
An additional slide and treehouse dollhouse also keep Gari entertained.

Our first daughter Fugu must be going through some weird phase.
She’s been going around causing household members to drop their queues.
And why is she flirting with her brother Cuatro?

In our legacy, household members in important roles may drink a single Potion of Youth.
That is, sims in the roles of founder, heirs, primary spouses, and cadets.
When I see Papa reading to Gari, I’m glad we have this rule in place..

As another precaution to save the cake, I make Meatless Monte Cristo Sammies, too.

Just as I’m heading downstairs from the kitchen, we’re notified about Cinca’s birthday.
Of course, Fugu chooses that very moment to take a piece of the birthday cake.
It’s as if she waited until I left the kitchen to pounce on the cake.
Not the spaghetti or the sandwiches…it has to be the birthday cake.  Arrrgggghhh!

Fine. I return to the kitchen and prepare another birthday cake for Cinca.
After she blows out her candles, I give her a makeover.
But I’m so exasperated with Fugu that I completely forget to take Cinca’s photo.

As for Fugu, I send her home immediately.
I don’t want to see her during the rest of our stay in Granite Falls.
Maybe she’ll be removed from the legacy club, too.
All she brings to the table is her Violin skill, anyway.
Hah, you’d think Fugu was the one with the Insensitive trait, not me! *fumes

Four hours after I arrive in Granite Falls, I finally start on Outdoor Enthusiast.
By this time, I have of course forgotten to plant that Cereberry!


After midnight, I move on alone to the National Park, leaving everyone behind at Bear Cabin.
And, yes, I’m doing exactly what it looks like I’m doing.
I’m a Kleptomaniac, remember?
Besides, our watcher is incompetent when it comes to collecting insects.

When it’s daylight, I proceed to the Deep Woods with Jaxton and my boi Cuatro.
Then I remember that Jaxton is squeamish and can’t fish.
Back you to go to Bear Cabin, dearest!

I’m doing everything I need to do to become an Outdoor Enthusiast.
Roasting beetles, eating plants, befriending the hermit, and so forth.
You’re familiar with the drill, I’m sure.

I’m a little worried about collecting 15 insects, but wait!
Those bugs I swiped also count!
If you’re a klepto with an insect-challenged watcher like me, you might give this a go.
Oh come on, I’m not completely lazy! I collected more bugs than I swiped!

As you can see from my Outdoor Enthusiast panel, I’m ready to go home!
Here’s another shot of my protégé Cuatro.
We have to be careful so  he doesn’t undo any of his negative upbringing traits.
No friendly introductions or cleaning messes!

By the way, why did I think completing Outdoor Enthusiast would be a good idea?
How will I sleep 5 nights in a tent when I work nights? Ugh, I’ll give it a whirl.

Now that we’re back home, here’s a nice shot of Cinca!
She aged up with my Glutton trait and earned the Happy Toddler trait.
She’s an aspiring Artistic Prodigy.

Thankfully, Gari ages up to a child tomorrow and will earn the Happy Toddler trait.
Because now we have three more toddlers!
As you can see, Hakuto’s inquisitive, Ikura’s a charmer, and Jaga’s independent.

I’m willing to bet that all three will be as dashing as their father Jaxton.
It’s hard to tell from these two shots, but only Jaga has inherited my green eyes.
We’ve already lost the red hair gene! I’d really like to keep the green eyes! (hint, hint)


Legacy Score: no change

Gallery Download
“Bear Cabin” by LadyMartita (revised to accommodate toddlers and minimal skilling)

Household Ages
Jaxton (YA): 8 days to adult (drank a Potion of Youth)
Edamame (YA): 2 days to adult (hasn’t drank a Potion of Youth yet, but I will age her up to elder with Jaxton)
Cuatro (teen): 6 days to young adult
Cinca (child): 6 days to teen
Gari (toddler): 1 day to child
Hakuto (toddler): 4 days to child
Ikura (toddler): 4 days to child
Jaga (toddler): 4 days to child

SB 3.26: Outdoor Enthusiast/Fail

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