TD 8.55: Knowing When to Stop

The family cemetery, next to the Lee Dynasty Museum

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen8, Virtua Lee

Week 39/Thursday

Virtua: Papa doesn’t even pretend to care about our birthdays!
Bubb: Just for that, you should take over the narration!
Virtua: You’re right, Bubb! I’m taking over!

Virtua: Ugh, I combine the worst of my parents!
I’d been hoping for Mama’s beauty and Papa’s normal body shape.
Instead, I’m abnormally skinny and look like my father. *sighs

On the plus side, I’m a creative bookworm with an easy aspiration: The Curator.

That’s me, Virtua Lee, over the years!

Naturally, Bubb doesn’t take after our parents since he’s adopted. He ages up really nice!
He’s an outgoing vegetarian with the Mansion Baron aspiration.
He insta-completes Mansion Baron and Fab Wealthy, so he’s loaded with satisfaction. (I’m so jelly!)


After I earn enough satisfaction to buy Marketable and Creative Visionary, I ask Mama to mentor me.
Whenever I finish a painting, she runs off to watch TV like I have some contagious disease.
C’mon, Mama, don’t be like that!

Like every sidekick spare, Bubb’s started on Nerd Brain as his third aspiration.
Seeing Bubb and Papa in profile, I imagine Bubb is kinda glad he doesn’t resemble Papa, lol.

Surprisingly, Grim shows up to fish beside our home.
Or is Grim using fishing as an excuse to hang out with Auntie Paize? She’s pretty cool!

Bubb: Sis, what can I do? I need to “Own a rocket ship” next but there’s no room on our lot.
Virtua: We can use the tip MarianT suggested to our founder, Liberty Lee.
Bubb: How brilliant! We buy a retail lot then place a rocket ship here!
Virtua: Yep! Thanks again, MarianT! ❤

We’ve come to Desert Bloom Park, so Bubb can go on his five space missions.
Meanwhile, I’m toying with the idea of using fish for my collection.
But I’m not going to go crazy and insist on catching 10 sturgeon or anything.

Incidentally, I was upset yesterday about my appearance but I’m feeling pretty cute today!

Bubb is such a champ!
Since he maxed Logic as a child, he’s flying through his Nerd Brain aspiration.
While we fish, he finishes his five upgrades then starts on The Curator.


After the free day ended a while ago, I sent everybody else home.
Now it’s just me, my moodlet solvers, and the fishies.
I promised myself that I wouldn’t obsess over my fish collection’s value.
But now that I’ve caught a few high-value fish, it’s so hard to stop!

Week 40/Monday

Well, I finally tear myself away from the Forgotten Grotto.
I’d even skipped school today to keep fishing, but I forced myself to stop fishing. Sheesh!
For three days, all I did was fish and drink moodlet solvers. I’ve had it!
To avoid being tempted to keep fishing, though, I’m placing my collection at the museum this evening.

By the way, Papa built a cemetery for all the family graves after moving to Willow Creek.
He couldn’t retrieve our founder’s gravestone, though, so he bought her this big, new one.

With Papa mentoring, I have started painting everyone’s portraits.


Virtua: That’s Mario Bello who’s a neat, erratic bro.
I’m very grateful for Grandpa Bull’s nimble maneuvering with Ricardo Duran.
If not for Grandpa Bull, I’d be marrying Mario and moving to Skyward Palms in Oasis Springs.

Scamp: Noooooooo!!!! That neighborhood brings back bad memories!


Virtua: Since I have zero Wellness skill, I can only get Bubb to do his homework by traveling to a community lot.
I just don’t want to take the time to learn Wellness right now.

Every vampire I meet these days is a daywalker, it seems. Has our world changed?

I’ve seen those men before in the founder’s photo album. They just live on and on!
The guy on left was her co-worker at The Lab; the one on the right was her landlord.
Luckily for us, they’ve remained homeless all these years!


Just before I need to leave for school, I go to the museum to hang my portraits.
They’re worth $19,065 and my fish collection, $12,070.
My total museum value comes to $31,135.
That’s the fourth highest value among all eight museum displays so far. Not bad, not bad.

Hey, Scamp, did you hear that I’m finished with my museum stuff?
After school, I need to spend one whole day just learning some skills.
But after that, it’s just you and me. Well, you and me and, maybe, Ricardo Duran.
Are you ready, Scamp? *dashes off to school

Scamp: Am I ready, she asks.  Am I ever!!!
Jungle Dawg is already ready for action!


Household Ages
Kari Lee (adult): 15 days to elder
Guacamo Lee (adult): 16 days to elder
Paize Lee (adult):  16 days to elder
Virtua Lee (teen): 6 days to teen
Bubb Lee (teen): 6 days to teen
Scamp (adult): ?

TD 8.56: Jungle Noob

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