TD 8.56: Jungle Noob

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen8, Virtua Lee

Week 40/Thursday

Jungle Dawg: This is “my week,” so I’ll be doing all the talking until the trip to Selvadorada ends. Woof!

I’m pretty hyped about returning to Selvadorada on Friday!
We should be leaving right after school on Friday, right?
That gives Virtua 24 hours to get stuff done.

Unfortunately, she returns from school with a Mortified +50 moodlet.
Watchette finally makes her to drink a moodlet solver and Virtua even drags her feet on that!

Four hours after she gets home from school, Virtua finally gets serious about skilling.


Entering a Loud phase after school, Virtua spends a lot of time dropping queues to be mad.
Sorry to dash your optimistic hopes with my bluntness, Watchette.
But do you get the feeling that Guacamo and Virtua just trashed your gene pool?
Noooo! Does that mean Virtua’s generation will be…unpleasant?

Sadly, we don’t manage to arrive in Selvadorada until nearly midnight.
Not sure what took so long. Virtua didn’t even get that much skilling done! Hmmph, teenagers!

Since we are a party of eight, we’ll be staying at the Belomisa Field Station.

As you can see, I’ve invited along Virtua, Bubb, Guacamo, and Paize.
I’ve also invited Guacamo’s friend Arthav and Bubb’s classmate Kasey.
We hang at the Cantina for a while to see if Virtua can buy me a food bowl and bed, but no luck.
Back to our lodging to wait until tomorrow. Dibs on the sofa!


The next morning, I’m eager to return to the marketplace so Virtua can buy me a bowl.
I’ve been surviving on treats since last night.
To my utter shock, she feeds herself before buying my bowl and feeding me. *feels disappointed

I’ve been thinking ahead lately to the end of this dynasty.
The final heir, it seems, only needs to create portraits and put together a museum collection.

That means that I only have one more trip to Selvadorada after this one!
Just my luck to come here with an heir who’s constantly in a bad mood…
Maybe I can persuade the Gen10 heir to make one last trip!

Okay, I’ll accept your peace offering since you’re going through a loud phase.
And now we’re friends.

Guacamo and Arthav, enjoying some quiet time together.

JD: Yo! Why are you cooking at the Belomisa Trailhead? It’s almost 9 pm.
Don’t you remember that the temple resets every 24 hours?
Virtua: Don’t tell me what to do! I’m the heir and you’re not.
JD: Oh puhleeze! I am Jungle Dawg and who are you? Jungle Noob, that’s who!

JD: We press forward until reaching the temple then immediately return to the lodging.
We can start fresh tomorrow morning.

Week 41/Sunday

Virtua learned to establish dig sites before we returned home last night.
So this morning, we return to the temple with a smaller group of four (including yours truly).

Guacamo avoids an attack by fire flies with mumbo-jumbo he learned by maxing Selvadoradan Culture.

Inside the Temple of Abundance, Bubb also gets attacked by fire flies.
He avoids getting bit by using the Fire Foam in his personal inventory.
But the encounter leaves him singed for the rest of his vacation. Sorry, Bubb!

I really hate this mechanism! We run into three of these in this temple!
Poor Virtua! She activates the wrong trigger and ends up wetting herself.
Time for another moodlet solver!

In the next-to-the-last room, Virtua finally realizes that my hunger is critically low.
She summons me but then just stands there doing nothing.
Thanks so much, Guacamo, for autonomously feeding me a big treat! ❤

And then I age up to an elder, so Virtua gives me both an Age-Down Treat and a big treat.

Stop zoning out, Virtua! The treasures are in the next room!
Pull on the left warrior’s weapon already! It’s already 8 pm!

And she finally finishes exploring the temple! It only took two whole days!
If the next heir lets me guide him, I’m pretty sure we can finish two temple runs in one weekend. *side-eyes Virtua

Why did Virtua take so long to get through the temple?
She was even skipping all the temple’s dig sites along the way!
But now Virtua, Guaca, and Bubb are excavating every dig site on their way out.


Virtua: I earn another vacation day today, so I’m never going back to high school!
Papa helps me learn several useful skills.
The days have really sped by!

Late that night, I master Vampire Lore so I can go cure Ricardo tomorrow!
Around the same time, our resident attention-hog runs away. *sighs


Virtua: I’m glad you’re back, Scamp, but your timing is really lousy!
Don’t you realize that my young adult birthday’s in, like, 30 hours?

Scamp: Yeah, yeah. I’m protesting the overall quality of my recent trip to Selvadorada.
For me, it was the worst trip ever! Dig, dig, dig. Where was the fun? Where was the adventure?

That night, I visit Ricardo Duran at Chateau Frise with two goals in mind.
When I arrive at Ricardo’s home, we have zero friendship since I barely know him.
So, after I cure him of vampirism, I’d like us to get to know each other.


Four hours later, I know that he’s Neat and Childish as well as a Level 6 Chef.
He seems like a really nice guy, but it takes me until 2 am to become friends with him.
I better get home before Papa starts to worry.

When I ask Papa about Ricardo’s third trait, I learn he’s Good.
I can’t wait to meet him again after my birthday. I wonder if he’ll like me more when I’m a young adult…

While doing lab work on the vet crafting machine, I lose track of time and miss the birthday notices!
Only Bubb and Eden celebrate my birthday with me. Where are my parents?

My brother and I are young adults now!
I’m a creative, materialistic bookworm, while Bubb’s an outgoing vegetarian snob.

It’s time for me to go pay another visit to Ricardo to see if we’ve got chemistry!

Coming next: Virtua marries and moves out! The ninth-generation Lee heir is born!

TD 8.57: Banana Muffins

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  2. I learned something from another simmer yesterday. If you use the insect repellent that you couldn’t make with the herbalism skill it will keep all of those dreadful bees and spiders and there is insects away from you. It’s a very good thing to know and I’m having mine work on herbalism before they go.

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