SB 3.26: Outdoor Enthusiast/Fail

Too cute!


A Sharebear Legacy/Gen3, Edamame

Week 9/Saturday

Edamame: Before we plunge into new events, allow me to re-introduce the family.
Yesterday, Jaxton and I welcomed the last three of our ten children into our home.
The whole family is doing great!

Our last two adopted kids are closing in on their first aspirations.
Cuatro’s young adult birthday and Cinca’s teen birthday fall on the same day.
They’ll both be moving out next Friday but head to different neighborhoods.
Until then, Cuatro needs to keep all five of his character values in the red zones.

Our charmer Gari arrived in the world only three days before the triplets’ births.
And the first triplet born was inquisitive Hakuto. At the moment, Hakuto resembles his father more than his brothers do.

Ikura is also a charmer, while our youngest (by a few minutes) son Jaga is independent.

Tonight, Cuatro finishes his Bodybuilder aspiration.
I’ve been trying to think up ways for Cuatro to spend his remaining days here.
For now, he can take charge of the garden to help him complete Fabulously Wealthy.
Chief of Mischief, perhaps?

Our butler Tetsu is no longer as perfect a butler as he used to be.
He’s spraying monsters under his bed (?) when Cuatro asks him to water the plants.
There’s no reason for him to storm out of his room like that!

Week 10/Sunday

At 1 am, I come home with the Level 9 Boss promotion.
I’m The Brain! My career outfits just keep getting better!

I read a book to my four little angels.
It’s a little hard not to favor Gari and Jaga with their lovely green eyes.

And then, while all the toddlers sleep and Jaxton’s working, I go to sleep in a tent.
Unfortunately, I wake up after only three hours, fully refreshed.
Oh, right! I have the new Never Weary trait! My energy never drops! Never!
Our watcher consults another watcher who says I need to keep trying, so I go back to sleep.

Do you see my “tent sleep” meter in the bottom left?
That meter is far from full, but I wake up soon after.
I’m giving up on Outdoor Enthusiast!
5 nights of tent sleeping can be done with the old Never Weary trait (4,000 points) but not the new one (10,000 points).

Jax: I bring home a promotion to Level 8 Oracle and complete Public Enemy, at last.
What shall I do now? The Grilled Cheese aspiration?
Edamame: I say we just focus on our triplets for now.
We may be behind in careers but the two of us have worked haaaard!!!

Gari ages up in the afternoon and earns the Happy Toddler trait.
She’s a Music Lover and Rambunctious Scamp.

Cinca: I’m so glad you’re my age now, Gari! We can fangirl together over Fake Love, the new MV by BTS!
Gari: No thanks, Cinca! I’m with our watcher! Taeyong in NCT all the way! *fans self
Haven’t you seen NCT U’s music video “BOSS”? You can watch it by clicking here.

Hakuto: Why am I the only one learning to say sorry, Papa?
Jax: Because I’ve chosen you to learn the Mediator upbringing trait.
Don’t you want to be the one to earn the last of 10 upbringing traits and earn us a point?


As soon as I receive my birthday notice, I drink a Potion of Youth.
I’m not sure why I feel I have to drink it in the Focused Room.
It’s where everybody is skilling these days but it has to be the ugliest room in the house!

I’m pretty sure Jax and I have the most darling toddlers in our simverse!
Just look at them!
We received word last night that Dango and Chacha’s kids are toddlers now, too.
I can’t wait to meet them!

Here’s Cinca, leaving fashionably late for school.
Get the move on, young lady. It’s already 8:46 am!
Who do you think you are? Cuatro is special!

The girls both bring home B grades this afternoon.
As soon as they’re home, we leave to visit my sisters, starting with Dango.
Everyone’s home at the Faust residence.
But at the Green residence, the parents are out while leaving their toddlers at home alone. Strange!

Why didn’t Kenneth Green meet us out front like his sister did?
Where are you, Kenneth?
Even more to the point, how the heck do I knock on the door to this house?

Back home, Cuatro trolls teh forums to become Chief of Mischief, while Cinca does her homework.
And Gari needs three more levels of Motor to finish Rambunctious Scamp.

Gari: Papa, look at this picture of an Akita dog! Can we get a dog? Huh, huh?
I promise to feed it and walk it and give it baths and everything!

I leave for work in another hour, so I’ll say goodbye to y’all for today.
Now that I’ve met my sisters’ toddlers, I can host a toddler play date tomorrow on Tuesday.
Our triplets’ birthday falls on Wednesday so the timing is perfect!

Come back next time to meet all the kiddos at our toddler play date!


SB 3.27: Toddler Pandemonium

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