SB 3.27: Toddler Pandemonium

Unadulterated toddler spam. Sorry not sorry!


A Sharebear Legacy/Gen3, Edamame

Week 10/Tuesday

Hakuto: Remind me again, Papa, why I’m learning to say sorry, please.
Jaxton: Since you look like me, I’m trying to give you an edge in the future heir vote.
Hakuto: If I don’t earn the Mediator trait, I won’t be competitive? Why not?

Hakuto: Why doesn’t Ikura need to learn a special trait, too?
Jaxton: Even though you’re inquisitive, you’ve been slowest at skilling.
Ikura is the only triplet who can get Grandpa and Great-Uncle Alejandro to teach him stuff.
As a charmer, Ikura simply smiles and chats a bit then everyone’s ready to do his bidding.

Hakuto: Then, what about Jaga? Jaga’s learning skills faster than me, too?
Jaxton: Jaga’s independent so he’s the quickest learner among you. He’s your biggest threat!
Hakuto: Because he’s better at skilling?
Jaxton: Nooooo! Your mother shamelessly lobbies for Jaga because he shares her eye color!
The watcher’s in cahoots, too, snapping shots of Jaga that showcase his big, green eyes. It’s so unfair!

Of all the sims in this legacy so far, I’ve learned the most from playing Cuatro.
I’d never have imagined that a single sim might earn all five negative traits on Short lifespan.
A big thank you to Cuatro for focusing like a boss and never dropping queues!

Edamame: Jax comes home today in his new uniform as the Net Demon (Level 9 Oracle).
That man was born to wear that outfit!
We’re both only one promotion away from maxing our careers!

Once Cinca and Gari return from school, I’m ready to phone in the toddler play date.
Perry Green is the first to arrive, looking devilishly dapper and very Renaissance-esque.
Chacha’s being anti-social, I guess. Or is she working?

Perry and Chacha have twins, Kenneth and Poppy, who are both charmers.
Both toddlers inherited their father’s green eyes! I’m so jealous!

Elektro and Dango seem to be thriving.
Apparently, they’re both working from home since neither of them have jobs.
Besides Daikon who we raised, they also have a teenage daughter named Desirae.

They also have twin toddlers, wild Audra and angelic Conner.

Yours truly, Slide Facilitator Extraordinaire, working on a play date goal with Conner.

Poppy Green and Audra Faust, eating together.

After Cuatro plays with Jaga…

We earn a gold medal!
That was so fun that I immediately phone in another toddler play date at a different park.
I mean, how often will I know four other toddlers to invite?

Ignore the clogged sinks in the back of the park.
That’s just Cuatro and Jaxton doing their thing.

Once we start our second play date, the Fausts are the first to arrive.
I don’t know if it’s an MCCC thing, but our charmer Ikura is our only toddler who can socialize with the guests.
The power of “Share the Love”!?

Elektro and Dango resemble Jaxton and me so closely.
It makes me deeply curious how much alike our children will look as they grow older.
So far, Audra doesn’t resemble my girls Fugu and Gari when they were toddlers.

Conner looks a lot like his father, Elektro, but with Dango’s green eyes.

Like at the first play date, Cuatro does the cooking before interacting with our guests.
He’s been such a great help today.

Perry and his toddlers arrive so late that I’d started worrying that they wouldn’t attend.
Poppy’s father must be over the moon with his green-eyed redhead daughter.
She’s the prettiest toddler girl of this generation.

Kenneth is a real cutie, too.
I have a hunch that he’ll take after his father, don’t you?
Heck, all the toddlers are so adorable. I’m not even gonna pretend there’s a story here.

While Ikura eats, Cuatro tells his little brother a story.
I haven’t seen Cuatro perform a single negative social so far today. He’s such a mystery.

Cousins eating Cuatro’s veggie burgers.

Poppy walks over to listen to music lover Gari play the violin.
Maybe Poppy will grow up to become a music lover, too?

My triplets took a nap this afternoon but 6 hours have passed since we started the first play date.
Time to end this party and go home!

Jaxton: What? My Mischief is maxed so I might as well do Chief of Mischief, too, right? *proceeds to clog sink
By the way, this update was supposed to cover our triplet’s birthday tomorrow.
But our watcher ended up taking too many shots of all the toddlers.
Next time, for sure!


Legacy Score: Unchanged
Popularity: 82/90 medal points

Household Ages
Jaxton (YA): 5 days to adult (drank a Potion of Youth)
Edamame (YA): 11 days to adult (drank a Potion of Youth)
Cuatro (teen): 3 days to YA
Cinca (child): 3 days to teen
Gari (child): 5 days to teen
Hakuto (toddler): 1 day to child
Ikura (toddler): 1 day to child
Jaga (toddler): 1 day to child

SB 3.28: Taler du Engelsk?

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  2. OK first off no standing on the slide Connor! That’s dangerous! Secondly this is so dang cute. I am going to have to make sure that there are lots of toddlers in my game when I get at that place that I need to be so that I can do that with Rose and Bruno as well. It’s just so dang cute.

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