SB 3.28: Taler du Engelsk?

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen3, Edamame

Week 10/Tuesday

Edamame: Hey, Jax. Since we both have Never Weary, wanna do Soulmates together?
Jax: Thought you’d never ask!
Edamame: As much as I love your Matrix look, the sunglasses are a bit out of place in our boudoir…
Jax: Let me slip into something more comfortable.


Jax: We’re aiming for gold on all our dates, right?
Edamame: Absolutely! The boys don’t age up until around 4 pm, so we have the time.

Ahem! *clears throat
Jax: Did you hear something, Eda?
Hey, you two! Your triplets received their “Celebrate birthday” notices just now.
Edamame: But it’s only 4 a.m.!
Yeah. I haven’t really got a hang of the timing yet for Short lifespan, either. 
Jax: Okay, I’m on it. *texts Cuatro

Cuatro: I’m just doing like Papa Jax told me to do.
First, Cinca and I light the birthday candles, then I have to wake up the boys.
Next, the nanny and I help the triplets age up.
What are the ‘rents doing that’s so important they can’t age up the triplets themselves?!

Edamame: I give the boys their makeovers when Jax and I come up for air between dates.
Initially, I give them all the same hairstyle so you can see how much alike they are.
Eyebrows aside, they are identical triplets. Agreed? And all three earn the Happy Toddlers trait.

Hakuto loves the outdoors, Ikura is a loner like his father, and Jaga is neat.

There, now I can tell the boys apart from a distance!
As before, Hakuto (white peach) wears white and Ikura (salmon roe) wears red and glasses.
Jaga (potato) wears brown but he’s easy to tell apart due to his green eyes.

Hakuto: It’s cool doing Rambunctious Scamp together, bro!
Jaga: Yep. Let’s go make it across the monkey bars three times!

Ikura: I’m feeling a little left out here, doing Artistic Prodigy by myself.
I’m also the only one wearing glasses but they’re cosmetic frames.
I thought they’d help y’all identify the smartest triplet at a glance, hehe.


Gari: Now that the triplets have aged up all gorgeous, I need to step my game up.
Otherwise, I’ll just fade into the narrative background or might even get moved out!
Edamame: Making efforts to help out are always appreciated, Gari.
Jax and I were thinking you could maybe stay to do a career?

Edamame: *teaches Hakuto say sorry for the 4th or 5th time this morning
Hakuto: Hey, my Conflict Resolution’s within range to earn the Mediator trait, Mama!
Edamame: Nice work! And hours before your first day of school starts, even!

Cinca: Eh, Gari thinks that she’s got it bad!
I finish three aspirations and master Logic, but guess what?
I got banished to the beach yesterday to fish for bait until my teen birthday. *sniff, sniff

The birthday notices are so confusing lately! I get an “almost birthday” notice at noon today.
Does that mean my birthday’s at midnight tonight or at noon tomorrow?

Cuatro: Why is everyone always wanting to troll teh forums? It’s the most boring thing ever!
After hours and hours of trolling, I finally stop to go pick on the nanny.
Took me forever to master Mischief!
All that’s left for me now is to keep my character values in the red until my birthday, sometime tomorrow.

Cuatro: I met a teen named Arjuna Chapa at the Flea Market last weekend and we chatted online a bunch.
I even invited her over some and kissed her a few times, but she’s a young adult now.
Edamame: Don’t ask Arjuna about her sad mood, Cuatro! You’ll ruin your Insensitive progress!
And you’re still a teen so how are you kissing her?
Cuatro: Beats me, Mama. It’s autonomous! Love is stronger than any age difference!

Cuatro: I’m pretty sure Arjuna likes me as much as I like her!
Since I can’t cheer her up or flirt, I ask her about woohoo twice.
And, wow, she perks right up and gives me a “Rowwwrrr.”

Jaxton: Lucky for you Arjuna’s too old for the triplets, eh?
We need to send her away today, son, before you start paying her compliments or something.
Cuatro: You’re right! I don’t want to jeapardize my hard-earned character values!
Jaxton: *asks Arjuna to leave


At 1 am, I return home with my final promotion for the Boss career!

Early in the morning, Cuatro’s moment of truth arrives!
Cuatro: I got this! And…I age up to become a hotheaded, dog-lover, perfectionist.
As a teen, I finished Bodybuilder plus three other aspirations.
And, just for you, Mama, I earn all five negative upbringing traits!

Cuatro: What’s the mystery, Mama?
Why did you bring me out here in the middle of nowhere, just the two of us?

Edamame: The watcher and I have a surprise for you.
Your watcher and I are so very grateful for your hard work, dear.
Cuatro: Well, you know me, Mama. I’m a team player at heart.
So, what’s the big surprise?

Cuatro: Wow, who lives here?
Edamame: You do. Thank you for playing the bad buy and earning all the negative traits.

Cuatro: Hey, look! Why’s Arjuna here?
Edamame: We moved her here yesterday afternoon.

Arjuna: About time you got here, Cuatro. I’ve been waiting for you all morning!
Edamame: Uh huh, I see that’s my cue to get home so I can move you over here, Cuatro.
Cuatro: I don’t know what to say. We’re naming our first daughter after you, Mama!

Hakuto: Sheesh, talking about waiting until the last minute to leave for school!
Ikura: I know, right? First, Mama and Cuatro sneak out then Mama comes home and moves Cuatro out.
Jaga: Dude, I didn’t even get the chance to say good-bye to Cuatro! *feels sad

Ikura: Hey, when did you two have time to change your clothes?
Jaga: Weren’t we on our way to our second day of school just now?
Hakuto: If you hadn’t run ahead, Jaga, we’d be at school already.
Ikura: So, where are we?
Hakuto: Beats me…

Jaga: Look, there’s a house up ahead! Good thing, too. I’m getting hungry!
Ikura: I need to go potty!
Hakuto: Well, let’s approach the house slowly. No telling who lives there.

Inside the house…
Maja and Magnus, what are you two doing?
I need both of you to help out with household chores while I’m spinning wool.

Maja (left): I’ll go pick berries, fruits, and herbs nearby.
Magnus (left): I’ll go with you, Maja, and collect firewood.

Ikura: Yo, that scary-looking dude is looking right at us! What do we do?
Hakuto: No worries! I got this.
Ikura: Good thinking! You’re gonna ask him where the bathroom is, right?
Hakuto: No, you idiot! I’m gonna ask if he speaks English.
Jaga: Go for it!

Hakuto: Taler du Engelsk?
Man: Huh?
Jaga: Sheesh, are you talking to him in modern Danish?
He’s obviously a Viking. You need to ask in Old East Norse!

Man: Hello there, boys! What are you doing way out here?
Would you like to rest in my home? Marry my daughter, maybe?
Jaga: Wait, what? You speak English?


Amazing Lots
“Tropical Getaway” by sophieelaina (Gallery; edited to include toddler stuff)
“Viking House” by alialsim (Tumbler)

Amazing Sims
Ragnar and Lagertha by alialsim (Tumber)
Maja Jensen and Magnus Jensen by LenaLJ (Gallery)
Note: The Jensen twins are the new shared spouse options for the Gen4 heirs.

Legacy Score: +2 (69 points)
Parenthood (+1): Cuatro ages up with 5 upbringing traits
(missing only the Mediator trait now)
Nature: Criminal/Boss 10
Popularity (+1) : 103/90 medal points

Chapter Notes
• Obviously I know next to nothing about Viking culture, hahaha.
• However, LenaLJ has been kind enough to create and upload two very Scandinavian-looking spouse twins for the Gen4 Sharebear heirs.
• To introduce the Jensen twins into my story, therefore, I thought it would be fun to learn about the Viking Age.
• While giving other Sharebears the chance to catch up, my Gen4 triplets will clumsily entertain you with historically inaccurate and anachronistic accounts of their time slip into the Viking Age.
I will probably throw in the towel after a few updates, but I’m enjoying the preparatory “research,” lol.

SB Extra: House Tour

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