TD 8.57: Banana Muffins

Can you guess the next heir’s name?

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen8, Virtua Lee

Week 41/Thursday

Virtua: Late Wednesday night, my brother Bubb and I aged up to young adults.
It’s well past midnight by the time I’m done preparing our Willow Creek house for the move.
I invite Ricardo Duran out on a date to Stargazer Lounge.
Ricardo: Wow, you look so different! Your hair! And your figure…

Ricardo has the gall to yawn while I’m chatting with him.
The rose, however, snaps the boy out of his boredom.
Come to Mama!

Ricardo and I haven’t even kissed yet but I suddenly get a date goal to kiss him passionately.
We’re making progress but we’re taking baby steps.

Oh, you didn’t know there was a party bush at the Stargazer Lounge?
You know how the challenge rules allow us to add objects to community lots at the start of the challenge?
Well, this is one of the “improvements” chosen by our watcher.
A tried and tested means of putting the oomph in a romance! Right, boyfriend?

Ricardo: I didn’t realize you came with us on our date.
Scamp: Not by choice, Ricardo.
Ricardo: Where’d Virtua go? After we “emerged” from the party bush, she suddenly disappeared.
Scamp: Not to worry, Ricardo. She’ll definitely be back soon.

This is soooo not the romantic start I’d envisioned for my new life with Ricardo.
However, proposing and eloping take around two or three hours, tops.
A nooboo, on the other hand, takes three whole days. I’m talking priorities here.

Ricardo: There you are! You left without a word, you know. I’ve been worried.
Virtua: Ooooh, how I love an autonomous smooch!

Scamp: Proposing by the party bush? Classy!
Virtua: A little moral support, please?

Scamp: Ricardo isn’t the most expressive sim I’ve ever met.
But he is a most kind-hearted sim. Virtua and Ricardo will be good for each other.

Scamp: With the powers invested in me, I now pronounce you wife and husband.
(It’s just one step above getting hitched in front of the bathroom door…)

Virtua: As soon as Scamp and I move in with Ricardo, I buy a dog bowl and bed for Scamp.
Thanks for officiating at our wedding, Scamp. You must be starving!

After moving in Papa, Auntie Paize, and Bubb, I buy a storage chest to sort my personal inventory.
I move double the plants the garden requires into the chest and sell most of the rest.
From Willow Creek, I’d brought hundreds and hundreds of Sixam plants with me.
I also have artifacts, camping mascots, and paintings to sell, plus 4 Selvadoradan treasures.
Our household funds grow from $20,245 to over $150,000. (8 points)

Scamp: It’s good to see the minions hard at work, planting and watering the garden!

Virtua: Eh, I and my clubmates are hardly Scamp’s minions!
Some of my clubmates are gardening and others are mopping up spilled water.
Waaaay over there, you can spot my Ricardo mopping up the pool area.
His traits? He is childish, good, and neat! Bless his sweet little heart!

All this hard cash has me itching to start on our home.
As you know, Chateau Frise currently lacks even a naked lightbulb.
Luckily for us, we can afford to both furnish and remodel at a basic level.

After finishing the first and second floors, I start fixing up the attic for my clubmates and a future butler.
Then I change my mind.
My preference is a two-story house with a basement floor.
Walking up two flights of stairs takes too long. Here’s the new basement floor. Nothing fancy.

At 7 am, I’m ready to trigger our first free day by mastering Cooking.
For some reason, Papa then Bubb decide they must cook something at the exact same time as me.
Thanks to them, I can’t get to the fridge until two hours later. Sheesh!

Finally, I max Homestyle Cooking at 10:10 am! (10 points)

Ricardo is a Level 6 Chef with the Best-Selling Author aspiration.
I persuade him to switch to the Author career so he can write books faster.
Thanks for mentoring him, Papa!

Meanwhile, I’m in the new Focused Room, listening to music and munching carrots.
Have you noticed that I’m looking rather va-va-voom since Wednesday?
Our watcher took me into CAS where she tugged here and there to give me some curves.
She also gave me one of her fave hairstyles. I’m feeling more confident already!

Now that the garden’s been planted, my clubmates start cooking up a storm.
Enough with the camper’s stew, Aarohi! Both Papa and Bubb are vegetarians!

Nothing new about the way I’m setting up house at Chateau Frise.
The only difference is that I made extra sure to arrive with lots of things to sell.
Countless numbers of authenticated artifacts, either to sell or mail back!

I’m thinking ahead to Saturday when I give birth, so I buy a massage table.
Checking Ricardo’s skills shows that he has max Wellness.
When I click on my clubmates, they are also capable of giving me a fertility massage.

As the teen heir, I’d also set “play musical instruments” as a club activity.
Hopefully, my clubmates will be able to mentor our children in violin and piano.


Scamp: The first free day went by fast, eh?
Virtua: I don’t mind. I’m looking forward to being a mother.
Scamp: Thank you, Virtua.
Virtua: For being a mother?
Scamp: No, for choosing Ricardo so we could live here near the beach.
You worked so hard to furnish his house. I’m really grateful.
Virtua: Awww, Scamp! You would have done the same for me!
Scamp: Hey, we’re good friends now! (1 point)

Week 42/Sunday

In the wee hours, my Fertile trait and I get a fertility massage then watch the Kids Network.
I’d thought I’d done everything right but, alas, another single birth!
After I give birth to Stud (our 9th-generation Lee heir), I immediately adopt another son, Baer.

This is the third consecutive generation with a single birth, starting with Grandpa Bull.
I’m thinking our watcher’s “other challenge” has stolen the Lee mojo for multiples.
No matter! Our boys, Stud Lee and Baer Lee, will grow up to become simply fabulous!


Starting Stats
Satisfaction: 675 points
Household funds:  $20,245
Designated skill: DJing
Highest Skills: L15 Vampire Lore, L10 Painting/Fishing/Gardening,
L9 Archaeology, Handiness, Logic, Violin, Writing; L8 Cooking, Gourmet Cooking
Aspiration: The Curator, Angling Ace (Tier III)
Job: None

Free Day #1 (10 points, 10/50)
Household funds (8 ): $30,000 x4
Maxed skills (2): Virtua/Cooking

Current Score: 3/10 points toward Free Day #2
Good friends (3): Scamp, Genji Hasegawa, Ricardo Duran

TD 8.58: That Is Our Kismet

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