TD 8.58: That Is Our Kismet

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen8, Virtua Lee

Week 42/Sunday

One of the many reasons I adore Auntie Paize.
She’s one of two family members who autonomously water the garden and spray for bugs.

To celebrate my Ricardo’s new wardrobe, I invite him on a breakfast date to Shimuzu.

While requesting a table, I run into Ashaya Venkataraman.
He’d also been possible spouse for me but we didn’t know when he’d become a young adult.
In fact, he’s still a teenager. He’s kind of cute but…

I’m head over heels in love with Ricardo.
He’s adorably shy and modest but I like his quiet nature.
It’s no surprise that he’s friends with our children.
But he’s also friends with my father and even Scamp.

Virtua: Thank you, Ricardo, for becoming a vampire so you could wait and marry me.
It must have been difficult to leave behind your life in Selvadorada.
Ricardo: It was hard living in that dark, empty house for months, especially after my father died.
But now my life is filled with light, love, and family. I should be thanking you.

Ricardo: Would you lighten up with the parenting tips already? We’re on a date, dearest!
Virtua: Hah! We earned our gold medal about an hour ago. (4 points)
Since then, I’ve been smooching with you just cuz.

Scamp: Wow, Virtua! Two walks in three days! What’s the occasion?
Virtua: When I was small, Grandpa Bull told me a story about you.
He said his grandfather once promised you that you’d live on the beach someday.
Scamp: Oh yeah! That was Bull’s grandfather Jet Lee, the Gen4 heir!
Living in Chateau Frise with the family has been like a dream come true!

Virtua: Well, here’s my promise to you. We’ll stroll the beach as often as I can manage.
Scamp: Awwww, Virtua. That’s so sweet of you.
Virtua: *feels the love


In the morning, I become good friends with both Stud and Baer. (6 points)
I feel so blessed with my household and club members!

Eight days ago, I received the Blessing of the Ancients from a treasure chest in Selvadorada.
And it’s still being passed around among family, friends, and strangers wherever I go.
In fact, a lady sitting next to us at Shimuzu yesterday caught it from Ricardo.
Since Paize has the Blessing, I try chatting with her but it doesn’t pass to me.
I wonder what triggers its transmission. Is it just random?

Everyone’s doing so well! Paize brings home her third raise as an Extraterrestrial Explorer.
Both Ricardo and Bubb earn promotions today, too! (8 points)

As par for our dynasty, we are earning points too fast.
I do what must be done! (7 points)

While trying to decide whether to hire a gardener or nanny for tomorrow, I go out back.
Clubmates will tend the garden if it’s selected as a club activity.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the first Lee household where family members autonomously garden?
(Talking to plants does NOT count as tending the garden!)
My garden doesn’t really need tending but I hire a gardener anyway. (6 points)


The boys age up into adorable toddlers.
Our resident stud muffin is angelic but he’s got that swagger!
Independent Baer has a mischievous look in his eye!

I’m thinking that our dynasty might be cursed now.
Three generations of single births AND three redheaded adoptees.
Is this just chance or are there larger forces at work?

If the Fates are kind, Stud Lee will resemble his father, not me.
Do you think my hopes are unfounded?

As for independent Baer, he throws a fit because he doesn’t like to be told what to do.
Okay, little guy, I won’t ever give you potty training again.
Disciplining his fit of anger causes me to master Parenting. *sighs (8 points)
Look at the little demon spawn and his devious expression.
Just kidding. I’m sure he’s just going through a phase. *crosses fingers

That’s right! I’ve done exactly what you’d thought I would do! (7 points)
Our next free day is scheduled for Thursday, and not a day earlier!


Yes, my childish Ricardo occasionally plays with the boys’ toys.
I don’t mind. He works in the garden every day for several hours.
That frees me up to teach Stud or earn money for the household in other ways, like painting.

I decide to keep the butler another day. (6 points)

Scamp: You know, with the toddlers, I wasn’t sure whether you’d still have time for me.
Virtua: Is it enough for you that we jog at the beach every other day?
Scamp: That’s more walks than any other heir has done, Virtua.
I appreciate that that you’re making time for me, so thanks!
Virtua: Hey, I’m enjoying out time together at the beach, too, you know!

The smile of the stud muffin. Need I say more?

Here I am, getting to know Eden Ray, who’d been a teen for around six generations.
But after our watcher moved her into a house, she aged up into a young adult. (Not sure exactly when, though)

A cat-loving insider as a teen, Eden Ray has since also become a music lover.
Sadly, I will be removing her from my club very soon.


Early in the morning, I finally master Archaeology. (8 points)
I have such a huge backlog of unauthenticated artifacts from the Artifacts Association.
Now I can finally start catching up!

I’m also glad to finally master Handiness! (10 points)
Up to now, I’ve just been replacing any broken objects to avoid the points!
Okay, folks, time to start our free day!

Stud: Mama, after I wake up, a mysterious force pulls me to the kitchen.
There, I see a lady with lavender skin and long curly hair. Her hair is black like mine.
She whispers to me: “You and I were born to fall deeply in love. That is our kismet.”

Mama, what does “kismet” mean?


Free Day #2 (10 points, 20/50)

Promotions (2): Bubb/Scientist 5, Ricardo/Writer 2
Good friends (5): Scamp, Genji Hasegawa, Ricardo, Stud, Baer
Social events (1): Gold-medal date with Ricardo
Maxed skills (6): Virtua/Parenting, Archaeology, Handiness
NPC hires (-4): Butler x2, Gardener x1, Pizza x1

TD 8.59: A Typical Week

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