SB Extra: House Tour

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen3, Edamame

I am giving my Sharebears a bit of a rest (at least another week), but I’ve been planning a tour of the house.
You’ve seen bits and pieces of the house over the past few months, but the house has changed considerably.
Plus, some parts of the house just weren’t worth fixing up until after the 10-children tornado.
So here’s a look at how the various parts of the house you’ve seen so far fit together.

Another view of the house’s facade, from the left.

An overhead shot of the entire lot. Notice the Wishing Well, feeling lonely and useless in the back left corner.

The lower right area of the house

Walking through the front door takes you into the foyer.
There’s a small sitting room and access to all the other areas of the house.
We no longer need so many animal chairs for reading to toddlers.

At the bottom right is the Inspired Area.
A half wall divides the space into a Music/Writing Room and Painting Studio.
This keeps the wrong sims from hogging the skilling objects.

Above the Inspired Area is a bathroom, small Energized Room (for Rambunctious Scamp), and the Master Bedroom with ensuite.

This Master Bedroom was originally created for the founder and her husband.
Currently, it is occupied by Edamame and Jaxton.

The lower left area of the house contains the Focused Room, nursery, and three bedrooms.
Two of the three bedrooms have ensuites. One bedroom currently functions as the Archaeology Workshop.

There are always sims skilling and mentoring in the Focused Room.
Despite its small size, everybody always wants to go there to chat, eat, and everything.
I’m not making it any larger! I’m not!

The two mini-pets, Hamsta and Blub, reside in the nursery.
At present, Hamsta’s cage is in family inventory because it got dirty.
I can’t remember if its dirtiness gets reset whenver I exit the game.

From the foyer, follow the yellow area to enter the upper left area of the house.
Here, you’ll find the dining room, kitchen, great room, and a secondary master bedroom.

The kitchen and dining room, as seen from the great room

The great room as seen from the kitchen
And, yes, that’s a bedroom dresser in the great room because…post-birthday makeovers.

Is there such a term as “secondary master bedroom”? If there is, this is it!
When the Gen4 heir is chosen and takes a spouse, they will occupy this bedroom as long as Edamame and Jaxton remain in the house.
Between this bedroom and the kitchen, there’s an ensuite plus a separate bathroom for family and guests.

An overhead shot of the backyard, which contains a covered patio, a patio+pool area, and a gym

Just outside the great room, the covered patio has a tiki bar, DJ booth, and some sofas

The pool + patio area, as seen from the great room
The pool is actually larger than it appears here.

The pool is flanked by the master bedroom (left) and the gym (right).

I didn’t originally plan to place the climbing treadmill and basketball court on the roof.
But the house’s ceiling height is medium while the climbing treadmill requires the highest ceiling.
Because I was too lazy to raise the ceiling, I discovered that the gym’s rooftop offers a nice scenic view.
Oh well. It looks bizarre but it’s the sims…

Besides a hot tub and sauna, the gym has the usual furnishings and a decontamination shower.
It lacks any weightlifting equipment, however, because bulky, over-muscular sims aren’t my jam.

I feel like I could do more with the hot tub room…but it’s too much trouble.
Plus, too many items on the lot lead to lagging.

As you know by now, I’m a big fan of basements with light wells.
Here, you’ll find the butler’s quarters, more bathrooms, and two empty rooms.

And here’s the basement room where I tossed all the collectibles after bulldozing their museum on Tail’s End.
Moving the collections back, however, has not prevented collections from being judged incomplete whenever a sim moves out.
I don’t have the patience to place every collectible in and out of sim’s personal inventory every time a sim moves.
I’m now thinking of rebuilding that museum (that is, downloading it from MyLibrary) to store all the completed collections. *sighs


As a one-story ranch house, this home is spread out all over the Hound’s Head lot.
But I really like that I can locate every sim at once without having to look upstairs or downstairs.
So far, this house has worked out pretty well.
Thank you for reading/viewing.  

Up next (sometime next month): Gen4 Heir Vote

SB 3.29: Our Chief Concern

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