TD 8.59: A Typical Week

I know I look like a pipsqueak now, Scamp, but I’ll be the active heir in about 2 weeks!

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen8, Virtua Lee

Week 42/Thursday

Virtua: Our second free day passes more or less uneventfully.
When the boys are awake, the nanny and I help them with their skills.
Stud’s skills have all reached Level 3 and Baer is almost there, too.
We will be content if they can both earn the Happy Toddler trait.

Ricardo is excused from toddler duty to write novels.
He’ll reach Best-Selling Author’s last tier by the end of the free day.
I hope he’ll finish it by our fifth free day.

In the afternoon, I pay a quick visit to Eden Ray (who’s no longer in my club).
She lives in It’s a Good House, former residence of the Heckings.
The house is utterly bare, which makes me feel bad for her but my hands are tied.

My brother Bubb is trying to complete Renaissance Sim.
He only needs one more level each in Archaeology and Fishing.
His Archaeology isn’t high enough for the Artifacts Association to ask his help with authentication.
But it’s high enough to authenticate artifacts sent to Papa and I, which is handy for us.


Our heir, Stud, interacts with Scamp for the first time.
Besides talking to him, Stud can also pet, imitate, or hug Scamp.

Stud: I have a special plan for you, Scamp, after we move!

This nanny is absolute the worst!
As soon as she’s free, she either watches TV or dashes down to the basement.
Why? She’s locked out of the quarters for my clubmaters and the butler.
If my boys want her help with skilling, they need to find her downstairs.

Seeing her reminds me that I need to dismiss her.
As soon as I do, she turns back around and greets us at the side entrance.
I’m forced to personally fire her a second time. Of course, she charges us again.
She needs to be reported to the Better Business Bureau or something.

Scamp: Hey, Virtua! Looking what I found for you in this clump of seaweed!
Virtua: Took me forever to figure out how to reach Pet Training 3 since you already know all your tricks!


During the first free day, I had Stud interact with Ricardo and had Baer interact with Bubb.
Since then, Bubb has been autonomously helping Baer with his skills.
Besides reading, I’ve also seen Bubb doing flash cards with Baer and teaching him to talk.

It’s become a Lee tradition for sidekick spares to buy Never Weary.
That’s why Bubb and Auntie Paize never need to sleep.

Ricardo is always there to help Stud with his skills as well.
In fact, whenever Stud’s awake, I’m often competing with Ricardo to teach Stud.

Stud: Would you teach me to talk again later? I really need to go potty right now.

While at the beach with Scamp, I get invited by Grandpa Bull on an outing.
It’s so great to spend the afternoon with him!

I’m a tad disappointed that he chose Planet HoneyPop, though, since he can’t do karaoke.
Instead, I sing a duet with someone else. Gah, Grim has terrible rhythm and poor enunciation!

Virtua: *autonomously tells Grandpa Bull a gross joke
Bull: *feels disgusted
Virtua: *laughs gleefully
Bull: Where did your father and I go wrong with you, Virtua? You got no class!

Late that night, a fire breaks out in the living room. (-2 points)
Thanks to my nimble footwork, Bubb’s FreezeRay, and the sprinkler system, nobody even has time to get tense!

Week 43/Sunday

Papa and Auntie Paize become elders this afternoon, much to everyone’s surprise.
I’m going to write an excuse note for Auntie Paize so she won’t need to work anymore.

When I spot Ricardo from afar, I think his clenched fists mean he’s angry and tense.
Little do I know!
That is Ricardo feeling happy and confident!
Congrats on your promotion, darling! (-1 point)

It’s hard to tell if Stud will be able to max any skills tomorrow.
To be on the safe side, I master only Writing and Violin today. (3 points)


Just think, my little boys will both become children in another 24 hours.
While I’m reading to Stud, he masters Imagination. (5 points)

For some unfathomable reason, Arthav and my other clubmates are all unclothed this morning.
Had they been skinny-dipping in the pool?
Virtua, go grab a serving for Baer this instant. Can’t you tell he’s starving?!
Virtua: I can’t help it, Watcher! I keep dropping my queue to go “See what’s happening” with Arthav. *blushes

And Stud masters Communication! (7 points)
I love when the kids earn points in a timely fashion so I can save mine for later!


It is well past midnight when Bubb mentors me until I master Logic. (9 points)
For my tenth point, I leave to seek out a good friend in Sable Square.

Eden begins her transformation as soon as I step into the house, just as I’d expected.

Did I neglect to share that Caleb turned me last week?
During the last free day, I transformed, came to Eden’s house to transform her, then cured myself.
You’ve seen that process so many times before already! But this time is the last!!!

It’s starting to get light outside when Eden and I become good friends. (10 points)
We’ve already received the birthday notifications for Stud and Bear as well.

Farewell, Eden! I must go home to age up my toddlers and start our third free day.
I’ll be back to visit with Stud Lee when he’s older!


Free Day #3 (10 points, 30/50)

Promotions (1):
Career (1): Ricardo/Writer 3
Good friends (1): Eden Ray
Maxed skills (10): Virtua/Writing, Violin, Logic; Stud/Imagination, Communication
Fire (-2): Once

Household Ages
Guacamo (elder): Day 2 elder
Paize (elder): Day 2 elder
Ricardo (YA): 10 days to adult
Bubb (YA): 11 days to adult
Virtua (YA): will age up with Bubb
Stud (child): 13 days to teen
Baer (child): 13 days to teen

Coming next: Stud and Baer age up into children!

TD 8.60: Scamp and the Skunks

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