TD 8.61: Virtually Free

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen8, Virtua Lee

Week 44/Monday

Baer (left): Thanks to the free day, we’re finally done with Whiz Kid!
Stud (right): Yay! You think we can finish two more before the free day ends?
Baer: I say we can!
Stud: We’ll be cutting it close!

Virtua: Look at my small backlog now for the Smithsonian Institute!
I’m saving the ones I authenticate for Baer.
He can mail them back for the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration.

Paize: Like every sidekick spare, Baer will also be doing Nerd Brain.
I’ve got him covered. This rocket ship is almost fully upgraded now.

Guacamo: Paize and I got our first notices from Grim this evening, Scamp.
I know Virtua’s been out jogging with you a lot since we moved here.
But today, I asked her to let me walk you.
I’m probably not going to make it until the next free day, so this is our last walk together, buddy.

Scamp: You’re the one who convinced Ricardo to become a vampire and wait for Virtua here.
Thank you for giving me this life here in Cavalier Cove, Guaca!


The boys are close to completing their third aspiration, so they take the day off from school.
They still have 90 minutes before school, but you never know.
Sometimes it takes forever to hit that high score for Key Commander.

I’m not displeased with our butler at all.
In fact, I rather like squeamish Erika and we are friends.
But this is the only way I can dismiss her before our free day ends. It’s unfortunate, really.

Stud: I only have a half hour before the free day ends, Scamp, so you wanna chill with me?
Scamp: Hey, way to go! We’re friends already!
Your mother and I weren’t good friends until she was a young adult.
But your gramps and I became good friends on our first day together in Selvadorada.
And we became companions after his second free day.

Stud: So you and Mama aren’t companions?
Scamp: Nope. And she only has one more free day left.
Stud: Don’t be sad, Scamp. You just wait and see!
You and me will be companions even sooner than you and Gramps!
Scamp: Ooooh, I’d like that!

Bubb has work but I take everyone else to GeekCon.
I invite Ricardo and the kids to a game of Party Frenzy but am most annoyed by some stranger.
She feels the need to back up into Ricardo’s hands, flipping her flap over his controller.
I mean, WTH? Why would she do that!?

Not wanting to reveal my jealousy, I’m hoping that Papa will intervene.
But, no, he’s off playing BlicBloc on a gaming rig.
Oh well, he looks like he’s having a great time, though, which makes me feel better.

When we return to the house, Scamp runs out to welcome me home.
I’m surprised and delighted to notice I have a new friendly social with Scamp.
Scamp, will you be my companion?

Not long after, Bubb brings home a promotion to Level 9 Scientist! (1 point)


Being the heir has been such a juggling act!
I’ve been trying so hard to schedule the free days right that I’ve all but neglected Ricardo.
For some reason, he’s stopped interacting with me romantically on his own lately.
And what about Stud’s plan? How far ahead has been thinking about that?

Also, Papa and Auntie Paize got their second notices this evening. It won’t be long now. *sniffle


The boys were so tired after school yesterday, I had them go to bed after dinner.
This morning, we’ve come to Magnolia Blossom Park where I have them do their homework.
Encouraging them for their good grades earns me 2,000 satisfaction points. (3 points)

Guacamo: Well, yes, I’m leaving soon but don’t worry, buddy. You’ll be fine!
Scamp: But, except for you and Bull, it’s taken so long for the heirs to care about me!
Guacamo: That’s not true! I hear from Stud that you two are friends already! He thinks about you all the time!

Scamp: So, after this is all over and I’m not being aged down anymore, will be we meet again?
Guacamo: You betcha, Scamp! I’ll be waiting for you in that big dog park in the sky!

Virtua: Ricardo hasn’t fit into my family as well as I’d imagined he had.
I mean, look at his relationships! He’s closer to Aarohi than to Stud!
And he’s just acquaintances with my brother Bubb and Auntie Paize.
Does he spend all his time socializing with that Aarohi? What should I do?


I invite everyone out to Shimuzu for breakfast at 6 a.m. sharp.
It’s so nice to see everyone dressed up.
And this is no doubt our last family outing all together like this.

Of course, as soon as the boys leave Shimuzu for school, our breakfast is served.
On returning from Shimuzu, I kick Aarohi from my club and hire a caterer. (2 points)

My accomplished brother, Bubb, maxes his career before the last free day! (5 points)


Scamps: Sims can be such feeble-minded creatures!
While I run the obstacle course at Pupperstone Park, Virtua runs around after me clapping her hands.
Does she actually believes that she is training me?! *rolls eyes
While we’re here, Virtual masters both Pet Training and Photography. (9 points)

Week 45/Sunday

Virtua: Sunday brunch at Chez Llama with the family and Papa’s flame, Arthav.
It’s been four days since Papa and Auntie Paize received their second notices from Grim.
I wonder…Oh darn! I’d completely forgotten that they’re both Active sims.
Stud: …
Virtua (whispers): Sorry, Stud Lee! My mother, who has the Long-Lived trait, is still alive, too.
Oh well, I guess we can stop walking on eggshells around those two and eating at restaurants every day. 


Stud Lee receives his birthday notice first.
He adds the Creative trait and the Leader of the Pack aspiration.
Doesn’t he somewhat resemble a black-haired version of Guacamo?

Here he is over the years, our resident stud muffin!
We considered having him do Serial Romantic but there aren’t enough teens left in the simverse.

Baer Lee ages up next.
He adds Ricardo’s Neat trait and the Mansion Baron aspiration.
A fine-looking lad, isn’t he?

Virtua: It comes to no surprise that Baer insta-completes Mansion Baron.
While Baer sells harvestables to complette Fabulously Wealthy, our household funds exceed $175,000.
That’s another $30,000 which adds our last two points to trigger our last free day. (11 points).

Thank heavens, I’m free at last! At the end of this free day tomorrow, Stud becomes the controlled sim! *sheds tears of joy

Coming next: Stud takes over and does his museum stuff


Free Day #5 (11 points, 51/50)
Promotions (2):
Career (2): Bubb/Scientist 9-10
Satisfaction (2): +2,000 sp
Household funds (2): +$30,000
Maxed skill/aspiration/job (6):
Skills (4): Virtua/Pet Training, Photography
Career (2): Bubb/Scientist 10
NPC hire (-1): Caterer x1

Virtua Lee’s Total (51 points)
Promotions (10):
Career (6): Bubb/Scientist (4), Ricardo (2)
School (4): Stud (2), Baer (2)
Satisfaction (3): 1,000 sp x3
Good friends (7): Scamp, Genji H, Ricardo, Stud, Baer, Eden, Masato
Social events (1): Gold-medal date
Household funds (10): $30,000 x5
Maxed skills/aspirations/careers (36)
Skills (28):  Virtua (20), Stud (6), Baer (2)
Aspirations (6): Ricardo (2), Virtua (2), Paize (2)
Careers (2): Bubb/Scientist 10
NPC hires (-11): Butler x7, Gardener x2, Pizza x1, Caterer x1
Satisfaction rewards (-3): Stud (-1), Baer (-1), Virtua (-1)
Fire (-2)

Household Ages
Guacamo (elder): 10+5 days
Paize (elder): 10+5 days
Ricardo (adult): 21 days to elder
Bubb (adult): 23 days to elder
Virtua (adult): (2 days to adult)
Stud (teen): 13 days to young adult
Baer (teen) 13 days to young adult
Scamp (adult)

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