TD 9.62: Kissing Sagely

A Townie Dynasty/Gen9, Stud Lee

Week 45/Tuesday

Stud: How did the hours since yesterday morning pass so quickly?
As I prepare to assume the mantle of active heir, I ask Auntie Paize a favor.
She agrees to take Scamp on a long walk.
I’m startled she didn’t change first, but whatever. That should hold Scamp for a few days.

Brother Baer phones in a vacation day from school.
Then he queues up an appliance upgrade and five space missions for his Nerd Brain aspiration.
He’ll be off in space all morning, I imagine.

I prefer to reserve all my vacation days for next week.
Before the free day ends, I ask Grandpa Guaca to take a photo of me for my portrait painting.
I can snap a photo of Baer later.
Then, I’m off to my first day of high school.


Both Baer and I return from school today feeling mortified (Embarrassed +50).
It’s such a good-for-nothing mood swing!
Watchette suggests that I drink a Moodlet Solver, which snaps me right out of it.

Nothing can be done for my brother who’s in the throes of his own private pity party.
Ugh, is that what I looked like five minutes ago?!

I keep forgetting to raise my Wellness to Level 2.
If I discuss cognitive focusing exercises with Baer, will he do his homework on his own?
It’s a pain having to go out and “do homework together” as a group.

Mama’s looking rather serene these days. She seems glad her stint as heir is done.
She joined the Painter career during the last free day, saying she’d quit after we move.


So, yeah, I meditate a little after school today to gain some Wellness skill.
And it works like a charm to get my brother to do his homework.
I just have to remember to do it right after we return from school.


This is my third painting of Scamp so far.
His first painting was low value but his second painting was even lower.
I’m so close to having the most valuable set of portraits in the museum!
Maybe I’ll try repainting Mama’s portrait, too.

Paize: After all this time, how are you and I still acquaintances?
Scamp: It’s not just you, Paize. Except for the heirs, everyone’s just an acquaintance.
I’m good friends and companions with Guacamo and Virtua, and friends with Stud.
Our watcher does have everyone interact with me on free days, but non-heirs never go as far as befriending me.
Paize: Does that make you feel lonely, Scamp?
Scamp: Eh, it’s the nature of this challenge. It can’t be helped. *shrugs

Stud: You are gazing upon a deeply miserable teen who’s come home feeling Tense +50.
In his left hand, he carries a Moodlet Solver which will banish that negative mood in an instant.
Bless my mother who made the time to clone these for me!
Virtua: May you never suffer my sad experience in Selvadorada!


Scamp: I haven’t been out to the beach since Tuesday. Feels great!
Stud: Thanks for being patient, Scamp! You know how it goes!
The faster I’m done with the museum stuff, the sooner you and me can go adventuring!
Scamp: So where are you at now, museum-wise?

Stud: I finished painting eight portraits this afternoon then began preparing for the collection.
After mastering Cooking, I completed my last goal for Leader of the Pack.
Then, I switched to Fabulous Wealthy and completed that after an hour or so.
Finally, I mastered Gourmet Cooking.

Week 46/Sunday

Scamp: So, you’re ready to start crafting your collection?
Stud: Yep! But I wanted us to go for a jog first. Ready to continue?
And that’s when the camera suddenly jerks back to the house.

Paize and then Guacamo raise their right arms as if to reach toward a light only they can see.
They lie down on the floor within minutes of each other.

Grim: Well, well, well. If it isn’t Guacamo Lee and Paize Lee.
It’s about time! Do you realize it’s been almost 10.5 days since your second notice?
Anyway, your fathers–Bull and Ramiro–will be happy to see you both again!

Stud: I’m sorry about Grandpa and his sister Paize, but we’ve been ready for their passing for a long time now.
Remember when Watchette made us dine out for 4 days in a row, thinking every outing with them would be the last?
Then, she finally realizes that the two of them were active sims. All those unneeded screenshots!

There’s a silver lining, though, Scamp. Do you know what it is?
Scamp: Do you mean what I think you mean?

I’ve been planning this since I was in grade school, Scamp.
But there isn’t a suitable stray to adopt these days, so I call the SPCA.
There’s only one dog that I’m interested in meeting, so I don’t bother requesting a second dog.
It just so happens that the dog I designate is a puppy.

Stud: She is a Norwegian Elkhound.
Like you, Scamp, she is a Spitz breed that is bred for hunting.
Scamp: Oh yeah, Norwegian Elkhounds are bred for hunting elk–that will definitely come in handy!

Stud: Uh oh, I have the Give Big Treat option, which means she’s a glutton.

I quickly google her breed to check that she’ll be smaller than Scamp as an adult.
I also find a photo of an adult Norwegian Elkhound online (right). What a gorgeous dog!

This puppy’s traits are: Smart, Glutton, Independent.
How could an independent dog be more difficult than a trouble-maker?
I decide to adopt her and give her the name Sage Lee.
We are already friends.

During the last free day, I’d asked Mama a favor just to be prepared.
Thanks to Mama, I can give Sage Lee an Age-Up Treat.

Stud: What a beautiful creature you are, Sage. Now go be nice to Scamp!
Sage: *bats eyelashes at Scamp
Scamp: *tries hard to seem disinterested

Haha, Scamp couldn’t keep up that hard-to-get act for long!
They seem to like each other! *crosses fingers

Stud: Sage, who’d come spayed as a puppy, is no longer spayed after ageing up to an adult.
Um, I just thought I’d mention that in case, you know, you were interested…
Eh, I have a week until my young adult birthday so I better get cracking on my collection!

Hmmm, should I encourage them to mate before or after I finish my museum stuff?


Amidst countless distractions, I manage to finish my museum collection but only by missing school today.
Ahem, I do have the MVP, that is, the most valuable portraits at $43,465.
Eh, a bit of a spoiler to show you all the portraits now, but whatever!
My food collection totals $47,334.
(Do you think spending 4,500 satisfaction points to buy 3 potions of youth was wasteful?)

Six more days until my next birthday. It hardly seems the right time to leave for Selvadorada…


TD 9.63: Oddly Enough

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