SB 3.29: Our Chief Concern

• Edamame and Jaxton finish having/adopting their 10 kids exactly six sim-days ago;
• Cuatro becomes a young adult early this morning, earning five upbringing traits; and
• Our three heir candidates leave for school but time-slip instead to the Viking age.

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen3, Edamame Sharebear

Ragnar: Since our other home was not safe enough, we’ve had to move closer to the forest.
I thank you, young travelers, for your kindness.
It’s as if Thor himself sent you to us to help us with our move.

Hakuto: Don’t you have dozens of troops? Why couldn’t you just ask your viking homies?
Ragnar: Because this location must remain deeply secret for now.
Magnus and Maja, please know that your mother and I will be going a-viking on the morrow.
As a shield maiden, a woman warrior, she’s longed to accompany me on my ocean voyages.
Lagertha: Now you two are finally old enough for that to happen!

Magnus: But I am old enough to travel with father now, too, Mother!
Why must I remain home and babysit my sister Maja?
Lagertha: Because, son, we need you to stay and ensure the safety of our home and treasures?
Can you be trusted with that responsibility? Can you act as head of the household!
You two won’t be alone, either. Besides your new friends, you have a new servant, Clara Bjergsen.
She will handle the cooking and housework.

Maja: Did you hear that, Clara? You are to make meals for us and do all the housekeeping!
But you are not the boss of us!
Clara: Yes, miss.

Jaga (right): I don’t know, guys. What if the dude’s enemies decide to raid their home in his absence?
Ikura (center): I agree! I vote we go home! We still need an A grade for Whiz Kid!
Hakuto (left): True, true. As much as I love a good adventure, this timing isn’t great for us.
We’ll be teenagers in four days! We need to finish up our aspirations!

Magnus: Oh, hey, guys, don’t be like that! You can’t be thinking of leaving here now!
Think of all the fun we’ll have! We can collect firewood, fish, and do whatever else Viking kids do!
Ikura: Oh right, like feed the goats and chickens or fight bears.
Jaga: Yeah, and carve birds out of wood…stuff like that.

Maja: I can’t believe you three would abandon Magnus and I here. *lower lip trembles
Hakuto: Believe me, we’d really love to stay and protect you, but…
Triplets (in unison): Whooooooaaaa!!! (Whooooooosh!!!!)

Week 10/Friday

Edamame: After the boys have left for school, the house quiets down once more.
Around noon, our sixth child Cinca ages up to a teen.
I’m so over this 10-kids thing, I only change her everyday shoes.
She’ll move out as soon as  the boys get back.

Our seventh child, green-eyed Gari, stays home today since her teen birthday’s on Sunday.
Her young-adult goal is to earn three positive upbringing values.
We’re considering having her stay in the house to complete a new career and a new aspiration.
But, really, that’s a decision for the next heir. Wouldn’t you agree?

I hope you don’t think I’m wasting your time by re-introducing the household.
It’s been nearly two weeks since we last met and I’m sure our names aren’t easy to remember.

Hakuto is the first of our last three children. He loves the outdoors.
He’s presently in range to earn our tenth and last upbringing trait, Mediator.

Ikura is the middle triplet. He’s a loner like his father Jaxton.
All three boys brought home A’s this afternoon, so he and Hakuto are done with Whiz Kid.

Jaga is neat and the only heir candidate with green eyes.
After one more potion and one more Mental level, he’ll be done with Whiz Kid, too.

As for Jax and me, I need four masterpieces for Painter Extraordinaire.
But I no longer even remember why I’m doing this aspiration instead of one that’s never been completed.
Jaxton is struggling to maximize his body potential, because he’s a lazy sim.
Still, I want him to persevere and complete Bodybuilder so we’ll both be long-lived.


Oh, how the mighty have fallen!
Just yesterday, I’d risen to the top of the Criminal career and become The Boss.
Then I quit that career to become, of all unimaginable life choices, a detective!

Let’s not beat around the bush. We all know why I’m here.
When I first lay eyes on the Chief of Police, I’m shocked speechless.
She looks so much like my sister Dango, who I could never move back into the legacy house.
Luckily, it’s not her. Phew!

Chief of Police Masami El Karmani is an unmarried sim, which is ideal.
I’m surprised to notice that she’s a Prime Vampire. Hmmm, I wonder if she has a master?
Since we’re good friends now, there’s no point in my staying here. *leaves work early

When I get home, I check my contacts and notice that Masami is out of uniform, so I invite her over.
Naturally, she agrees to move in as my secondary spouse, leaving her housemate behind.
Our legacy has now mastered the Detective career.

I briefly consider having her stay, despite plans to have the Gen5 heir become a vampire.
Then I discover that her aspiration is Soulmate. No way! *moves her back with her former roomie

Since I want the outgoing Hakuto to complete Social Butterfly, the other kids start on it, too.

When Gari was trying to befriend Perry Green, he kept running off.
So now she’s having our first child Uma mentor her in hopes of becoming friends.
Of course, all Perry wants to do now is chat with Gari. Go figure!

Jax is attempting to complete the Grilled Cheese aspiration.
Eating 10 sammies has to be one of the most boring goals around! And he has to do it twice!
For some reason, Jax wants to sit somewhere different for each serving.
Then, when Jax and I check our contacts, we discover Grim is no longer an acquaintance. Why?!

The kids just need their three child-age friends at this point, so I invite over the cousins.
The Faust twins arrive first: neat Connor and perfectionist Audra.
Next come the Greens: outdoor-loving Kenneth and art-loving Poppy.

Though Gari started Social Butterfly first, Jaga then Hakuto finish it much earlier than she does.

Week 11/Sunday

We receive the notice for Gari’s birthday around sunrise.
As a teen, she loves both music and the outdoors. Gari is an aspiring Freelance Botanist.
She’ll get a makeover once Jax gets home from work, maybe.

Edamame: Several hours later, Jaxton returns with his final promotion to Oracle.
Way to go, sweetheart! What are you going to do now, Jax?
Jax: I’m going to quit my job and help the kids with their skills and character values.
And I’m still working my way through that second set of 10 Excellent grilled cheese sammies.


Jaxton: I spent most of yesterday evening running around town, visiting all of the Grim Reaper’s usual haunts.
I don’t really want to steal a life in order to talk with Grim about grilled cheese sammies.

But I’m okay with bringing home an elder and locking him in a room. It doesn’t take long!
When I notice the elder raising his arm, I rush into the room to wait.

I sit impatiently until Grim’s done reaping the elderly sim whose name I can’t remember.
After introducing myself, I can finally have my convo about GCS with Grim!

Coming next: The triplets’ teen birthday on Tuesday (sim-tomorrow)
The Gen4 heir vote in the very, very near future!


Legacy Score: Unchanged (69 points)
Fortune: $1,251,790/$1,300,000
Nature: Detective 10, Criminal/Oracle 10 (12/21 careers; 13/34 career branches)
Athletic: Grilled Cheese (maxed 30/38 unique aspirations)

An Amazing Lot
“Thorsdottir” by SACROSLASH5 (Gallery)

Amazing Sims
Ragnar and Lagertha by alialsim (Tumblr)
Maja and Magnus Jensen by LenaLJ (Gallery)

* My games dislike the Detective career, hence our ploy with the Chief of Police.
These Sharebears will grind through the remaining careers, unless we have the good
fortune of blindly encountering housemate material at a high career level.
* At the start, I decided that only heir candidates would wear custom content.
But that Audra Faust is so stubborn. I’ve gone into Manage Households to remove that       updo twice already but she always ends up wearing it again. Phooey!
* I tend to re-introduce the household every now and then, even if the members haven’t
My thinking is: if I need to go back to a previous update to remember what’s been
happening to my Sharebears, readers definitely won’t remember either.
Also, I’m leading up to an heir vote…

Important Notice
* There is a new version of the Faust twins (Gen3 shared spouses) on the Gallery.
If you’ve already downloaded the original version, please delete them and download
the new ones (household name: Faust-Fixed) instead. Thank you!

SB: Maja Moves On (G4 Heir Vote)


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