SB: Maja Moves On (G4 Heir Vote)

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen3, Edamame

Hakuto: So, about last week, the three of us didn’t just share the same dream, did we?
Jaga: Heck no! We definitely traveled back to 1,000 CE! I found goat hairs in my socks the next morning!

Ikura: Should we tell the parents what happened?
Hakuto: I don’t think so. Have you ever heard Grandpa Benicio’s story about Dagobah?
Well, he said nothing like that ever happened to our parents. I doubt they’ll believe us!
Jaga: Still, I wonder what happened to Maja and Magnus. I hope they stayed safe…


Meanwhile, in a vastly different time and place…

Clara: You have become quite skilled in spinning wool, Maja.
Maja: Besides gathering wild food, all I ever do with our sheep’s wool is comb, dye, and spin it.
When will I ever learn to weave?

Clara: Truth to be told, I’d commissioned a carpenter in a not-so-distant village to craft a loom for you.
Unfortunately, he wasn’t done in time for your birthday yesterday.
As soon as it arrives, however, I will teach you to weave. Show patience, young lady.
Maja: Patience? How much longer must we live here in hiding? Will I grow old here and die a spinster?
Clara: Hush, child. We must live here quietly until your parents’ return.

Clara: And where is that mischievous canine of yours, Maja?
Maja: You mean Loki? I sent him off to summon Magnus for our mid-day meal.
Magnus always takes his sweet time coming home so I’ve sent Loki several hours early.

Magnus: Why are you here, Loki?
Oh, you’ve come to escort me home for our mid-day meal?
But I can stop fishing this instant, you understand. I must wait until my luck runs out.

Magnus: I believe I have caught enough fish for a while!
I shall bring my catch to Clara who knows various ways to prepare it.
Dried, salted, pickled, smoked, stewed–our tummies and pantry will be well filled.
Loki: *bored of waiting

Hmmph, the things I’m expected to do as a watcher!
I could be home, curled up with a good book and sipping iced tea.
But no. I’m dressed in this absurd get-up after having teleported to mid-nowhere!

My objectives are clear and simple.
I must persuade Maja to leave this place in time and accompany me back to the present.
If her brother Magnus wants to come along, that’s also fine.
Ahhhh, I can see their home just up ahead.

Clara: Hail, stranger! I can tell from your clothing that you are far from home.
Where are you headed and how have you come to pass through these parts?
Magnus: Our humble apologies for our servant’s rude questions. You must be starving.
Please, sit and dine with us on fried fish and mead.

Maja: Yes, we can chat as we eat.
How kind of you. It will be nice to sit and share a drink after my long journey.

Quite honestly, I have traveled here in order to speak with you, Maja.
Maja: With me? How do you even know me?
The fates have informed me that you’ve met the triplet sons of a family I watch over.

Maja: Stop! Do you mean those boys who arrived around the time my parents went a-viking?
The exact same boys. They will soon be teenagers. I’m hoping you’ll agree to accompany me to their world.
For you are destined to marry one of the three brothers.

Maja: And they will be handsome, yes?
Exceedingly so. A fairer set of young men you will never see, I’m sure.
Maja: Magnus, what are you waiting for? Pack your things immediately. We’re leaving.
Magnus: Fine. And your dog Loki’s coming with us, I assume?

Hold on a sec. Are you sure, Maja? I haven’t even finished my spiel yet.
Maja: Are you joking? Magnus and I have been stranded here with Clara for over a decade.
I’m ready for something new, something different.

Clara: Wait, wait! What about me?
Maja: Sorry but you need to stay and explain things to our parents upon their homecoming.
Clara: Gee, thanks!

Magnus: I’m going to miss living so close to the beach!
Maja: Who says we can’t live near the beach after we leave here? Right, Watcher?

Excellent job, Loki! I knew sending you here to look after Maja was a smart idea. 
Loki: I now have a lifetime of deprivation to make up for! Where’s my gourmet pet food?
Step lively, Jensens! It’s a short walk to my teleporter, but a long journey across many eons awaits us!


Week 11/Monday

Ikura: Well, we’ve taken today off from school. How shall we spend the last day of our childhood?
Hakuto: Once we become teens, our readers will be voting on which of us becomes the next heir.
I don’t know about you two, but I’m going to be beefing up my resume!
Jaga: Not me, since I’m unofficially a vegetarian. I’ve been making plans for the future, though.

Edamame: Jaxton ages up to an adult this morning, without a cake.
I’m going to wait until his elder birthday, then age up together with him.

Just before leaving for school, Gari completes her first aspiration.
The more I think about it, the less I like the idea of keeping her here as a young adult.
All three boys should stay in the house, plus a bride and children.
Even if Jax and I move out early, space is going to be tight in this household!


By 5 pm, all three boys have blown out their birthday candles.
Before their makeovers, I wonder if they are no longer identical triplets.

After giving them their makeovers, however, I realize that I was mistaken.
They remain three peas in a pod, with the exception of Jaga’s green eyes.
And because of his green eyes, both the watcher and I strongly favor Jaga.

All three triplets shall remain in the house to complete careers.
But, of course, only the heir will produce the next heir. And that is why Jaga is our favorite.
Forgive me, I forget myself. Allow me to introduce my sons individually.

Traits: Loves the Outdoors, Outgoing, (Ambitious)
Bonus traits: Happy Toddler; in range to earn Good Manners, Responsible, and Mediator
Skills: Charisma 10, Logic 10, Violin 10, Fishing 5
Aspiration: Jungle Explorer (maxed all 4 childhood aspirations)
Future Career: Politician
Personal message:
Since my brothers and I will all be staying on in the house, I don’t feel that great an urge to “sell” myself as the heir, if you know what I mean.
*I have rolled the Jungle Explorer aspiration which no Sharebear has completed yet.
In fact, I’m greatly looking forward to exploring Selvadorada with my brothers!
*As a young adult, I will hopefully earn the tenth and last upbringing trait (Mediator).
*Because I’m outgoing, I intend to join the Politician career.
With three young adults and a primary spouse on different work schedules, the Politician’s flexible work schedule seems ideal.

Traits: Loner, Cheerful (Neat)
Bonus traits: Happy Toddler; in range to earn Responsible and Emotional Control
Skills: Charisma 10, Logic 10, Violin 10, Piano 3
Aspiration: Best-Selling Author (maxed all 4 childhood aspirations)
Future Career: Writer/Author
I agree with Hakuto about not feeling the need to get all cutthroat about the heir vote.
*Similar to Hakuto, I have also rolled an aspiration that no Sharebear has completed yet.
*During my teen years, I will probably try to get in range to earn the Good Manners.
Since I’m a loner, though, do I really need that friend-making boost from Good Manners?
*I will be joining the Writer career because it’s a sensible match for my aspiration.
And, yes, I’ll be the only brother with a rabbithole job.

Traits: Neat, Dog Lover (Snob)
Bonus traits: Happy Toddler; in range to earn Good Manners, Responsible, and Emotional Control
Skills: Charisma 10, Logic 10, Piano 10, Violin 3
Aspiration: Mansion Baron (maxed all 4 childhood aspirations)
Future Career: Veterinarian
Personal message:
To be frank, I would really like to become the heir. Why? Because I’d like to see the founder’s green eyes passed down.
Otherwise, we triplets look alike and are equally skilled.
*I rolled Mansion Baron which I have already insta-completed along with Fab Wealthy.
Since I’m a dog lover, I have become an aspiring Friend to the Animals.
*Instead of a steady job, I will run a vet clinic until I have earned all its perks.
*My aspiration requires me to own 2 pets, so household size will become an issue.

Please Help Choose the Next Heir!
To go to an external website and cast your vote, please click here.


Legacy Score: +1 (70 points)
Fortune (+1): $1,310,712/$1,300,0000

SB 3.31: Gone to the Dogs (Vote Outcome)

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